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  1. Howler is correct. Ya can have a single unit to have as many preplanned barrages on as many targets as you have assets. If another asset becomes available that same unit can also call that in as well on yet another new target. However, if one wants to adjust any one mission that this unit called in, then all the other assets will change to that same target. It's a good reason to not give a single unit multiple arty targets in the set-up turn. My SOP is to give the best asset to the best spotter (not always an FO in CM games) as I may have that FO in the best spotting location so he
  2. Hey Umlaut. I noticed you previously had "Umlauts Snowy US Various" which included the Chaffee. They seem a little different. Is one the "desired/best version"?
  3. Ok... Generally I didn't d/l H2H scenarios as I don't have time to play em vs human (as much as I would like to). I only played CM1 H2H cos the AI was much less sophisticated than CM2, but CM1 was also a lot easier and faster to play.
  4. I have "Eyes for the Corps" But it's too big to upload here (1.31MB). E-mail?
  5. Sorry... I only see "RvR Chechen War - Polyanskoe". What is "Black Bear" about?
  6. That's a good question. Anyone know how many hours does it take to train an M1A1 tank crew and a Jav team?
  7. Ok good to know that one shouldn't use the old flowchart. The other, perhaps even more important problem with the convoy mission is that it is easy to exit ALL the convoy vehicles to the exit zone with no casualties. One expects a Total Victory. However, I think I got a Minor or even a Defeat cos the player doesn't realize that significant Syrian reinforcements that were clearly intended to ambush the last convoy group arrived AFTER all the convoy trucks had been successfully exited(!) Whoever playtested this let the designer down as it's dismaying that they A) didn't notice tha
  8. ***** SPOILERS ***** I had arty drop on that middle left group on HARASS for a looong time, and everything soft there got wiped out, the buildings were leveled. Then used anti-armor or precision to kill a few tanks that were still alive. The air can be set to Area and they get most of the remaining armor that can't be easily spotted at the far end of the map. My plan was to keep all the Scot and US armor on the RHS of the map behind the Orchard/Woods cos extensive waypoint LOS examination showed that there was no LOS thru the trees. However.... the AI was able to shoot thru those
  9. How difficult to kill the 20 Javelin inf teams that can be hidden anywhere over a 2.5Km front vs every MBT? One has to remember that economically and logistically one can build about 31 Jav systems for every M1A1. Then one can transport about 3,500 Jav's for the same weight as a MBT. I love armor as much as any other armor fan. But, just as with bows and arrows and horse cavalry, everything gets superseded at some point. We can debate as to when.
  10. "Somewhere" is always the issue. You have a dropbox? It's under 6MB so might get thru as an e-mail attachment.
  11. Didn't say it was too hard. I said that in this particular mission one encounters many LOS issues (which can decimate your vehicles and inf when you think that there is no enemy LOS ie: this is not "WYSIWYG"), as well as the platoon HQ's not being able to call in arty or air - which is a problem if the Warriors that just blew up took your FO's with them. Just doesn't feel like it was tested. But, that's just my opinion and my critique of the campaign of course. Feel free to ignore and play it as is... No law against that.
  12. Yup. That often happens. DO you get an "out of range" text?
  13. How much to build the Abrams and how much to transport it to the correct location?
  14. I have "Battle of Grozny" campaign. Not sure about "Black Bear Down" - designers sometimes give their scenarios strange prefixes or a slightly different name (or NATO/US/USMC etc) so it's not easy to locate. Make sure you have the exact right name.
  15. Am certain I had not lost any Challengers prior to this mission. BTW: The new flowchart is useful. Thanks. I did find an old flowchartHighland Games Flowchart.xlsx SPOILER: This lists the reinforcements etc. Looks like the new version is going to need playtesting. Can't see wanting to replay everything until I have forgotten it - which may be years - hopefully we'll have CM3 by then. The irony is that when playing CMSF1 campaigns that have NOT been updated one experiences fewer problems and weirdness. Eg: Am finding "The El Derjine Campaign" excellent and no obvious bugs -
  16. There is always a disjoint between what effects there are in the game and what effects are in RL. While the chart above is fascinating, it may not have as much relevance to in-game testing as info in the three files I uploaded, which are from in-game testing.
  17. The future. Wasn't sure if the crew are at a completely remote location or in the body of the vehicle. I guess this answers that: Also interesting:
  18. The one I am calling Mission 11 is where one has Scottish inf with Warriors and one Challenger plus 2 platoons of dismounted US Marines with 4 50cal armed trucks. The mission is to defend vs a strong Syrian attack and then counterattack to retake objectives. Reinforcements consist of 150mm arty, 3 Challengers and a helicopter. As mentioned there are Javelin missiles in the trucks but no Javelin launchers. I don't recall losing any Challengers up to this mission, and I don't recall losing any Jav teams either. Plus in previous missions I gave Jav launchers to the inf squads anyw
  19. FYI: Artillery info and tables that I found: MODERN ARTILLERY EFFECTS.docx US MODERN ARTY DATA.docx CMBN US ARTY DATA.docx
  20. Ah. I assumed that the kitten was the Ukrainian tank's innovative night vision optics. I had a kitten like that "Russian Blue?" - made it almost to 20 years old. Ahhh... Good times...
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