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CMCW Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread


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1 hour ago, domfluff said:

RPG-7 doesn't have an arming distance in reality, I believe. It has a plastic cap for a safety, but once you take it off it's live (try not to trip).

I'm not going to say nobody, nowhere, has ever manufactured a RPG-7 round that works as you describe. But the standard Soviet HEAT rounds do have safeties and simply dropping them on the nose won't set them off. 


This article says that the uncapped round is drop safe for up to a 3m fall: 




Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 10.37.04.png

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1 hour ago, domfluff said:

Interesting. Last time I looked into this at all was the Forgotten Weapons video (timestamped with anecdote) 

Happy to be corrected, mind you.

Exactly as told here, we also trained with tracer ammo first. I don't remember the distance, but I missed my first shot. But after that it was easy.

I also remember that I was quite close to backblast when instructor fired first live rocket. Dust everywhere.

When I fired for a first time this rocket from BMP-1 at the distance of 1000 m I hit a tree next to big target. Poor tree lost lot of leaves :) Slow and sensitive to wind. But main reason was that we did rectification before firing and that was done wrong...


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