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  1. Uhhhhhh did you see people echo me saying 16gb was the way to go? Uhhhhhh did you see people echo me saying he would probably want to up the card for 4k+ gaming? I gave him that, and then I gave him some of my extra opinions since he seemed a little new to the computer world. So the fact remains that I was first to the ball with the answers, even if you don't like that, or them pal.
  2. Yeah at what frequency? There is no chance you are getting a decent, consistent frequency that is under control temperature wise. You're limited to mostly stock clocks with cases as poorly designed as an Imac. You buy k chips to overclock and abuse them. Not to let them run at pixie ass clocks. Lmao. And god forbid you choose a GPU that has a high TDP. You don't understand. If you're buying enthusiast components, you expect enthusiast performance, and a tiny case with just about 0 airflow is not going to cut it. I can tell you're an extremely ignorant person. I ne
  3. I would opt for a "k" version of the i5's. CM sees an improvement in fps when you overclock the **** out of your cpu. Probably because it doesnt really use multicore as much as single cores
  4. Are you OK? Great idea. Let's buy a $300+ gpu and a $500+ cpu and not use them to their potential. Lol ok. If CM runs on just about anything perhaps the OP should consider buying an Imac from 2005 since that works just fine. Using your Imac for productivity? Yeah good luck when everything's getting throttled. I didn't intend on making this discussion go mac vs pc, but apparently I struck a nerve while giving OP advice. Sorry bro, I don't really care to read/write nonsense essays on the CM forums.
  5. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-red-thunder/cm-red-thunder-add-ons/razymin-master-map-care/ try this if you want. See if you can run it without trimming it down. (5.7k x 5.7k)
  6. I wonder what is the largest map you could play? I only had a gtx670, that crapped out, I was on a gtx480, that crapped out too, and now I am running on integrated graphics. I can't load larger maps. I wonder if you had a card better than the gtx 670 if you could load maps larger than 5km x 5km like Radzy Full
  7. Disappear little troll. He asked for CONCERNS. What I said is correct and is the best advice youll come across. I forgot when typing out the 4gb for windows thing, but the same **** still applies. 16gb. Also do yourself a favor and look at the cooling of an Imac. Then look at the cooling of a "gaming" machine. Do you even know what youre talking about?
  8. Accidental double post - However I will say with the better specs you will be able to load larger and larger maps (4k x 4k and larger) with ease. I think the largest I had was 5k x 5k. You can play comfortably on these in real time if you don't go nuts on the forces. I bet WEGO is way smoother.
  9. With that logic waiting will always be better, and it will be 5 years before you even realize! Especially with the current state of the market today. It's awful. The XT version of the 5700 gets almost double the fps in Metro Exodus. However, this title is an outlier. Just goes to show how much software optimizations go to make a difference. I would definitely buy an XT. My worry is with the enclosed Imac, you won't be able to fit larger cards, or you may not even be able to access them at all to swap. If you want to use your 5k in games, then get the best gpu imo.
  10. Sorry what part of his question did I not answer by not reading? The Catalina part? Besides that I am probably one of the better qualified people to voice my opinion on this subject.
  11. Well I just gave you the advice. But youre probably going to be unable to make any changes once you buy it. Besides maybe the ram. But who knows with apple these days. Knowing the model of the cpu would help (i7 10700k perhaps). 16gb ram if swappable go for gskill kit (Theyre worth it) The gpu is meh. You're going to want a top of the line card if you wish to drive 5k or even 4k with ~60fps. In gaming at least.
  12. Its about time the best game made it to Steam. The only reason I am not kicking and screaming is because the version is different, and I "legally" own my Bfc copies.
  13. Oh man. Prebuilt computers are generally terrible and overpriced. All in one computers (Like an Imac are even worse) Laptops are the worst. Imac has no way to cool its components, at least efficiently, so dont expect it to perform as fast as other machines even with the same parts. They will automatically slow as they warm up and are unable to dispose of the heat. I dont want to come off as mean or rude, but you have totally no clue what you are buying man. Didnt even include the processor model - just copied and pasted what they wrote on the website.
  14. Wow that Valentine looks great. I'd love to get her number sometime.
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