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  1. I have a map, almost finished, that I was planning for use with my June 22, 1941 scenario (hopefully morphing into a mini-campaign based on a company of the Soviet 310th Rifle Regiment of the 8th Rifle Division). I am intending to use no mods and try to weed out (delete) from the OOB anything that was not present during that time frame although that's probably impossible at the individual squad level as far as their personal weapons. That being said, if there are mods available when this comes further in the design process, I'd certainly be willing to use them.
  2. Yes, both the early StuG III and Panzer IV had the short 75mm cannon. I think the only real tank that could be used without mod would be the Panzer IIIG from F&R.
  3. Don't remember seeing T-26's in CMRT/FR. Is there a mod?
  4. I was a tanker (and also a scout) when I was in, but the infantry we deployed with (attached to our Task Force) talked about using their TOWs to target dismounts hiding/defending in buildings. The concepts sounds good by I can't confirm it would be that effective.
  5. I think as far as armor, only Panzer IIIG (in F&R) would fit and then some of the German armored cars/halftracks, but little outside of that. Soviets would be left without much but infantry, AT and artillery.
  6. Obviously, CMRT (along with F&R) cover a time frame well after the early war period, however, I am curious if anyone had success (or at least tried) making scenarios that take place in 1941. I know with the TO&E for vehicles available this would would essentially make these infantry based (a few German vehicles could still fit the date range and would have been in service that early). Thoughts?
  7. Should be M60A3 TTSs, M-113s and some Jeeps. Glad to see you were able to get a good result and enjoyed it. I know it seem to be a little easy to some, but the intent is for this to be the lead in scenario for a campaign I'm working on and refit/repair of losses will be little to none.
  8. If enough people are interested, I might look at making them form fillable. Only problem with that I see is it might limit to how much info you can enter into each field. Personally I prefer to print them out and just use a pencil but that's me.
  9. Yeah, it was like '88-'89 when they started really moving units around (mostly just reflagging them). I see a lot of OOB things that show as it was in 1980 and then again in 1989, lots of changes. Getting confirmed information between those times is a nightmare.
  10. It's definitely after '87. When I left 2nd Brigade, 8th ID that summer, the 2x Mech Battalions in Baumholder were still 1/13 and 1/39 Infantry.
  11. For anyone that may find them useful, I tweaked the designs of “The Sheriff of Oosterbeek: A Scenario Design DAR/AAR” worksheets by Jon Sowden to get the theme to better fit, IMHO, the CMCW module. They are in .pdf format (but are NOT form fillable). I would recommend printing them in draft format so as to limit the use of your printer's color ink supply. They can be accessed from my website at CMCW: Scenario Design Worksheets!
  12. I'll get them uploaded and message you a link. For the map graphics and such I have been using multiple software (Inkscape and Paint.NET mainly) and online sites like Unit Symbol Generator - www.spatialillusions.com to cobble together stuff I need. I use Inkscape so I can use vector graphic. It's all very time consuming at least until I get enough prebuilt stuff put together.
  13. This is my first completed CMCW scenario and I'm hoping that it will be the 1st scenario in a campaign I am writing up the outline for. It does fall outside of the 79-82 CMCW module timeline (is set in July 1985). More details will be found in the Designer's Notes but in the end, I hope all who played this scenario got some enjoyment out of it. I welcome any feedback people are willing to provide. It's designed for "Play as BLUE vs AI only (only the RED force has AI plans - x3). At some point I would like to tweak it for play as either side and H2H but we'll see as I'll need to learn some more stuff I'm sure. Full description and download link are at: CC-s01 Baumholder Army Airfield!
  14. I think I have that somewhere in my book stash. Gonna to have to see if I can locate it.
  15. Awesome! Looking forward to getting it downloaded and installed.
  16. Might not be anything you are currently looking for but I have redesigned the AI and Objective Planning worksheets for use with CMCW. These are the ones by Jon Sowden that are found in the back of the "A Scen Design AAR PDF Book" pdf included with the game. I revised the layout (very minimally) and changed the color shading to match the Blue and Red force sections. They are NOT editable pdfs (form fillable) so you can't type directly on them. I just print them out (using draft mode so they don't suck up lots of color printer ink), and then use them for making handwritten notes.
  17. IMHO, I'd think a better comparison would be the US in the Battle of Ramadi to the Russians in Grozny. Still not ideal but both fought in heavily built up areas.
  18. I would personally rate a module with the rest of the Warsaw Pact nations low on the priority list. For the most part, they're essentially using the similar enough equipment/organization (with some exceptions of course) and would probably be sufficiently accomplished via a thorough mod. I'd shoot for either the West Germans and Brits as the next module.
  19. The Task Force (a modified balanced task force set in mid 1985 and after implementation of the Division 86 changes) would be set up as a core force so I could activate anything from that core force for the player to use in a given mission. The extra assets could be elements of the battalions other 3 company/teams, scouts and mortars as well as forces from the brigade and division such as engineers, air defense artillery, field artillery, military intelligence, military police and probably others I'm missing off the top of my head. Since most of these are going to be part of the core force in the campaign, those asset units losses and status get tracked as would the players active force. With this setup, hopefully I can implement it correctly, any losses to anything associated with the task force will carry over which limits your access to them as the campaign goes on. For example, if you get part of the battalion scouts assigned and you get the killed off, they would not be there for later in the campaign. There's more moving parts to the design I'm trying to flesh out and I'm under no illusion it'll be a very large task and it's going to require lots of recordkeeping . . . but that's the plan.
  20. I'm thinking about designing a campaign that sort of uses a US Battalion Task Force as the core unit BUT, the player will only command a single company/team during a mission. The rest of the Task Force (portions of it depending on the storyline) will provide the supporting assets for that company/team in their mission. Another option would be, the same core task force concept but, the player takes command of different parts of that task force at different times during the campaign. There would be decision points where you would select your force for a mission from one of the tank heavy or mech heavy company/teams. There are other options/configurations I'm considering but the player's active force would be be basically kept to a company/team size.
  21. Wow, I must have missed this post earlier. I'll definitely be making use of this at some point.
  22. Since we're talking about briefings, anyone know if a set of CMCW Official Briefing Template stuff is in the works?
  23. Yes, when in contact, or expecting contact, the gunner would normally traverse (and scan) at least a 90 deg arc (as mentioned by Thewood1). Since you always try to keep your front toward the enemy, we usually just told the gunner to "scan from fender to fender" (the far outside corners). With the M60 having ammo in the front hull on both sides of the driver, the gunner could look down through the turret basket and get an idea how far he was to the left and right to keep him oriented. With the M1 there is no ammo tubes like the M60 so the gunner usually looked down to see where he was in relation to the driver.
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