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  1. yes,i put cmsf animation files into cmsf2 cmbs Z folder. and also other animation such as: die(stand postion) animation,fire animation etc.
  2. I like the old runing animations in cmsf. so I get the old animations instead of CMSF2 and CMBS and aslo download uniform mod from "cm mod warehouse", I like uniforms that don't stick in soldier's trousers´╝îso I use CMSF2 US soldier's model instead of the soldier's model in cmbs Now the game is more interesting to me
  3. great work. are there any canteen,shovel,bullet box on the greatcoat in final release?
  4. when I in university 2007.,I saw the cmsf1 preview in a chinese wargame forum.I was so hopefull to see eastfront in CM*2 engine from that time. Then I wait and wait ,buy cmsf ,cmbn,cmfi and nearly all dlc. Until 2014 cmrt come out,I still remember I take annual leave at March-April in order to play the game as soon as possible. Peharps BFC can tell me a time,I will ask for leave to play the DLC,like what happen in 2014
  5. Is the Russian greatcoat haven't been work completed? I can't see shoulder board on the greatcoat­čĹ┐
  6. I made 7 QB maps in CMRT several years ago. Some come from master map,Some made by myself. Can't wait any longer to see my maps battle in winter!
  7. how many QB maps will be added? because winter,spring included in the DLC,I think there will be different if I set snow in old QB map? like CMFI GL R2v ?
  8. If there will be a screenshoot of russian in greatcoat ,maybe very nice.
  9. steam version will auto updata? or still need to download by self?
  10. but the october is Russian october(means november) ­čśë
  11. it must be editor, he can create any map which every player like.
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