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  1. As a native speaker, I have to pay some respect here! For full effect, please use proper capitalization, as in: Truppen-Grillen Best regards, Thomm
  2. Not following this thread lately. Did 'Fulda Gap' win already? Best regards Thomm
  3. Found a reference to an upcoming "Fulda Gap" RTS on Grogheads. Quoted from Steam: Regiments is a Real-Time Tactics set in Germany 1989. The Cold War has gone hot, and the inferno is raging. Lead your Regiment through the fires of conflict and the fog of war. Break through the lines, call in artillery, maneuver, feign retreats, stage defenses, counter-attack. Do not relent. So the subject is worked on. "CMFG" would be a must-buy for me. Best regards, Thomm
  4. It is the same with your opponent. Perhaps because it is overcast?! I am totally out of the loop re. CM. Maybe it is supposed to look like that. But shadows would be beneficial, I guess. Best regards, Thomm
  5. Hi Elvis, do you play with shadows off? On purpose? Best regards, Thomm
  6. Ha! That video is awesome! Kinda gives the feeling that one did not waste time testing/playing Combat Mission. Best regards, Thomm
  7. Listening to the "Distributed Version Control" Chapter right now. Again: Parallel to working, so bear with me. You use git and SourceTree. It would be good to mention where to get these programs and how to install them. You mention 'VPS' on the "How Do I Use Git" slide. Did you introduce this abbreviation before? Warning: This presentation seems to end prematurely (at "Merging Branches") Best regards Thomm
  8. The good thing about this course is that I can listen to it while I am doing other work. And it is quite interesting. For example, in Lesson 18 you present "PySimpleGUI". Now this is not immediately useful to me, because I have to use Tkinter. But: The wrapper I wrote for Tkinter looks like a perfect copy of PySimpleGUI. That is very reassuring, because it seems that I am on the right track. Same with lesson 24, Automated Tests. Never heard of a doctest before! Very valuable info! I am curious what else I will pick up from the (advanced) lessons! Thanks again! Thomm
  9. Thanks for sharing the Python course! Learned some new things already! Best regards, Thomm
  10. Good original post, thank you! It tells me that I do not miss out a lot in the online shooter department. Which is good, because I am getting too old and lazy to invest time in PC games anyway. If I feel like experiencing some online action without spending too much time or energy, I just play a ten minute round of "Crazy Shooters 2", which is a simple browser 3D multiplayer shooter based on the Unity engine. It has the advantage of getting boring quickly enough not to become a time drain. Best regards, Thomm
  11. May I suggest more obvious sticky posts in both this and the general Combat Mission forum? It is not as blatantly obvious that the module was released as it should be in my opinion. Something like "... has been released! Read instructions inside!" Too much reading between the lines necessary at the moment, I think. Best regards, Thomm
  12. Indeed! Not exactly 'archived', then. I stand corrected. Best regards, Thomm
  13. I went to check and found that the Combat Mission Forum there is in fact "archived". In other words: closed down for good. Best regards, Thomm
  14. Why did they make this? Self-promotion? Best regards, Thomm
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