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  1. ACSM is a DRM'd book format for Adobe Digital Editions. I've heard Zaloga is quite good on the technical side but can be found wanting on the historical analysis sometimes, where there are others who provide a better picture (like Glantz).
  2. Okay, I lied. One more picture. While trying to decide what scenario to do an AAR on, I found I needed to really tweak stuff around to get nighttime looking good. Video here: https://i.imgur.com/BggbJjX.mp4
  3. Now this is seriously cool Unforgivable that I haven't played it yet.
  4. I can't believe I haven't given this project a go yet! Downloading it now... I have some pre-set tweaks I use for time-of-day mostly. Mostly to darken nighttime properly. I generally use the same setting on different maps though. I'll port it over to CM:SF and give it a go
  5. I mostly use my settings for screenshots and videos in-game. It's playable, if you turn off the depth of field, but some of the icons can get hard to read sometimes. Properly implemented, it would of course not apply to UI elements and would properly handle transparent objects. The Menu does odd stuff to it too, so I disable it until I'm actually in a game. @Howler I find it helpful to target a look, and then add effects to bring it closer to your goal. For example, I took this picture a few months ago. I need to keep in mind that the light is yellower in the photo than it should be
  6. My last bit of spamming this thread... I'm planning on doing an AAR in the near future instead. Russian Razvedka approach a compound sitting on the commanding heights of the town. The heights were remarkably poorly defended. A brief firefight saw the Ukrainian defenders handily defeated by withering cannon fire. (Anyone else notice that Razvedka are reluctant to use weapons other than the SVD? It seems to make them particularly vulnerable in firefights). Strong points identified by the BRDM assault company are blasted by supporting artillery coordinated from the heights.
  7. I'm not sure what the capabilities of the Nvidia controls are, but I was able to achieve it all via Reshade, you can see in the linked video. It's a number of effects like (off the top of my head) ambient light, depth haze, a levels adjustment, a colour lookup table to get the film look, film grain, and SSAO, plus (depending on the screenshot) a depth of field shader to blur out things out of the focus plane. https://i.imgur.com/XTow0Iq.gifv If there's a stubborn enemy position, but you're the reconnaissance company of the main effort, you can just blow it to smithereens. Also a sn
  8. Thanks! It's not exactly how it looks in-game for me right now... but it could be. I use reshade for the depth stuff and film grain - the real kicker I think is a colour lookup table I applied in Photoshop that transforms the colours to approximate Kodachrome film (my inspiration: I bought an old Praktica a few months ago and have been shooting a lot with that film). It would be pretty straightforward for me to take that LUT and apply it back into the game, though. ...And I got distracted while typing this and just did it. Here's a split-screen including all of the effects. Ambien
  9. Been away for a while... Decided to drop back into CM:BS with the excellent Wrong Turn at Albuquerque scenario. Dragged the Russians into a real slug-fest since I didn't get my Javelins into good covering positions. I found my M136s far more useful. Though a Bradley at close range is a real threat to T-72s!
  10. I'm a little late to the discussion, but I'd like to point out that if the IR sight can see through the smoke, and the laser is on a similar wavelength, it too will penetrate through the smoke, allowing guidance. From a systems engineering standpoint, this would make sense. If your operator can see the Target, he should be able to fire on it. That would preclude a visual wavelength laser. Beyond that, you'd want your guidance laser to be on a low wavelength like infrared, since it will be less affected by battlefield obscurants like smoke, dust, and bushes. It depends. TOW is wire
  11. I remember in ARMA you could offload all or part of the AI from a server to a particular client that dedicated to doing all of the AI calculations. I think ARMA's AI was CPU limited, so since the client was able to run faster, the AI acted faster and seemed smarter.
  12. I also agree with you by and large, though I would say the key is applying the realism and detail where appropriate. I still play cardboard occasionally (though my wife won't touch them with a barge pole) and something that particularly newer wargames (like the COIN series or even the newer Next War games) have done well is really narrowing the focus of the details to make the point of the wargame really pronounced without dragging you into unnecessary bean counting.
  13. I can see the beautiful pictures too! Further tweaking (and enjoying the huge amount of CMSF2 scenarios!). No post processing. Current post processing. I think this shows off all of the fun depth stuff you can do, particularly the ray tracing. You can pull a lot of depth out of the image and really show how beautiful Battlefront's models are. I agree with Erwin's earlier comment that it was too dark, though I think it also depends a lot on weather and time of day 😎 There are two things I wish I could fix, but unfortunately can't. 1) depth based shading sho
  14. @Bud Backer I'm seeing your images as grey Do Not Enter signs! I've been playing around with screen space ray tracing in CM... it's a bit finnicky but it can get some nice occlusion and reflection. It's subtle, but look for shading in places that light would have trouble reaching - in corners, in the grille. Wiesels move into position, ready to meet a Syrian assault. Pop goes the T-62. You can see the shading in the Wiesel's tracks in particular.
  15. I lived in Boston for years, how did I never hear about this? Looks like it could be a great source for reference pictures for 3d modeling.
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