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  1. I like playing German attacker, so doing that. With 2.5 hours on the clock, the biggest challenge is patience, and waiting for supporting arty etc to prep the attack. My right flank is stalled due Cromwells, ATG's and Fireflies. I seem to be doing well on the left flank. Have got recon across the river and am reducing all those foxholes and the inf and AT defenses with PzV and PzIV fire. 1 hour 44 minutes to go (is 45 minutes in). In center and right flank am slowly advancing inf to take out inf in foxholes in woods and snipers. Lost one PzV on the right flank and one PzV with main gun KO. As recon advances, arty is slowly taking out the ATG's. On the left flank the lone Stummel got KIA and just now a PzIV got KIA from unknown AT source. Most units still in reserve. Huge game for CM2. Loving it!
  2. Sent list to Koh. The Tunisian mod has uniforms for 1st and 9th US, (Tunisian) desert horizons, cactus & sand (by LLF), mud walls, palm trees, Egger's 232 and 233... Some probably are useful for DAK.
  3. Send me PM with your address to e-mail you the screenshot.
  4. The reason I asked is that I found a lot more mod items than you currently have in your dropbox. Not including the Egger items, I have about 50 N. Africa mod folders. Also, while maybe not quite right for DAK, there is also a TUNISIA mod pack. You have that as well?
  5. Rust and rain streaks... Darken the hull area behind the wheels and tracks. Often those surfaces are too easily seen as if they are in the sun. Noticed that modelers often run a black line along every protruding edge to bring out the detail.
  6. Looking though some old mod folders I found a bunch of mods for DAK by Egger, an L3-35 by Aris, Italians in shorts, Tobruk milestones, Morris CS8 and a bunch of other mods by not sure if they are yours or by others... dated from 2012 onwards etc. Do you have the Egger mods and/or do you want the others?
  7. Wonder if the main problem is that the developer "Snowball" deliberately did things differently to the way all the other CM2 titles are made and BF understandably washed its hands of it.
  8. It may have nothing to do with this, but I had similar freeze and crash issues because I had too many waypoints plotted in a very large scenario - easy to do when one has a lot of units. It may be limitation of the old CM2 engine. Doesn't matter how powerful the computer is. If you do have many waypoints plotted, you could try deleting a bunch.
  9. It's great you are still enjoying CMAK! Back in early 2000's I spent months designing a 8Km x 4Km max size CMAK map "miniaturizing" the entire African theater from El Agheila to almost El Alamein. Almost gave me a nervous breakdown and had to stop. It's why I have not attempted to design for CM2 which is far more complex. But, it's the sort of campaign one cannot do in CM2 due to engine limitations and processing power. Also, CM1 has the wonderful "dynamic campaign" feature where one could play on a portion of the maximum size map, and the "window of play" would move depending on the success/failure of each mission. Re the 88mm, what we don't know is did they start firing at (say) 3Km range and 10 rounds later got a kill when the tank had moved to 1Km. Seems likely that when faced with dozens of tanks, the 88mm would start firing at max effective range where the tanks could not fire back with any accuracy. So many variables like that could have skewed the video's stated conclusions.
  10. Lovely. Thank you! CMA is such a gem and one of the most interesting CM2 releases. But so few have played it. Such a shame that the uniform and skin models from other CM2 games won't work in CMA as they could do with upgrading.
  11. That video would have been interesting. But... it seemed that they were out to prove a point and cherry picked specific engagements that gave data to match their premise. Like it gives the average of all ATG shells of all sizes per KIA tank. Or, it starts talking about Stug kills which is irrelevant. Then it jumps to 1944 when Soviet tanks (KV's, JS's etc) were much tougher. What they do not say "In 1939 thru '41 the average number of 88MM shells used to kill a (typical not the toughest) enemy tank was..." Or, "In 1940/41 in the desert, the average number of 88MM shells used to kill a Crusader or whatever was the typical Brit tank at the time) tank was..." Also, what was the average range? If the engagements were over 1 Km that would affect the accuracy stats also. For all I know their premise may be correct. However, this is a poor and misleading/manipulative video imo.
