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  1. Am confused re your point. This is history. It's highly recommended to read the book "Bloodlands" and its references. It's actually very readable.
  2. Ok.. So you are agreeing that since serfdom or slavery was abolished in the 19th century, no compensation should be expected by their descendants.
  3. Very very impressive Zveroboy1. Along with some of the other mods this will make CMSF look significantly better.
  4. Yeah, me too... Such a simple misunderstanding. (Shows how easy to get into a war!)
  5. This is why it is always useful to AREA FIRE even if there is no LOS to the target, and also why it is effective to fire at sound contacts. The bullet effects go way further than just the target area.
  6. That would be something very useful to post to CMMODS. Getting rid of all the obsolete mods would help with loading speed. Over the past decade, my CMBN Z folder has bloated to 20GB of mods, most of which probably no longer work.
  7. Yes, ditto, for the ammo bearer teams. Note that the mortar will first take the ammo from the ammo bearers and will only use its own ammo stock when the ammo bearer ammo is depleted. However... if a mortar ammo carrying vehicle (of the same formation) is close and there is no ammo bearer close enuff, the mortar will use its own ammo first and only then start on the vehicle's ammo (ie: after the mortar team's own ammo is gone).
  8. Yup... that is what I am finding...
  9. Thanks for the link. But, as noted it seems one has to change the entire name, not just the prefix. Eg: From "german-wafenss-cammo-helmet" to "smod_german_ss_helmet-soldier"
  10. You are right. Seem too big compared to the ground squirrels around here. But, their ears and face look very similar. However, my squirrels have stripes down their backs. And they come up to my window and beg...
  11. Not only suppressed, but am sure I have seen friendly ricochets cause friendly casualties. Had a situation where there was a lot of small arms fire trying to suppress a wall/doorway for a breach team. Lots of ricochets. The breach team took several casualties, but it turned out there was no enemy in the building or anywhere close.
  12. evil... I just don't get why people would want to store their important data on someone else's computer. Shame your ar e on a Mac. I got excited thinking there was an easy and fast method of adding prefixes to a mass of files. However, you'll note that the entire mod name seems to have been changed from "german-wafenss-cammo-helmet" to "smod_german_ss_helmet-soldier" - so more needs to be altered than the prefix. (Note the spelling errors in the original as well!) Surprised that no one commented that SOUNDS have a different number naming convention: sound 0.wav, then sound 1.wav, then sound 2.wav... never understood why wav's are numbered differently from mods.
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