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  1. Bro nobody even bothers reading any of that crap. The MSM gaming media machine has been spewing trash for like a decade now. If I were to post a review, I would showcase the ability to have multiple battalions fighting at the same time. Shots of company vs company, battalion and so on. Do something different, fun, and ridiculous if you have to. Why do you guys think Men of War (And the following games) sold so well? Not because of the single player or multiplayer. Because you could do anything in the editor, and you could spam units until your pc exploded too. I'd probably show a vid
  2. #7 on your list is particularly annoying across the titles. Especially CMBS.
  3. Ah battle plans. Yes they transfer over. I couldnt figure out what you meant. Troops from scenarios carry over too... in a special and kind of fun (arcadey) way
  4. Unfortunately shock force (1 and 2) and afghanistan are the only two titles that are uncompatible with the rest of cm2. Quick battle maps transfer. BP? As in battlepack? The Cm Normandy battle pack maps unfortunately cannot be moved. Literally everything else of CM can be though. I have a thread in general CM. i will find it
  5. This is what I've been preaching bro. For now I convert the maps from every game I buy - to every other game. That way every game has every master map (With a few exceptions). It's unbelievably easy to do this too.
  6. Lmao true. Javelins turn a harmless stryker battalion into many dozens of destroyed enemy vehicles
  7. FB. Came with the best maps out of all the CMs. There are like 5 full sized master maps and like 4 or 4 smaller ones. And THEN you have the scenario maps too. Just wait until you find out that you can port these maps to other CM's.
  8. alright maybe the drama queens can all converge on the new thread then
  9. I actually never really played the scenarios. FI is my least played title, and it wasnt immediately obvious finding what I paid for, so I completely forgot about it. For the amount of cash i spent on that game, it is absolutely nothing compared to the CMBN modules
  10. Lets hope the upcoming Red Thunder module will be better. The Fortress Italy modules were a serious meh. Not even sure what I paid for. If bfc plans to appeal to the masses with the Steam move, they better up their game Market Garden module for cmbn is the kind of thing id consider extremely beneficial to bfcs business
  11. I am not really keen on learning these tools unless theyre stupid simple.. would anyone want to do a small test campaign? A few tiles sized map? armored Bn vs Bn for a speedy trial?
  12. Units shouldnt effect 3d editor though right? Also, i believe I made this map in paint (A whopping 100Mb) before I had CMFB or CMRT.
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