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  1. You can call Papa Stalin to tell him about your day.
  2. I believed the same but then I found a post from Steve: "there is a bonus for spotting things within an Arc" Also: "The spotting bonus is only within the colored area of the arc. Outside of that there's no bonus." Links:
  3. Yeah just as I thought so, the first to bring up SB as evidence would be also the first to dismiss it if it suited him.
  4. I remember reading this but don't know where, can anybody point me to that thread? (where this YT video was linked)
  5. Nope, also the text in the unit boxes on the bottom of the screen while in battle and it is very very hard to read what kind of ammo and how much he has of that type.
  6. I think I misunderstood a previous statement and there is a spotting bonus inside the colored zone.
  7. They already stated that cover arcs do not change spotting in any way except it makes the unit face in a certain direction. In other words if you give a facing order you achieve the same thing.
  8. This is because the game uses an Intel GPU. If thats the only graphics card you have, then you are fokked, as theres no way to correct it, it has been a known issue.
  9. Ah another surprise never mentioned in the manual.
  10. Obviously is not completely random, but has a random element which is quite easy to prove.
  11. FRAPS is outdated and unmaintained and shouldn't be used anymore. The best option is to use the bundled software that come with your GPU drivers either from Nvidia or AMD depending on your card. Either this or the feature to record thats built into windows 10. No need to use 3rd party apps anymore anyway. Also imgur is a bad choice, https://imgbb.com/, https://imageshack.com/, https://imgshare.io/ are all much better.
  12. Ah its a Russian campaign, so beta testers weren't interested.
  13. Wot? I fly the KA-50 and Mi-8 and I find them very easy to fly / land (of course after lots of practice).
  14. Haha that is actually from the american M60 (for representation - its the same in the T-64/72/80 series). Actual T-72/90: The seating is a little better in the T series (left )than in an M60 (right):
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