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  1. The steam version should work as it uses steams copy protection system, but it doesn't. So in itself this is not an explanation. Edit: I am not sure the steam version is actually using only the steam copy protection.
  2. The demos run under proton (basically steams fork of wine), but not the full games unfortunately, including the steam version of SF2.
  3. A patch takes them years, not an engine upgrade. Expecting around 10 years of waiting is more realistic.
  4. In almost all my battles I have casualties caused by friendly fire - mainly because of RPGs, grenades and underbarrel grenades. For me it was always like this. What would be surprising for me if it wasnt like this.
  5. Thanks for the tip, didn't know scancade before.
  6. As title says. Infantry continuously hitting itself with grenades and RPGs. Savegame here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oq4fd38unvli3g9/hit_wreckage_bug.bts
  7. Is it also possible to convert SF2 maps to BS?
  8. I hope not, Javelins need to be banned already. No need for another 😀
  9. How much to fire 20 HE shells into buildings by an Abrams, and how much to fire the same amount of javelins into those buildings?
  10. Yes I just tested it and the ERA variant can also swim in the game. Didn't notice the smoke dischargers though.
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