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  1. That is very strange as I can't recall seeing that ever happen. The success of the technique re blasting along the side of a wall, building or hedge rather than across it may depend on the orientation of the obstruction your unit is blasting. ie: It may or may not work depending on the way the obstruction is situated on the map. If you are concerned about a unit rushing into a building or across and obstruction, have found that the safest method is to add a FAST move waypoint so your unit runs back the way it came. Often, if there is an enemy unit on the other side, the Tac AI will probably take a few seconds in its decision loop (while smoke from the explosion gives your unit some cover), and your unit can run back before the Tac AI can react and shoot at your unit. Another technique is to time the blast so that it happens in the last few seconds of a WEGO turn. Figuring that out is simply a function of experience. (Of course if you are playing RT, you won't have any of the above issues.)
  2. The C2 system seems to have its own weirdness and one relies on it at one's own pixeltruppen's peril. In a CMRT game I played recently the C2 system works in a weird manner. Eg: Platoon 1 sees enemy tanks. After a minute or two you would expect Platoon 1’s Co HQ would get the message via the C2 network working "vertically". However, what happened instead was that it was 4th Co HQ (at a completely different location and with no 4th Co units anywhere close to Platoon 1) that gets the message and presumably transmits it to Bn HQ, while Platoon 1’s Co HQ in its vertical COC remains blissfully ignorant for another minute or two.
  3. One has to admire Ali's commitment. He would probably do very well in today's US politics.
  4. Ah, thanks... There was only one scenario I was having trouble winning. So, I guess I must suffer more restarts...
  5. I got stuck on one mission but didn't notice any "bypass" option. Is that a new update to the original campaign?
  6. I was a big fan of Janes' flight sim series as well. When CM arrived in 1999, I left flight sims even though I bought the (at the time) top of the line Thrustmaster gear. Was thinking of getting back to flight sims. But, after doing due diligence, ED seems to have a similar biz strategy as Chris Roberts' "Star Citizen". The biz keeps releasing new aircraft that excite folks and they buy each new aircraft... but the new products are never "complete" and need all sorts of extra development work, upgrades etc before they work 100%. And perhaps they never get to work 100% cos the gaming customers are then excited by a new aircraft and buy that... The MS model... One gets the sense that both "Star Citizen" and the ED series are funded by new customers who get excited by the gorgeous PR/marketing videos and buy, while older customers get fed up with bugged planes that are never fixed, and drop out. A bit like a pyramid scheme...
  7. Have the ED problems outlined in this video been addressed?
  8. If you have CMSF, Zawiya Uprising is a superb campaign. Not an overwhelming amount of units and good tactics and intelligent play is rewarded.
  9. Most early CMSF1 scenarios seemed easy comparably. However, CMSF1 and 2 scenarios can be very tough - especially where one is heavily penalized for even minimal, if any, casualties. But, some designers have made CMSF Blue vs Red scenarios where the Red can do a lot of damage. And if one wants a challenge play Red vs Blue, or even Red vs Red. When I suffer from (regular) CM burn-out, CMSF tends to be the game where I rediscover the fun. CMFB is also great as one has more opportunities to attack with Germans rather than be on the defensive as one is usually in CMBN, CMFI and CMRT as they are mostly late-war eras.
  10. You mean "smod_german_uniform_flecktarn-soldier" by JM? If that's what you need, I have both clean and dirty versions of German Woodland. Give me a dropbox link and I can upload to you. (About 25MB.)
  11. LS's comments remind me that what no govts want to discuss is that the real world cause re greenhouse gases and pollution is the exponential growth of the numbers of people. Producing products for ever growing numbers of people is what causes pollution. More factories, more cars, more power stations, more animals and food production, more water demands... It's scary that we're talking about being more frugal/rationing as that process cannot be conducted indefinitely or we'll all end up living like concentration camp inmates living on the bare minimum. The problem is that nations function like pyramid schemes. Countries need more and more people at the bottom of the pyramid to support those at the top. That is what drives immigration, no matter how destructive to the existing native population. David Attenborough has touched on this issue. But currently, he seems like a lone voice in the wilderness.
  12. Yes, I have just recently noticed that saved games that are supposed to save over the same name (as in when one wants to stop plotting a lengthy turn and continue later) do not. To be sure a game is saved I now have to add a suffix like #a, and #b etc. Definitely an issue for CMRT.
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