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  1. Might be, but it also could be that there is a hard coded key + a random seed that is in the header.
  2. What's the news here? After a 10 seconds search, article from 2019 june already showed this: http://defence-blog.com/news/army/russian-army-set-to-receive-first-t-90m-proryv-3-tanks.html Update: looks like this was introduced in 2017, so 4 years ago.
  3. I often see this come up, and it is a completely false argument. You do not only play as a commander in CM. As a commander, you tell your tank platoon to go to this area, and find a good point where you have a good observation on this area - for example. In CM, you have to tell each unit exactly where it has to go. So you have to check from which position what is visible, and not the unit itself.
  4. The counterpart to HESH is HEAT-FS, not APFSDS. The challenger also uses the darts.
  5. If Broken Arrow is going to be the spiritual successor of Wargame Red Dragon, then I will insta buy it 🙂
  6. Nope, I just wanted to emphasize it might work, but not 100%, it never is.
  7. I just want to say that a patch will come out very soon, and probably you will either have to stay with the old patch to finish the game, or you will not be able to continue it if you apply the patch.
  8. There is even an article about that here, if anybody is interested: https://medium.com/dfrlab/long-range-mining-in-the-donbas-bdc2a898ac2c
  9. Are you using a custom face mod? They look horrendous and oversized.
  10. Russia has not joined the Mine Ban Treaty.
  11. Of course it has. The VP-7M fuze has an arming distance of 3 - 15 meters. And nevertheless in my Army I believe it is instructed not to fire it closer than 25 meters (I could be wrong as I do not instruct the RPG).
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