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  1. Don't apply shot peening to enemy armor. It will just harden it up. Best regards, Thomm
  2. Now that one is really personal! Seldom does one see individual soldiers being chased by artillery barrages! Best regards, Thomm
  3. The biggest mistake I made with my M-113s in 'Bauersdorf' was to position them along with their platoon between the foxholes in the woods at the center of the map. There, they did little damage, but were shot up from behind by one of the very few BMPs that managed to break through to the village. Other then that, they served me well as battlefield taxis. Best regards, Thomm
  4. Not sure if this is related to your problem but: I have installed the game from a non-admin user account. I was prompted for the admin password and entered it. The install proceeded successfully. After that, all scenario etc. folders where shown as empty in the game. I also could not save hotkeys! The problems vanished when I started running the game as admin (from my non-admin user account). Try to change and save hotkeys to find out if it is an admin privileges related problem. Best regards, Thomm
  5. Personal message to the scenario designers: I just finished my first medium scenario (Brauersdorf), and it was great, but I find it very hard to motivate myself to even start another medium (or larger) scenario. They are simply too big / too much effort for casual playing. You (the designers) put so much time into the editor to set up these big scenarios, and I cannot even appreciate your effort, because I simply cannot convince myself to put the necessary amount of time into a single game. I have no idea if others feel the same way, but for me it would be much better, if, e.g., two thirds of the scenarios would be 'small' or below in size. And not the other way round. Best regards, Thomm
  6. With all due respect, but I think this explanation is a myth. At least the part with the optics. Best regards Thomm
  7. Wow, CM:CW is certainly boxed in by hex wargames in this video! Best regards Thomm
  8. I was not precise enough: For a RT player, who tries turn-based planning for the first time, this can be confusing. Best regards, Thomm
  9. What I mean is the following: Unit starts outside of vehicle. Player plots a path to a vehicle, endpoint gets the 'Embark' label. Player highlights the 'Embark' waypoint and presses 'Acquire'. Nothing happens. It seems that you can acquire only when mounted at the beginning of a turn. For a RT player, this can be confusing. Best regards Thomm
  10. When you are at it, add a note to the 'Acquire' command explaining that it can only be executed at the beginning of a turn (and not at a waypoint). I don't think this (rather important) information is in the manual yet. Best regards, Thomm
  11. Question: BMP-2s appear to be near-blind. Is this realistic or a bug? Does it help to have a squad loaded? Even then, the 'Open up' button fails to work, at least in some instances. Best regards, Thomm
  12. Question: I seem to be unable to use 'Acquire' at an 'Embark' waypoint in turn-based mode. Does 'Acquire' work only at the start of a new turn, with the unit already embarked? Best regards, Thomm
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