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  1. This was a brilliant read and had me on the edge of my seat (quite uncomfortable being there for a month!) the whole time. Congrats The_Capt for the victory, and I think you deserve an honourary medal in trash talk too
  2. Fire and smoke can indeed be modded, though they all have the same limitations as explosions, in that they are only a single texture and their generation is controlled by the game engine. I'd love for some more control over particles, though I understand since smoke is a pretty integral part of the game simulation that that is probably one of the reasons it can't be changed beyond new textures.
  3. Figured this subforum would be best since these explosions aren't really family-specific. The news of CM Cold War inspired me to dig back into making explosions. I present to you my latest (and greatest) explosion! Get it here (link)! Animated demonstration here: https://i.imgur.com/hel1fau.mp4 The animation really sells it I think, since it doesn't look too great in stills yet, but I'm working on it!
  4. Ach! I skipped right over it haha. Agreed, though I recall it being fairly light in the area of land operations. The other two I got some ten or so years ago, found Central Front hiding in the back of a used book shop in Boston.
  5. Decided to pull out all my relevant books in case any have been missed in this thread. Since I realise now my picture isn't too great and I don't want to get them back out:, from top to bottom: First Clash: Combat Close-Up in World War Three by Kenneth Macksey. World War 3 Canadian Style, shows a lot of nitty-gritty tactical detail that many other books find wanting. Super detailed and a good ride too. The Third World War by Sir John Hackett. I honestly found it pretty dry and hawkish, which I guess fits Hackett's objectives in writing it. Lots of scenario ideas though I
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like we can expect both main forces to run into each other in a nice clash of steel that the Capt might win due to his overwhelming firepower advantage. My read of the coming manoeuvres: https://imgur.com/scpRyd I'm not sure Bil is expecting a large push over the southern part of the valley, so it'll be interesting to see if he sniffs it out in time.
  7. A chemical attack would occur before your troops got to the battle anyway. Presumably, you could simulate it in your missions by reducing initial unit strength as applicable and reducing everyone's fitness by a level or two to simulate the NBC gear. Unfortunately, there still wouldn't be visuals for it, though. Maybe a modder could figure out an [nbc] tag?
  8. I love this game, by far the most playable game of its type I've seen. Only one I actually finished a game with (major Soviet victory, I trounced my opponent!). There's also The Next War: Modern Conflict in Europe (1978). Never finished a game of that one, though (the continuation of the series by GMT is much better IMO). If you want to drill down to the corps level there's also Less than 60 Miles by Thin Red Line that came out recently with some really interesting C3 mechanics in it. +1 to this. Dry, but immensely informative, and likely a lot more accurate to the time period of this
  9. Where's my Bundeswehr? 😁 Nah, my dog and my wife in turn came to check on me due to my squeals of excitement over seeing this. I'm very excited to see this AAR pan out, especially with your exquisite tactical eye, Bil! The marketing page mentions different C2 systems between the forces. Is this something that might be demonstrated in this AAR (or anything different than what we've already seen like in CMRT?)
  10. ACSM is a DRM'd book format for Adobe Digital Editions. I've heard Zaloga is quite good on the technical side but can be found wanting on the historical analysis sometimes, where there are others who provide a better picture (like Glantz).
  11. Okay, I lied. One more picture. While trying to decide what scenario to do an AAR on, I found I needed to really tweak stuff around to get nighttime looking good. Video here: https://i.imgur.com/BggbJjX.mp4
  12. Now this is seriously cool Unforgivable that I haven't played it yet.
  13. I can't believe I haven't given this project a go yet! Downloading it now... I have some pre-set tweaks I use for time-of-day mostly. Mostly to darken nighttime properly. I generally use the same setting on different maps though. I'll port it over to CM:SF and give it a go
  14. I mostly use my settings for screenshots and videos in-game. It's playable, if you turn off the depth of field, but some of the icons can get hard to read sometimes. Properly implemented, it would of course not apply to UI elements and would properly handle transparent objects. The Menu does odd stuff to it too, so I disable it until I'm actually in a game. @Howler I find it helpful to target a look, and then add effects to bring it closer to your goal. For example, I took this picture a few months ago. I need to keep in mind that the light is yellower in the photo than it should be
  15. My last bit of spamming this thread... I'm planning on doing an AAR in the near future instead. Russian Razvedka approach a compound sitting on the commanding heights of the town. The heights were remarkably poorly defended. A brief firefight saw the Ukrainian defenders handily defeated by withering cannon fire. (Anyone else notice that Razvedka are reluctant to use weapons other than the SVD? It seems to make them particularly vulnerable in firefights). Strong points identified by the BRDM assault company are blasted by supporting artillery coordinated from the heights.
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