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  1. You have trucks and can mount infantry inside. They would never ride it into actual combat yet you can do it.
  2. Most computers cannot handle it... With the CM engine. One needs to take a step away from the CM bubble to realise the problem is not with the computing power but rather the engine of this game.
  3. I want to add that the rails circled with red on the picture are not added for the tank crew to mount / unmount. They are meant for the desant (tank riders). So these tanks were purposefully manufactured with this in mind, it is not an afterthought.
  4. I was wrong, the T-55 is also affected, but it seems like it depends on the map.
  5. Can you do something with the LOD problem of some vehicles? For example the T-55 appears as you can see on the pictures, as you move and zoom the camera, its color is changing (to make it worse, its different for the turret and the body). The BMP-1 as another example (also featured on the screenshots) doesn't have this problem. EDIT: I checked the russian vehicles and it seems to me that only the T-55A is affected.
  6. Doctrines are not simulated apart from the TO and E. The same rules apply to both forces, you are free to use any tactic.
  7. IMHO 99% of the people commenting here plays the Us side.
  8. Turning a unit in the given direction will have the same effect. Cover arcs aren't needed just for this as some guys think.
  9. Steam does improve the patching process. If it has a patch. If it doesn't, it's not the fault of steam, plain and simple.
  10. This came up many times on the forum, and the devs confirmed that cover arcs do not modify the spotting.
  11. Look there's a Ukrainian BTR-70 coming! We have an RPG-7, and 4 RPG-26s. Get them! To be on the safe side, let's fire all our AT weapons! 5 projectiles away! (the fifth is aimed so high it is not visible on the screenshot) Of course, all of them missed...
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