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  1. Ok, I think I know what you mean. The two guys can open up quite a gap between them. It's similar to how a lightly wounded guy will trail his comrades by many meters if moving a long distance. Good to have someone noticing details like that. Thanks.
  2. Which original brz is the animation in? 101.brz or 102.brz?
  3. That is a possibility. However, troops will change weapons during a turn depending on what is most useful (I assume). I reckon it's still a LOS issue. The guy with a rifle can see the tank, and for some strange but common LOS reason the guy with the shrek, cannot.
  4. He could be a tall 16 year old... Not uncommon...
  5. I dunno about you but I always go to the last page of a thread for the latest posts. Most times those most recent posts may be interesting, but are irrelevant to the original post. It's just a fact of life of forums. Either way we have to be cognizant that BF is now a defense contractor working on an MoD project. I admit that my experience has only been with DoD. However, it's likely that Mod/govt/military customers are looking at these forums. So, when folks here act like adolescent schoolgirls and make stupid insulting posts, that could be a big problem for a subcontractor. We're l
  6. That was very helpful. I have all the mods. But, am certain it is much appreciated by new players to get everything in one package rather than hunting for em. Is Kieme still around? I hope he has not succumbed to burn-out as so many of our best modders and designers frequently do over the years. (Hmm... Haven't heard from Mord for a while either.)
  7. Yes. Folks tend to add commentary to what is supposed to be a clean list - so after a few days/weeks, the original intent and info is buried and forgotten amidst discussion of myriad other topics. What is so controversial or objectionable to periodically updating a list?? The apoplectic reaction that this has elicited in some seems out of all proportion.
  8. No one is expecting BF to stop everything to fix minor problems that may be more complex than they are worth. As us old-timers know, there are many such items that have accumulated over the past 13 years. It's simply one more item to add to the list - even if it takes a new CM3 engine to get them addressed. But, at least the items can be known so that new players don't have to keep "reinventing the wheel" of discovering them.
  9. Believe it or not, we've been discussing these sorts of phenomena for literally two decades, first with CM1 and now with CM2. Last I recall (and unless an update has changed things) BF definitively told us that there is no way to get out of an immobilization probability by reversing, or praying, or anything. This is one of those psychological things where we tend to project our own something or other onto the situation. Likely it's the same thing with speed and % of bogging. We see what we want to see and and make an interpretation based on what we want to believe... Statistically signifi
  10. An operational level would breathe new life into the game. Good luck!
  11. Brexit was part of the "protest" by workers primarily in the NE and Wales who have not benefited (and indeed suffered) from the effects of globalization and other open border policies of the EU (as also in the US). Whether or not they will benefit from Brexit, certainly there are a lot of very angry lower-income/working class folks who feel betrayed... and they aren't going anywhere. If things do not improve for them, the next election could be ugly.
  12. Found this amusing - how sci-fi producers have competed to create the largest spaceships: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTPwbVqU6lc
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