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  1. This and don't forget artillery. With the Soviets it's almost more of how does the armor support the artillery plan than vice versa. H
  2. Vladimir, your tank is the worst performing to norms so you're the designated active IR tank. The remainder of the platoon will fire on the American muzzle flashes and ATGM launch signatures. Comrades, you have your orders! H
  3. CMCW in '79 is like fighting the Germans in late WWII. Except this time the Americans don't have superior numbers on their side while fighting tanks that are pretty immune to frontal hits. Even early TOWs don't reliably kill T64s/72s. H
  4. This. I've been searching the TO&E for seeing eye dogs for my M60A1 unbuttoned TCs when fighting at night. Alas, they die to T62s w/o ever seeing what killed them. H
  5. Tube artillery cluster munitions (USA) don’t do a very good job of tank killing. They are much more effective at destroying BMPs and BTRs, and they do make the tanks button up and degrade subsystems. OTOH, in the direct fire realm, Mk19s take a lot of rounds (side hits) to kill a tank but they do seem to blind them pretty quick. H
  6. I dunno, it's typical Soviet life. When you have ration coupons for meat, the store does't have meat. When the store has meat, you're out of meat coupons... Welcome to the future, New Soviet Man! H
  7. I'd like breaching capabilities and would love to see an easier to implement vehicle prepared position as well that doesn't need the map editor. H
  8. The previews of coming attractions was great. That movie reminds me of Mad Max except for the quality of the acting, the special effects, the plot, and the budget. H
  9. If I'm playing the Soviets they need to banzai charge with their RPGs and stab the tank to get a kill. If I'm playing the Americans then RPGs are devastatingly accurate out to 900m. H
  10. Thanks! His articles are usually top notch. H
  11. What were they thinking with that design? We heard you like turrets so we put a turret on your turret... H
  12. After the central front in Europe that's my #1 wish. The Arab-Israeli were a grab bag of everyone's equipment and the lessons learned there drove tactics for a generation. H
  13. M48s have the same fixed sprocket problem. H
  14. Anyone else notice that the left drive sprocket on the M60 doesn’t rotate? The right one is normal. H
  15. I keep thinking the Leopard 2 was later but Wikipedia says the first deliveries were in ‘79. H
  16. BAOR gets me Chieftains with the 120mm rifled gun, West Germany gets me Leopard 1s and Marders. Either way I’d buy both. H
  17. The best armor in existence doesn't belong to the T64 or the M1, it's plot armor. H
  18. Mortar crews will get bombs off their trucks if they are close enough, never bothered to check if the troops pick up ammo too. H
  19. Dispersion and concealment. Keep units far enough apart that a air strike can only get one at a time. Hide units under trees or tucked up close to buildings. Keep AA units out in the open with clear fields of fire. Nothing is more disheartening than seeing your AA light up a forest… H
  20. Wikipedia says the minimum range for a 4.2" is 770m. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M30_mortar H
  21. I’ve mostly been playing the Sovs so far. The ATGMs mostly work but they aren’t 100% by any means. The original MACLOS AT3s are pretty crap when you don’t have a very skilled operator. OTOH, the Sovs had them in wide distribution very early. CM doesn’t model all kinds of failure modes that exit in real life. Your WWII German tanks show up w/o having suffered 50% casualties from the road march from broken final drives or engine fires, your T34s don’t blow their transmissions, and the M60A2’s systems all work. H
  22. I wouldn't set them up in the open like that in CW. Too much chance of a enemy air attack in this game. H
  23. Safer than being outside for sure... My idea is to park that stuff in non-obvious places wither under trees or in the shadow of a building way behind the front line. H
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