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  1. If you buy through BFC, you get the opportunity to redeem a steam key and have it on that platform as well
  2. Steam has the game tagged as Co-Op. Is that correct? As in, can 2 human players command different elements of the same side?
  3. Very compelling sales pitch. I just downloaded it, it will be interesting to try.
  4. Yeah, but how are they at breakfast?
  5. An option to pick a point total instead of a size sounds reasonable to me (admittedly, not a programmer) That would allow players to pick battles by size, as now, and have as an alternative, the player could pick a point total, up to whatever, 50,000, 100,000, whatever they're willing to subject their processor to. And then the program gives each side their fraction of the points
  6. The description of the Soviet Artillery battalion's operations in Ralph Peters' "Red Army" was very illuminating for me, as someone intimately involved in call for fire (Cavalry Scout), but not really at all familiar with what happens on the other end of the radio. Obviously, the Soviet artillery experience would have been different than ours, but, I can still see our US and NATO FDC's being bombarded with call for fire after call fire, most screaming for help as OP's, screen lines, and main defensive positions are getting over run. I think Artillery will be getting a renovation when CM3 is being developed and am not sure how much change can be expected for arty operations in the CM2 games.
  7. The new DLC for Arma3 - Prairie Fire S.O.G. - might be up your alley, especially the Mike Force mode.
  8. I'm playing the 79 campaign, and, it's not overwhelmingly difficult. It can be frustrating to see your A10s shot down for no return, but, all in all, it's a rewarding play through.
  9. Corrections and adjustments are monitored by tracking current missile position using an IR emitter or beacon on the back of the flying missile, then corrections are transmitted through the site, as I understand it. So, the emitter has to be seen, which doesn't happen through smoke.
  10. Is it odd that I would pay $50 for a working version of this with good AI and upgraded to A3R?
  11. I hate misplaced comas. Next thing you know you've got ESP and you're the main character in "The Deadzone"
  12. Also, in the case of wheeled fighting vehicles (as in the case of my 3 gun truck escort elements for logistics convoys in Iraq 2005-2006) it also meant Truck Commander.
  13. I speak Spanish, but im not a native speaker, it was my major in college, so, im sure I have a pretty heavy American (with Castillian influence) accent. I can say the words correctly anyway, and can lisp away with the best of them, lol. Quiero ayudar, sí es posíble. Pm me if I can help
  14. No idea of the coding investment here, but, this sounds good to me.
  15. I would like to know which is the genuine Russian army ration if anyone knows?
  16. But I found a cheaper source. https://voensklad.com/russian-mre/mre-irp-5
  17. I'd actually like to try a Russian combat ration, but one days worth is like $75 on Amazon
  18. I just hope I'm never attacked by Russian MRE's!
  19. One was a Dragon, the other was a LAW, not sure which you are referring to, but I thought the Dragon team had been there for a minute or two.
  20. or, or, hear me out here, or, his head is grotesquely small.
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