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  1. Ah that, I thought it was a reference to another developers game 😵‍💫
  2. What a fighting machine, that 😁
  3. I would love to see Soviet T tanks engage helicopters with their ATGMs as was designed to do so.
  4. Depends on the smoke, I don't know about this era though.
  5. IMHO the most significant feature of the T-80B compared to the 72 is the more advanced fire control system. "Unlike the rather outdated 1A40-1 fire control system used in the T-72B, the 1G43 features fully automatic lead calculation and automatic gun superelevation. What this means is that the aiming chevron at the center of the sight picture remains static as the FCS adjusts the elevation to account for ballistic drop and adjusts the orientation of the turret to account for lead. The sight is not displaced sideways as the gun is adjusted for lead, thanks to the 2-axis stabilizer i
  6. Nah I think submarines are outside the scope of this game. 😁
  7. Nobody forces you to use steam. If you pre-order you will get the usual serial code.
  8. You have to pick up your Steam key manually on Slitherine/Matrix store, nothing is going to sent to you.
  9. Can we have the official poster of the game in original quality instead of just FullHD jpeg?
  10. I wanted to drive them over with a tank and make them flat, but the game engine didn't allow it 😁
  11. I was waiting for this, in cmbs it drove me crazy...
  12. What a treat 🙂 I guess it will come automatically on steam?
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