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  1. Just curious, for those in the know, what 'Force' naming convention will be used for CMCW? I know the WWII titles use Axis/Allies and the CMSF2 (the only modern title I have) uses Red/Blue. Will it be NATO/WP, Red/Blue, etc? The reason I ask is I'm working up my own custom tweaked Scenario AI Planning and Scenario Objective Worksheets based on the ones in the "Sheriff of Oosterbeek - Scenario Design DAR/AAR" PDF.
  2. That's actually pretty informative, starting about 1/3 of the way down. More information might be found here . . USAREUR Units & Kasernes, 1945 - 1989 (usarmygermany.com)
  3. If Bundeswehr M48s with the 105mm they most likely would have been the M48A2GA2.
  4. I'm with you there but would tweak the dates to be from 83-87. Fortunately, with the equipment listed, I think designers can easily cover those time frames. We'll need to fudge the dates in the editor (and the OOB's as much as we can due to the US forces changeover to Division 86 standards) but for the most part, it'll be feasible.
  5. 8th ID was always the red-headed stepchild of USAREUR. Our Bn was one of the last to get the M60A3 and then again, late getting the M1s.
  6. I'm already working up campaign ideas (mostly the storyline cause the game ain't out yet) but they'll probably be set in the 1985 time frame.
  7. We didn't get ours in 2/68 AR (8th ID) until about March/April 1983. I arrived there in May 83 and the BN was on block leave having just finished the transition process.
  8. The addon stab to the M60A3 (TTS) was pretty good as long as you stayed on level ground and kept a steady speed. Outside of that, you had to have a really good (or lucky) gunner because even a little bounce/play in the sight would be enough to throw you off at longer ranges. Against moving targets, firing from a short-halt was the preferred engagement method. With the M1, which was built with stabilization as part of the base tech, and more advanced electronics, the sight picture stayed much tighter when moving.
  9. It has nowhere near the features as Photoshop, from what I'm told, but Paint.NET has a 3rd party plugin that enables both the loading and saving of Photoshop .PSD files so you could at least access them to see how it works.
  10. Recovery vehicles in CM would be awesome if if only as eye candy (even with working weapons but no quick vehicle recovery function). Destroying the enemy battalion/company trains could then become an objective all itself. 🙂
  11. Yeah, there is no way as far as I could tell to add an emoji to the title so I kind of buried one deeper in my post. And yes, it was meant to be tongue in cheek. I recently started working on a scenario for CMRT (will need F&R to complete it properly I think) and was afraid my month of research would go to waste with the new CMCW coming soon (hopefully) and me switching to that game instead. 😁
  12. Hey now, we'll not have that kind of negative talk around here. 😁
  13. The good thing with the games all using the same basic engine is I get to practice mapmaking which I love doing. I could work on them all day but maps without scenarios isn't going to cut it IMHO. I really need to learn the use the AI to at least make a semi-presentable and challenging opponent.
  14. Oh, I'm planning on getting and using it especially with access to partisans for my Crimean scenarios.
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