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  1. Yep and the nazi fanboys also get their 'we only made 80 of em' Jagdtiger as well. Will the commies get the Valentine III and IX? My guess is it will only be the IX even thought there were thousands of em sent in lend lease and in east action since 1941.
  2. Steam as I understand it is primarily for the BF military contracts, at least that's what was hinted at in Steve's recent podcast. This fits with the secret arrival of CMCW. CMFR should have been completed before CMCW IMHO. Image the other ww2 vehicles we could have had in F&R if they were not working on CMCW, eg. Ford GPA sea jeep, T-34 mine rollers etc.
  3. I've been bleeding abut this in other threads. The Normandy vehicle pack has the Sherman flail so I can't see why the code isn't just adapted to replicate the Russian roller de-mining vehicles. It ****s me that the Nazi boys fan club get these obscure vehicles that they made 3 of but really core Russian vehicles can't make the TO&E. Want another example? I'm guessing we get Schwimmwagen but no ford Ford Sea Jeep GPA. PS: I've pre-ordered anyway just want to whinge 😛
  4. I'm sure it is. I remembered that the M1132 Stryker Engineer Squad Vehicle didn't have this capability either and they noted that in the manual. Maybe you could just have a button for it, like when you deploy a weapon. Troop demining works on proximity/time that's also an option. The thing is that it adds a big level of tactical authenticity to games, as happened when they added EW & UAV's to games. This technical accuracy/capability is what keeps Combat Missions above other games for realism.
  5. Wow, big secret with lots of room for expansions. Isn't it funny how times change, see Steve's reply circa Dec.2006 when asked why BF not doing a '1980's Fulda gap' title. "The other reason is that Charles and I don't have much interest in alternate history. A big clash between NATO and the Warsaw Pact didn't happen, obviously. Therefore our interest in toiling away, day after day for months, is just not there. And if Charles and I aren't psyched to do it, then it's dead right there. We've got enough stuff to last us the next 20 years that we're very excited to do, so why would we w
  6. I don't think that TO&E list is final full listing. I was wondering which Valentine tank models specifically and also whether we are getting at PT-34 mine roller or not. I guess we are just going to have to wait and see.
  7. I hope there is some demining abilities in the eng. units. I don't know why it's difficult to add the code for mine rollers is already written/running in Normandy, Sherman crab. Is there no t34 mine roller in Fire and Rubble?
  8. FYI: The wife did not like me delaying Valentines day until Fire and Rubbles release. Can we get any more screenies of the upcoming Valentine tanks?
  9. I'm preparing for 'Fire and Rubbles' arrival by examining my Berlin map. Not pricy but may be cool for scenario building or just old warnerds like myself.
  10. Schrullenhaft, the file was there, I'm just old and clearly going blind. 😜 I got it working.
  11. CMBS - Vive la NATO = French & German forces join the allies to defend Ukraine, maybe chuck in Britain at least then it will have bigger sales.
  12. Yeah i reported that first day still there. If you need to upgrade try the link below, you should find all upgrade patches there. https://www.battlefront.com/patches
  13. Thx Schrullenhaft & Vacillator, tried it but the file itself is corrupted. See the attached screenshot.
  14. There may be an error in the download for the windows patch for engine 2 and 3 for CMFI. If you download the Windows version it comes in a MAC_OS folder and won't run on Win10. https://battlefront.sharefile.com/share/view/s9c2c1a501f4440ecab0da8e7318788c4/fo117b04-e0e0-4ce6-a85e-797eb6a4a4a5 Anyone able to check/confirm?
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