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  1. anyone who might need this in future: FOR BN http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cmbn-scenery/kiemes-ploughed-fields-without-distortion/ FOR FB
  2. i don't have a picture but you surely got across the fields in all CM games. Ploughed fields are very annoying under certain angles, is there any mod that could sove this? I have gtx 1070 and ryzen 5 2600 so the pc should be able to handle that. Thanks!
  3. Never had this before, and now in two days, I got 3 crashes. The game just hangs on, you can't move the view but sound still plays. There's a pop up window "a crash dump has been created" I have to ctrl+alt+del to get out of the game. anyone has an idea how to solve this, or where to ask for help? here's a crash dump if it is of any help.- I couldn't open it. CM Fortress Italy.7088.dmp CM Fortress Italy.8596.dmp CM Fortress Italy.13784.dmp
  4. just installed this with herrtom's preset and i am having a horrible experience. it is blurry on as hell and it keeps shifting from blurry to normal and it is mighty annoying. to make it worst, when i open the console (shift-F2) the map starts spinning and i have a developed severe nausea... however, it looks good when it works. now, what effect i need to turn off in order to stop the damn thing from blurring the screen?
  5. lookin forward to it. I am lurking around forums and occasionally play a battle (waiting for next CMI expansion), but I really appreciate your videos. Was disappointing when you cut out the part when you got pissed off that "crossing the alley" video. also loved how it got wrong when soldiers went around the corner for no reason KUTGW
  6. i agree it is really ridiculous how long is this dragging on. and final blitzkrieg is equaly senssless.
  7. although the AAR was fascinating from both sides in numerous ways and since the game isn't out yet i vote for a rematch. give us some more!
  8. the day is still long in their time zone... i still have hope
  9. i'd prefere BF sorted out already present ditches (in normandy for example) which troops don't recognize and climb onto them instead standing beneath in cover. completely ruins the immersion and renders this terrain feature utterly useless even if it should be important part of planning for defense as well as offensive factions. however, it is good thez introduce new types, just i'd like them being usable if they are already there.
  10. apart covering arcs taht you have explained (thanks heinrich) i have another question bill. what is your usuall procedure in kill zones you have setup? do you let your troops shoot on first unit you see or do you let them pass and wait for bulk of forces hoping the first unit is just scouts? hmmmmm now that i have asked i believe the answer is obvious: it depends on what you know about enemy. however if you have no further knowledge apart three guys running into the kill zone. do you still let them past hoping for bigger fish to get into the net or you shoot... ahh, it is obviously "it depene
  11. it sounds as close as it gets. i bet on 16th together with "FB" to mark the anniversary ;D
  12. exactley when it became interesting!!! keep them going ant thanks for the effort!
  13. just went through the whole thread (bit late i know) and wanted to drop in saying it was real pleasure reading this. great stuff!
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