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  1. HAHA we certainly have "problems" here. Both modules out by May, eh?
  2. Anything Haiduk posts I blindly worship... Guilty...
  3. Guy please? Really? What happened is indeed a mix up. Enough.
  4. Agreed. Just release it on a good date and then release a patch asap. You guys really gonna miss this opportunity?
  5. I'm feeling like a pretty happy loyal customer atm.
  6. Me too, nice. Its hard to find ppl who will play these
  7. He will make it rain we just have to dance a bunch
  8. the word "niche" in this context meaning: requiring a lot of work and time spent developing new things
  9. Uhhh all I heard Steve say was CM3 Case blue - kursk would be insane
  10. I came across "t-64u" while looking up some BV specs.. It's a name for the Bulat. Which makes sense given it has that crown of royal (appearing) ERA surrounding the turret.
  11. I have been interested in this subject as well. I want to design a Ukraine unit but havent found a place to start yet.
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