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  1. I would personally rate a module with the rest of the Warsaw Pact nations low on the priority list. For the most part, they're essentially using the similar enough equipment/organization (with some exceptions of course) and would probably be sufficiently accomplished via a thorough mod. I'd shoot for either the West Germans and Brits as the next module.
  2. The Task Force (a modified balanced task force set in mid 1985 and after implementation of the Division 86 changes) would be set up as a core force so I could activate anything from that core force for the player to use in a given mission. The extra assets could be elements of the battalions other 3 company/teams, scouts and mortars as well as forces from the brigade and division such as engineers, air defense artillery, field artillery, military intelligence, military police and probably others I'm missing off the top of my head. Since most of these are going to be part of the core force in
  3. I'm thinking about designing a campaign that sort of uses a US Battalion Task Force as the core unit BUT, the player will only command a single company/team during a mission. The rest of the Task Force (portions of it depending on the storyline) will provide the supporting assets for that company/team in their mission. Another option would be, the same core task force concept but, the player takes command of different parts of that task force at different times during the campaign. There would be decision points where you would select your force for a mission from one of the tank heavy or
  4. Wow, I must have missed this post earlier. I'll definitely be making use of this at some point.
  5. Since we're talking about briefings, anyone know if a set of CMCW Official Briefing Template stuff is in the works? 😁
  6. Yes, when in contact, or expecting contact, the gunner would normally traverse (and scan) at least a 90 deg arc (as mentioned by Thewood1). Since you always try to keep your front toward the enemy, we usually just told the gunner to "scan from fender to fender" (the far outside corners). With the M60 having ammo in the front hull on both sides of the driver, the gunner could look down through the turret basket and get an idea how far he was to the left and right to keep him oriented. With the M1 there is no ammo tubes like the M60 so the gunner usually looked down to see where he was in relati
  7. Not yet. Hoping to squeeze some time into my schedule for it.
  8. No rush, was just curious at this point, trying to gauge my workload before I dive back into the scenario.
  9. So . . . will this work as is with Fire and Rubble? I have a partisan scenario in the Crimea I was working on and would love to be able to swap out the Germans for Romanians retreating along the southern coastal road (April 1944).
  10. I saw a test scenario and .brz file link earlier in this thread, is it available for using and playing? If so I'll give that one a go.
  11. That "StarMediaEN" outfit has some good stuff on YouTube, alot of it with subtitles.
  12. I currently don't have the time to dedicate to playtesting but I'm really looking forward to using this mod with the Partisans that are rumored to be included with CM: Fire and Rubble. I'm hoping to work up some Crimea themed scenarios.
  13. We only usually fired low rate (400 rpm iirc) since it was just gunnery and you wanted to have your ammo last as long as you could rather than run out before you fired all your engagements. High rate was like 1000 rpm I think (400 and 1000 are what pop in my head when I try to remember). Most jams/misfires, that I remember, were usually due to the weapon being dry or more commonly, misaligned or not fully seated ammo in the belts. We lubed the weapon and ammo belts quite liberally but we weren't in the desert environment and I could see all that oil being a sand magnet and causing problems. 🤔
  14. Loved my M85. Kept her cleaned and well oiled, she never let me down. Of course, even then she couldn't hold a candle to the M2.
  15. A couple things might be considered equal too, but probably the only real advantage of the M60A3 would be the TTS (thermal sight).
  16. These AAR threads have me so stoked for this game, moreso than any previous CM title. It can't get released soon enough. 🤑
  17. Just curious, for those in the know, what 'Force' naming convention will be used for CMCW? I know the WWII titles use Axis/Allies and the CMSF2 (the only modern title I have) uses Red/Blue. Will it be NATO/WP, Red/Blue, etc? The reason I ask is I'm working up my own custom tweaked Scenario AI Planning and Scenario Objective Worksheets based on the ones in the "Sheriff of Oosterbeek - Scenario Design DAR/AAR" PDF.
  18. That's actually pretty informative, starting about 1/3 of the way down. More information might be found here . . USAREUR Units & Kasernes, 1945 - 1989 (usarmygermany.com)
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