  12. I agree re most WW2 era weapons. But, the 88mm was feared as it was very accurate. I read 100% accuracy up to 1Km, and could kill most Allied tanks at 2Km or more. In CM1 I did not experience that sort of accuracy. Admittedly, I can't recall playing a CM2 scenario with an 88mm ATG - the Tiger 1's have 88mm. But, can't recall a scenario with Tiger 1's on a map with over 1Km LOS. (Panthers in a CM2 scenario am playing right now have a hard time hitting at around 1Km - even in ideal conditions.) Found this old post re CM2: Posted August 13, 2004 Using the doubled dispersion data which is supposed to model the random scatter of rounds on the battlefield, the Tiger 88mm is acually a little better than the Panther 75mm at many ranges: HIT % When Range is Known Tiger 88mm APCBC 100% at 500m 93% at 1000m - This is lower than the Panther. 74% at 1500m 50% at 2000m 31% at 2500m 19% at 3000m Panther 75mm APCBC 100% at 500m 97% at 1000m 72% at 1500m 49% at 2000m 29% at 2500m 18% at 3000m http://gva.freeweb.hu/weapons/german_accuracy7.html Footnotes 1. 8,8cm Flak 18, 36 & 37. Source: Jentz, Thomas L: Tank Combat in North Africa. Note that there is a significant difference in accuracy between the early Pzgr. and the later Pzgr.39 fired from the 8,8cm Kw.K.36. [up] 2. 8,8cm Kw.K.36. Source: Jentz, Thomas L: Germany’s Tiger Tanks. Tiger I & II: Combat Tactics. Although the 8,8cm Flak 18, 36 & 37 is ballistically the same as the Kw.K.36, the accuracy is specified only for the Kw.K.36 in the reference. It is likely that the accuracy for the 8,8cm Flak would be similar for these ammunition types. [up] 3. 8,8cm Kw.K.43. Source: Jentz, Thomas L: Germany’s Tiger Tanks. Tiger I & II: Combat Tactics. Although the 8,8cm Pak 43 and 8,8cm Pak 43/41 are ballistically the same as the Kw.K.43, the accuracy is specified only for the Kw.K.43 in the reference. It is likely that the accuracy for the 8,8cm Pak 43 and 43/41 would be similar. [up]
  13. Ah... Am so nostalgic for CMAK and the desert campaign. Tempted to start CMAK up again. One thing I recall from CM1 days is that at longer ranges (over 1Km), the accuracy of all units like the 88mm which was supposed to be 100% accurate up to 1Km is badly degraded. I vaguely recall designing a CMAK campaign and deciding that the 88mm and any other weapon system that was accurate at long range in RL had to be Elite with an HQ with max capabilities just to try and simulate the desired accuracy. So, it's hard to use the German tactic of keeping the enemy at range and relying on superior optics and accuracy. Actually, am wondering if the same problem is still in CM2. Playing a CMBN game right now where Vet Panthers are having a hard time hitting anything if the range goes much over 1Km.
  14. I noticed that when one tries to check old posts everything prior to November 2018 seems to have been deleted. However, I am sure I am not the only person here who had the definite impression when CMSF1 was released in 2007 that support for BF would eventually lead to Early War. Hey... people and companies can change their minds. It's just disappointing is all.
  15. Thanks... nice to clean up folders overloaded with obsolete content. The situation is much worse with mods as many of the ones made years ago no longer work due to all the updates and upgrades. But, trying to figure out which is a full-time job.
  16. Trust us... This one mind-blowing scenario alone is worth the price of the modules you don't already have.
  17. I could not agree more. In CM1 we had a "Shoot and Scoot" order which I found useful. However, the CM1 order had a fixed time pause for the shoot bit. For a long time have suggested CM needs an improved "Ambush" order which would functions thus: "Move to a position, wait in ambush until a target is acquired and fired at, then immediately displace to a 2nd position (chosen by player)." This would be very useful for snipers, or any unit that is trying to ambush. Currently, ambushes are not very effective. Either the unit has a pause that is too short to acquire and fire at a target before it moves away. Or... the unit fires at the start of a turn, and then sits there for the rest of the turn and gets killed by return fire.
  18. Shame about First Clash. IIRC that has Polish troops? Should one delete the First "Carbide Carbide"? (Or... is "Carbide Carbide Redux v1" a different version, so the first version "Carbide Carbide" is worth playing as well?)
  19. A quick look found mods made in November 2016 eg: "smod_german_ss_hat-sidecap-tank" by EZ. (Different color for assault gun.) Could that be it? I only vaguely recall a Sherman with a cross - presumably for Ardennes scenario or campaign. Anyone else remember what that may have been called?
  20. Well... many of us have been faithfully supporting BF as they told us when CM2 was released that the plan was to work back to Early War. We're disappointed that process seems to have been abandoned - apparently BF doesn't consider it profitable enuff as the main US market simply wants to play US forces beating up on other nationalities. Ditto re Afrika Korps - even tho' we already have xnt desert terrain in CMSF. However, it seems that Afrika Korps games and some Early War are staples of most cardboard wargame developers. So, this prejudice against Early War (incl AK) could be merely a self-fulfilling prophecy. Right now we have Koh leading the heroic work to produce both AK and EW mods. When CMBN was released, some scenarios were produced that simulated East Front. So, if the demand is there, you never know...
  21. Your designs are always high quality, so looking forward to em. Gotta rush trying to play all the oldies from you and George that I missed.
  22. +1 And mebbe even Afrika Korps.
  23. Apologies for having your scenario listed wrongly. Enjoyed your CMSF "Helluva Road Opening" and "Helluva Take Over" scenarios as both are large and play like campaigns. Also "Road Of All Fears" was xnt. as was "Blood On The Tracks". You designing anything new?
  24. George: Starting to get through all your xnt scenarios. Wondered if v2 of First Clash is a more final version (so v1 can be deleted) or simply adjusted for H2H like you did for "Huzzar!" and "Huzzar! Redux". Same for "Carbide Carbide" and Carbide Carbide Redux v1". (Is there a v2?) Am trying to clean up scenario folders and delete obsolete copies.
  25. Would love to see more holiday snaps of Havana and the rest of Cuba!
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