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  1. How about making only one product? You could load any map or forces if you had that DLC. Like for example, modern Russia vs WW2 Germany 😄 Like with DCS.
  2. Don't stop reading my post after the first sentence please.
  3. Why would I? "Leave the bug tracking to BFC. Perhaps if you get invited to the Beta team some day then you can participate in all the bug tracking and reporting that you would ever want, but for now just go and play the game and enjoy yourself. " https://community.battlefront.com/topic/137625-battlefront-should-implement-a-publically-viewable-bug-tracking-site/?tab=comments#comment-1833962
  4. I can. Here it is: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/forums/euiv-bug-reports.813/ Currently standing at 22 792 bug reports.
  5. Unacceptable is when you cannot complete a campaign. If you can, casualties doesn't matter. Mission comes first you know.
  6. I am really sorry for what is happening to you right now. But please, can you continue this in another, appropriate thread? I would like to read about the game here.
  7. You can replay any turn. This way you can complete campaigns without a single loss of anything. Its only a matter of savescumming.
  8. "A vehicle must be unbuttoned to horizontally share (report) information from about 9 to 32 meters. A vehicle can be buttoned & horizontally share (report) information if it is within 8 meters of the other vehicle." http://community.battlefront.com/topic/119474-c2-information-sharing/?do=findComment&comment=1719467
  9. Whats inaccurate? I don't want to watch a video for 35 minutes just to find out.
  10. Looking for an opponent for a CMSF2 Blue vs Blue battle. I will be playing the germans, so you need to have the NATO module. I have all the DLCs, so it does not matter which faction you choose. no off-map assets of any kind (including off map artillery or mortars and also UAVs, planes, choppers) No pre-planned artillery or Target Reference Points Meeting engagement Small- medium size one size larger map (for small battle medium map, for medium battle large map)
  11. Probably it was already asked before, but I didn't find anything about: If I own only the base game and I want to play a multi game against somebody who has a DLC and want to use a faction from that, will that work? Or do I need to have that DLC as well?
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