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  1. Thank you, The_Capt, that was most entertaining. Was there a possibility to reverse your tanks into the woods for a flank shot, or did you have to meet the enemy tanks head-on because of movement restrictions? Best regards, Thomm
  2. Exactly why I do not understand the fetish with large, larger, huge scenarios. I'd rather have five small scenarios than one large one (that I will never even load). Best regards, Thomm
  3. My credit card company says it's for real. Best regards Thomm
  4. The trick is to get (them) to the point where the bullets / grenades / missiles start flying! From then on, the retro look will be forgiven! Best regards Thomm
  5. Since Austria was/is neutral, she was expected to defend against both NATO and Warshaw pact. Excellent module material, in my humble opinion! 😉 Best regards Thomm
  6. I think the idea of the original poster was that Germany was out of the war already? Best regards Thomm
  7. Wish 1: Some form of CM:BO-style shockwave visualization. When in doubt, make it optional! Wish 2: Persistent map damage Wish 3: Fulda Gap ... Oh, wait! Already preordered! Best regards, Thomm
  8. NO, it should be optional! So, that those, who are annoyed by it, can switch it off whenever they want. And vice versa. I would want to have it on at all times, because it looks (rather, looked) awesome. It was the single-most distinguishing visual feature of CM:BO! It really stood out. Also, if they did not show the whole sphere, but rather an expanding ring fading out vertically, the effect would be more subtle, and perhaps cause less problems. Best regards, Thomm
  9. One last remark: It is amazing how many desperate pleas for bringing back the shockwaves a search for this word brings up. Just. Saying. Best regards, Thomm
  10. The shockwaves conveyed the violence of the explosion so well! They must have the code lying around somewhere. Just throw it in and make it optional. Just one example I found. You really can feel the force. What I would do, though, is to not render the whole hemisphere, but only a ring in the horizontal plane which becomes more and more transparent with increasing height. This way, you get the impression of the shockwave racing outwards while not obscurating the debris in the middle. Ohhh, CMx1: How full of excellent design choices it was! Best regar
  11. Not bad, your S tank. But does it play in the same league as the Austrian Kürassier?
  12. This all means nothing unless shockwaves make their comeback!
  13. Don't miss out on the fabulous Austrian army! Hint: There is not much extra modeling work to be done! 🤣 Iconic equipment includes: The Steyr AUG. The 18 t 'Kürassier' tank hunter. Unique stationary tank turrets and bunkers! Some links: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Seems that I shall have to pay a visit to the Museum of Military History here in Vienna. Best regards, Thomm
  14. The usual suspect: Tom Clancy: Red Storm Rising. Best regards Thomm
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