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  1. You can see this in CM:Afghanistan when Russian troops with their AKs are being outraged by Mujahideen using rusty old Enfields. Plus the big bullets pierce masonry walls that smaller assault rifle bullets don't. After 2000 the US got into bringing hole-punchers into the squad, and other armies soon followed - the 7.62 SR-25/ M110/Mk11 or whatever its called. Early in the Iraq war U.S. National Guard units deploying to Iraq were desperate to get their mothballed 7.62 M14s shipped over for much the same reason.
  2. CMSF2 is very much more liberal with firing rockets and missiles at buildings than CMBS. They did that on purpose. CMSF2 isn't considered an armor-dense environment (at least for the Red side) so there's less of a concern about using up your anti-tank assets on the wrong stuff. Before the (real world) arrival of Stryker MGS the Army was using TOW Stryker for close infantry support, often firing on buildings from minimum arming distance. The Pentagon even retrofitted a batch of old TOW missiles with squash head HE warheads for the task.
  3. It should be noted that the Russians made PPSh by literally sawing a Mosin Nagant rifle barrel in half to make two smg barrels out of it. That should give you an indication of the reduced effective range of these smgs. They fire a 7.62 pistol round but its a pretty respectable round with about twice the muzzle velocity of a .45 Colt round (according to distant unconfirmed memory).
  4. A helpful thing for newbies to do would be to go on Youtube and do a word search for Usually Hapless. His Youtube site has been producing some really good basic tutorials on such topics a mines, machine gun theory, buddy aid, infantry movement, splitting squads, firefighting basics... Awh, heck. Here's where you can find him https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9egpHJiRis89uHkeyJiEug
  5. One common 'user error' is to accidentally double-click on a command unit and give a movement order, not realizing you've given the same order to everyone under his command. Then you discover your units have displaced left by 30m and you don't know why. It's slightly annoying when you double-click the squad leader by mistake, it can be VERY annoying when you double click the battalion leader by mistake!
  6. Apparently a lot of the recent Dragon picts you find on the web these days aren't actually Dragon but the Iranian 'Saegheh'. Precisely reverse-engineered Dragons right down to the rivet detail. To my eyeballs the only difference I can spot is a slightly more rounded shape to the foam rubber padding at the front of the sight. Otherwise, its a Dragon.
  7. I recall the British pretty early in the North Africa campaign conducted a survey and found that during a major operation their AT guns got off perhaps six shots before being destroyed. Of course there are the ones that died having never fires a shot, and a small number that performed heroic feats. But typically it was 6 shots then BOOM. Of course early in the war we're talking [2] pounders. US in Normandy fielded entire towed anti-tank battalions but due the the nature of the terrain only managed to kill (I think the number was) fourteen vehicles total, if that. CM Normandy wouldn't be doing
  8. M72 LAW was designed around 1963, before the composite armor T64 was a thing. 300mm penetration (A3 version in the game) was far better than the old 'Bazooka', and wasn't that much less than the 152mm Shillelagh's warhead! In our timeframe the Pentagon was charging ahead with a replacement weapon, the 70mm General Dynamics VIPER, which (like many projects around this time) was a disaster with huge cost over-runs that was canceled almost as soon as it was accepted for service. AT-4 didn't show up as a replacement til '87.
  9. I believe someone had posted awhile ago that their veteran father once referred to LAW as a 'placebo weapon'. They're of little utility against oncoming T64s but without them the infantryman would feel entirely defenseless, which would be a morale breaker. Dragon was a bit of an engineering nightmare that was unforgiving to inexperienced firers. M72 LAW was point-and-fire simple... but with 1/5th the range.
  10. Its difficult to get out of the mindset that a squad should be a 'do everything' force. Taking a quick peek in the game, US mech inf seems to be based around the 'do everything' concept, integral mgs and AT assets. Its a bit unnerving, in comparison. seeing a regular infantry squad without mg or anti-tank support - just a bunch of guys with M16s. That force structure is more Company-centered. The Company is the 'do everything' force, while the smaller units in it have their separate assigned tasks. This a gross oversimplification, of course. The TO&E structure is very deep and dependent on
  11. There was an interesting Youtube video by Usually Hapless where he compares American/British/German infantry squads (and I think mentions the Russians too). He highlighted the type of weapon you're fielding makes all the difference. Germans have their bolt action Kar98k rifle but they're supported by the murderous MG42. Americans are just supported by B.A.R. but they make up for it with everybody fielding the M1 Garand semi-auto, plus there's a lot more bodies in an American squad. Brits more resemble the Germans with their bolt-action rifles except their LMG isn't on par with MG42. Russi
  12. I once worked with a WWII veteran who went through a LOT of WWII Pacific fighting. At some point he decided he might like to actually survive to war's end. So whenever it was time for his unit to go out on patrol he's tell his officer 'Time to do a little tank maintenance!', he'd hop in their Stuart light tank, drive it to a nearby patch of sand, make a hard left turn and 'Oh no, I've thrown a track! Sorry, I can't go out on patrol today'. Worked like a charm every time.
  13. The game install will of course come with a .pdf Cold War manual along with it, like all the other titles.
  14. There are weather and terrain extremes that rarely get used in CM scenarios because they're liable to bring the battle to a halt. Blizzard, high wind and deep snow condition for example. Another is heavy rain and muddy conditions. CM is a tactical sim, sometimes the proper tactical thing to do is just not bring your armor forward. Or at least stick to paved roads only.
  15. On the US side, the movie 'Stripes' was made in 1981.
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