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  1. There are many kinds of uniforms in the game, but if I choose automatic, then the uniform will only be one kind, for example, the US army in December will only be a greatcoat. Because I like to use automatic to let the computer buy soldiers and tanks for me , so I can have a sense of surprise. I hope that automatic can also make uniforms randomly selected. This is a small wish of mine. I don't know if the omnipotent BFC can help me realize it
  2. I have 3840*2160 screen ,I just SET TO desktop resolution. and then restart the game ,done!
  3. No, I didn't use any face mod except for a new helmet and partial bone animation from CMSF1
  4. Hi,Phil. yes. My understanding is as follows: 1. Each soldier's MDS will set several anchor points with the gear (such as shovel, backpack, canteen etc) in different positions, and each anchor point will have a MDR file name. 2. The video shows Italian infantry, whose file name must be "Italian soldier. MDS", but the real content of this MDS must be "CW soldier short. MDS", and the body of "CW soldier short. MDS" will have the British Army's canteen, backpack, bayonet and other gear anchor points. I think it must be the Italian Army's canteen and the British Army's canteen with the file name of "canteen. MDR", so in these videos, the soldier's waist appears the Italian canteen instead of the British Army's canteen. 3. But the gas mask bag is very strange. I don't have this anchor point in my impression of "CW soldier short. MDS", but I don't know how to show it. 4.In order to make cmfi US, French and Brazilian Army have backpacks, I tried to rename the backpack.MDR to shovel. MDR. I thought the 3D coordinates of the backpack in the 3D model space were Fixed value, and the backpack would appear on its own back. As a result, the backpack appeared at the waist。 5.For example, can do the following tests: a)Rename"Italian soldier. MDS"to" M43 Soviet army. MDS ". b)Rename several " M43 Soviet army gear. MDR " to "Italian soldier gear. MDR" name, because the content of " M43 Soviet army. MDS " now is a "Italian soldier. MDS".The file name that MDS adapts to gear depends on the content of MDS rather than the file name of MDS . c)and then use photoshop to do some work with the uniform texture, d)an early Eastern battlefield of Russian soldiers may achieve.
  5. yes,black sea also has 14 story building
  6. may be use photoshop create a normal map file and turn on the shader in the game will solve the shine problem
  7. @IICptMillerII for making most of the textures and model swaps@SaintFuller for making the SSh-68 helmet model and base textures thanks for great job! https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-shock-force-2/cmsf2-infantry/arma-iii-sahrani-liberation-army-for-cmsf2/ SO I download the mod ,get the Ssh68 model,change the one in game . done! Because this ssh68 helmet model is the work of @ Saint Fuller, I will not release the helmet to download. You can try it yourself.
  8. seems there are no exe in mod tool folder. although I Can use exe from other CM
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