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  1. Choose 16GB RAM. Other than that, listen to your wallet. (and this is for general quality of life, combat mission doesn't need 16GB) Everything you listed will run combat mission just fine. You probably should not play the game on 5k resolution, so just run time game on 1440p for example.
  2. Are there actually any campaign braking deficiencies? I played it when it came out and got slapped with bad information on the breakings a couple of times but nothing major.
  3. How large are the scenarios and campaigns going to be in this DLC? I am asking because I am very interested in getting this DLC but battalion and battalion+ sized engagements are just too tiresome in terms of time expenditure per turn. (I am bit of a perfectionist)
  4. I would like to have the ability to turn off LWS and maybe also APS. Same way we can already control buttoned up state of the tank with the "open up"-command. This would make things a lot easier and this is also done in real life.
  5. For Dutch some pointers: Dutch primary firepower comes from the heavy artillery(Panzerhaubitze 2000 ). This is what you use to "simplify the geometry of the map" as I like to say. That HUUGE factory locking down the whole map? No problemo The vehicles do not pack that much ammo. You cannot count on them doing the "map geometry simplifying". Only enough ammo for shooting mostly at identified targets. I contrast this to the Bradley or BMP-3/BMP2. With these you can fight MOUNT by demolition. Enough ammo to remove small towns. All the vehicles have lots of machine gun ammo so al
  6. here's some. Happens every ones and a while randomly. I can give turnfile, settings ext. if it helps
  7. Yes, here is the turn with the new patch. 5 missed and 5 hit. Still not great but believable. Turn file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CtDDn2qYCVaLmhJ6Hi-KuYwEcL6mhJOR/view?usp=sharing
  8. OK, I checked my game version and it was 2.02. I had installed the 2.03 patch to wrong directory... I think that was the problem.
  9. Dutch campaign mission 2. Save game file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14Iqz-1-b_VHm-fGMYUz1xGjHDf7neBaF/view?usp=sharing Abysmal Grill hit-rates with good all-around conditions. Targets (you can see 9 misses in this photo with 1 hit. Grill location Tanks seen from the Grill POV.
  10. I have ended up using these vehicles almost purely against buildings. AT-capacity is for self-defense or if the situation demands it.
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