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  1. i only have 2WW titles and the difference is staggering.
  2. soviet training missions are great way to understand how they operate. Reading the briefing is one thing, but seeing it unfold (if executed well) is real eye opener. i was used to ww2 titles and only western front which always used limited artillery. however, in soviet doctrine, artillery is absolutely crucial and used in ungodly amounts compared to anything I've experienced previously (i'd say, soviets use the arty as it should be used). the downside (from gameplay perspective) is inherent need to fire from all vehicles during the advance. This is very laburous if you have whole batallion of troops but also crucial to success as you need all that firepower to allow for relatively quick attack.
  3. I am baffled how much stick soviets get for their approach. I appreciate it even more now that I've learned more and saw how the all combined arms fit together. although, soviets really miss helicopters in this game. hope new engine reslves air units.
  4. Whoever tried Soviet training missions from scenarios knows how potent that can be if well executed (well, under ideal circumstances). Here's a short US Army educational video on Soviet Breakthrough tactics. I am sure there is some guy in the US Army Education branch slapping his forehead thinking "I wish I had Combat Mission Cold War" 4 decades ago. Side question. This video, nor Soviet training scenarios, mention it but hear me out: The Infantry company follows behind the tanks and shouldn't deploy if not forced. However, once they have to deploy to take over some key terrain, is the second wave supposed to wait or they just run over positions the first company is attacking? To complicate further, infantry company is expected to lose some vehicles so how do they follow the advance? When is the batallion supposed to reorganize?
  5. russian artillery is really the key. It might be hard for people who only played WW2 titles, but now you finally get more than enough of artilery. So, really use it on highest firerate and maximum length you will still have 15 minutes of continuous downpour. Just make sure to have good observation spot and roll and adjust that artillery around the battlefield like it is fishing pole in a pond. It does wonders.
  6. I am also not clear on this. My understanding is that about 300-400m from the objective, the infantry dismounts their trollies and procedes providing close support for tanks on foot. Their vehicles remain behind laying area fire on known, or asusmed, enemy positions. The training missions offer really nice playground to see that in action. It is quite a sight having a tank company supported with mechanized infantry running down the hill with the artillery barrage in the distance and smoke on the flanks.
  7. Battlefront should create a tool that automatically reads the terrain from the map and creates a simplified sketch-up of key terrain, hamlets, woods, roads, hills, valleys...
  8. love your improvement ideas. I'd like to add another one, though. When I am in the mission, scouting terrain (especially in CW with many beautifully huge maps) I can't count how many times I wished I had topographic overlay. How much easier would be to read possible routs of advance, defensive positions, covered approaches... Really wish it would be standard to add a topographic map either in the briefing, or even better, as an overlay on the terrain that can be toggled on and off.
  9. meh, stop bragging like that is some kind of achievement. let's face it, we have all been there.
  10. yesterday I watched US training video about T64/72 and how US are supposed to deal with it. As some in this thread already mentioned, the video said the commander is buttoned down due to chemical threat. so that is that I guess. Will link the video if I can find it again. found the video, quality is quite poor but it is interesting.
  11. great to hear that was a technical issue and being worked on already.
  12. actually, you can check the distance where the detail disappears if you use target command. For me, the grass disappears at about 100m from the point of view at about ground level. didn't check other details (trees, roads) nor considered how the height might influence the LoD.
  13. i am by no means expert but, judging by their gung-ho doctrine, i'd assume commander is most likely expected/ordered to be unbuttoned at least up to 300-400m from the enemy line when the tanks get close support from infantry. this is me only guessing though, hipefully someone with actual knowledge chips in.
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