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  1. I have 3840*2160 screen ,I just SET TO desktop resolution. and then restart the game ,done!
  2. No, I didn't use any face mod except for a new helmet and partial bone animation from CMSF1
  3. Hi,Phil. yes. My understanding is as follows: 1. Each soldier's MDS will set several anchor points with the gear (such as shovel, backpack, canteen etc) in different positions, and each anchor point will have a MDR file name. 2. The video shows Italian infantry, whose file name must be "Italian soldier. MDS", but the real content of this MDS must be "CW soldier short. MDS", and the body of "CW soldier short. MDS" will have the British Army's canteen, backpack, bayonet and other gear anchor points. I think it must be the Italian Army's canteen and the British Army's canteen
  4. yes,black sea also has 14 story building
  5. may be use photoshop create a normal map file and turn on the shader in the game will solve the shine problem
  6. @IICptMillerII for making most of the textures and model swaps@SaintFuller for making the SSh-68 helmet model and base textures thanks for great job! https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-shock-force-2/cmsf2-infantry/arma-iii-sahrani-liberation-army-for-cmsf2/ SO I download the mod ,get the Ssh68 model,change the one in game . done! Because this ssh68 helmet model is the work of @ Saint Fuller, I will not release the helmet to download. You can try it yourself.
  7. seems there are no exe in mod tool folder. although I Can use exe from other CM
  8. now the time is EDT AM04:30 for me is PM 16:30. I will not sleep tonight ,waiting for russia attack
  9. now normal map works ,Thank @kohlenklau for the offer, I set "scale“ to 50,a crazy normal map works very well in game ,32bit normal map will also work
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