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  1. Lmao 7 year dead thread. Good thing he visited yesterday. @Jorge MC.
  2. Someone mentioned that they used a tool to break the campaigns down. I think it was ScanCade but not sure.
  3. Cmcw really does run incredible. I would estimate a 1.3- 1.5x gain over CMFB (The last game they made). And I would estimate a 3-5x gain over titles like CMBN and CMSF. It's craaazy. I was able to run the largest map ever made for CM. 5.7km x 5.7km... Played in real time.
  4. This game cracks me up. I love these awkward moments. Recon element fails at noticing enemy beside them, flees when spooked. Trading two (already destroyed) tanks... lol!
  5. Add mod support and we absolutely will.
  6. I think Olek was driven away from the server by how disgusting some people can act.
  7. Oh man that was sweet to watch. I'm waiting on a turn that I hope will be the same exact situation minus the snow
  8. I share your experiences with the game's lag as well. As the scenarios get larger I find WEGO stops working at a certain point, whereas real time will continue to play fine.
  9. I think Schörner was the maddest of them all
  10. We has this in a CW pbem too. Definitely doesn't seem right.
  11. Something like 3000 armored vehicles were destroyed in a week.
  12. I would consider it a generational leap forward over M60 and T80.
  13. He's gonna cut their c2 by intercepting their phone bill 😧
  14. Emotional reaction? That wasn't emotional. You are delusional. The Abrams' turret could probably do 1.5 rotations and still land a kill on a t80 before the t80 can rotate in .5 or even .25 rotations. You need to start thinking and replying like a big boy.
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