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  1. This is on Iron difficulty...
  2. The spotting depends on the vision slits, which can differ for each side of the vehicle (so asymmetrical). For example the BMP-2 with the driver and gunner alone (infantry dismounted) is basically blind directly to the right side of the vehicle because neither the driver, nor the gunner has a vision block looking on that side. So for some vehicles spotting is not the same for left and right sides of it. Hence the test should use a full circle, not just a half.
  3. I didn't save, but both Bradlyes were knocked out. From the second the crew bailed.
  4. One grenade from an RPG destroying 2 Bradleys:
  5. It was. But will there be a CM game before 2022?
  6. I never understood this thinking. In my opinion a medium caliber machine gun can never become an HMG for that simple reason: it fires much less capable rounds. What makes an HMG an HMG is the stronger ammo with which you can tear down walls, shoot farther, defeat thinner armor and so on. With 7.92 you will never achieve that.
  7. Let me guess: you have an AMD graphics card.
  8. You can call Papa Stalin to tell him about your day.
  9. I believed the same but then I found a post from Steve: "there is a bonus for spotting things within an Arc" Also: "The spotting bonus is only within the colored area of the arc. Outside of that there's no bonus." Links:
  10. Yeah just as I thought so, the first to bring up SB as evidence would be also the first to dismiss it if it suited him.
  11. I remember reading this but don't know where, can anybody point me to that thread? (where this YT video was linked)
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