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  1. A stupid simple version is already completed, and I'm sure youll see it soon. It works great.
  2. Nope I never had onedrive installed myself and I encountered this.
  3. @laurent 22 It happened to me too and they all appeared in my Steam's SF2 folder. Big yikes Battlefront.
  4. Trying to see things with a camera on a computer screen is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than in real life.
  5. WTII is so much better.. it's not even close.
  6. What lol? Each of these is worth over 100k? What a complete ripoff. Taxpayers are getting ****ed so hard.
  7. You can port maps between titles. So make the heightmap in CMCW or CMBS and then port it over. Piece of cake
  8. So I was a little wrong there. It seems all of 6th army was eventually destroyed. In terms of forces involved - yeah all of the Soviet troops fighting in the city were conscripts - 62nd and 64th armies were reserve armies deployed that year. They did have fighting experience during Blau but it wasn't good experience - both armies were pretty much already decimated by the time they retreated to the city. This is a complex question because many units were shifted around over months, and it can't be answered without going in depth. It's the reason why I'm committing to a Kursk campaign first instead of a Blau campaign. The assault on the city began on September 13th 1942. ---------------------Troops trapped in pocket------------------------ 6th army was composed of many late wave divisions: 1st wave - 44th ID (August 1939) 2nd wave - 71st ID, 76th ID, 79th ID (August 1939) 8th wave - 295th ID (February 1940) 12th wave - 113th ID (August 1940) 13th wave - 305th ID (November - December 1940) 18th wave - 384th ID, 389th ID (December 1941) 19th wave - 376th ID (March - April 1942) 100th Jager (July 1942 .. Eight days after Blau commenced) 3rd Motorized (October 1940) 60th Motorized (August 1940) 14th Panzer (August 1940 from the 4th ID) 16th Panzer (November 1940 from 16th ID) 24th Panzer (28th November 1941 from the 1st Cavalry Division .. The only cav div in the heer) 4th Panzer Army: 29th Motorized - Before 1940 20th Rumanian --------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracking the strengths of units: Soviet: I'm not going to draw conclusions from all the data but if you look you can see decently sized Soviet divisions disappearing in a week. Many divisions were rebuilt on the spot. For the third picture you have Authorized/Actual strengths. It's hard to calculate totals when you're dealing with this. I can't find any definite numbers on the Germans from September 13th because the staffwork was not the best afaik. This is important because we don't know what strength the Germans actually had when they entered the city. I do have 6th army's primary source documents in pdf form but I'm not sure where to look to find their "Iststärke" (Actual strength) numbers. I have numbers for the later months but they are not very useful without an initial strength value. For 24th October: And mid November: Sorry about the off topic post. I know this also doesn't conclude much. A serious in depth look is required on this topic.
  9. Citing wikipedia again does not tell the full story. The Germans lost a large part of 6th army, but not all of it. In fact no more than 1/3 of the army was ever devoted to the city. The other divisions of the army were defending the Don river and were cycled over time. The only other unit in the city was 4th panzer army, which was a small army to begin with. It also did not lose a massive part of its force. What people call the "Battle of Stalingrad" involves a lot more than the city fighting itself.
  10. I found a couple really good resources for historical data. The first is a google drive which has NARA rolls on pretty much every single armygroup, army, corps and division that fought during the war, including OKH and OKW sections. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11j1SA3HtfUxdvf9qplqhWznTtVA7aVlo Also, this website (Follow the instructions.. I recommend using the tool WinSCP since Filezilla seems to be broken) has situational maps for pretty much every front and every day of the war. It also has aerial photos and lots of other stuff including NARA rolls. https://jcarlcalvin.wixsite.com/wwii-photos-maps Both of these are awesome tools and I'm in the process of filling my new 14tb enterprise drive (They go for just over $100 on ebay these days... an insane bargain)
  11. I believe they were pretty rare but yeah I'd love to have these bad boys in the series eventually.
  12. Don't be fooled! The topography of the southern part of the bulge was absolutely insane. Especially in II SS Panzerkorps' sector.
  13. Ah yeah I have this one already, thanks. I'm a map hoarder
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