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  1. Feint in the south with major attack on Moscow. Moscow is the Psychological lynchpin. Take Moscow and break their will and then you may win.
  2. I think the earliest would be early 43, Why? I see the Volkssturm have a 37mm pak but ya cant change gun crews so that's out of the question. At best the PZIIIs are late models, Long barrelled stugs, no t-34s with single turret hatch (early ones), you could do infantry vs partisans ok. There are some early vehicles like Krupp Protze but your really limited. I'm going to wait till Steve brings out CMKS 'Kursk Salient', with early stugs, KV's, BA-10, T-60s etc. Due to the success of CMCW I may die before 'Kursk' ever happens. NOTE: I would settle for CMCG, Combat Mission Khalkhin Gol
  3. Its not a lemon just trying to add constructive things to improve the options for players. I don't expect designers to get it right first off, look at all the player generated scenarios in version 2 or 3. And we don't have the time constraints that you do. I didn't read the design notes but i will do that. Thanks for the detailed feedback m8.
  4. Run it down the road to set off mines and or ambushes.
  5. I've just started this as Soviet but am disappointed. Long range shooters can shoot straight into the setup zone. There is no artillery option to pin the shooting elements (artillery) until your reinforcements arrive. I doubt that a force attempting to cross into hostile territory would not have artillery or air support up front. Yes BTR can swim and navigate the forest but its just not realistic. The reinforcement come as one large drop and are automatically in LOS to enemy. I think this scenario should be altered. My suggestions are.... Map is great but I would change the footbridge to a wide bridge - options for the tanks consider a longer map edge so incoming units are not in direct LOS to pre-sighted AI. Full width setup zone, right to edges of map. reinforcement come in smaller groups e.g. 1 BTR platoon, then a tank squadron etc.
  6. Windmill on the quick battle map has visual bug. I know some of these types of issues were raised earlier but not this building type and its still happening after the patch. https://photos.app.goo.gl/4AVzbQBXiKCYj8cJ8
  7. IRON CURTAIN: East German Border in the Cold War https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCFtWbHvYWs
  8. Funny cos I had a ZSU in a quick battle and fast air (or maybe Cobra) knocked it out before it had even blinked. Will have to remember to turn down the vodka settings for the crew in game setup
  9. Yeah thanks Chuck, worked. What had happened is that I use my wife's PayPal and that has changed my profile details so it went to the wrong email address. So many websites are doing this now its a real pain and I should have checked it. Thx m8.
  10. Hi, I've just purchased (12 hrs ago) a copy of CMCW using PayPal but the order is still marked as 'pending' so I don't yet have a download link. Is there normally a delay on the digital link in an order? I did purchase a manual as well so is that holding up the digital link?
  11. Hi, I want to install my copy of CMBN on my laptop (WIN 10). When I try to load from either the disk or the downloaded CMBN.exe I get a dialog box saying "Error - UI not found". I've tried the disk and downloaded versions both get same message. Any ideas much appreciated. PS: I have all the addons DLC's plus updates to Engine 4 but if i cant get past the first .exe then I'm buggered.
  12. POSSIBLE BUG - PAK36 (37mm) The pak has a crew of 5 where most infantry guns have only 4. A Kubelwagon will tow the infantry guns but not the pak and i assume it's the crew numbers that block it. Should the Volk pak gun crew not be 4? FYI: Was testing in editor.
  13. This arrived today, it's the second edition of 'Bloody Streets'. For those 'Fire & Rubble' nuts (like me) this is 25 years research on the Battle for Berlin in one book, well two, as it comes with a separate map book.
  14. Defence against panzerfaust (shape charge) weapons
  15. Love F&R: Lend lease tanks - these are great for Berlin and Bagration battles. Lots of Campaigns - Have only started one but it looks so good and plays well. Buildings - New buildings good and the destruction looks great. Weather - So good to have snow and the vehicles change camo to suit. Sad we didn't get: T-34 mine rollers Ford GPA
  16. Yep check out Ivan Sidorenko, he was an army of one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Sidorenko
  17. I have attached a copy of the game file so you can see. I have earlier copies of the game if you want to try to replicate the 'teleport' using my file. The file is 5 meg so i have just loaded to Google Drive so you can download it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I8oBC2H8g2xibLuZpiYEAcBYvnrv2fXC/view?usp=sharing FYI: The vehicles were moving under the left of the bridge on 'hunt' if they stopped under the bridge they teleport onto it. Was New game installation on Win10 ( uninstalled old and reloaded it with the new CMFR install).
  18. NIGHT AT THE OPERA - Soviet - Bridge map bug? My t-34 and my carrier were passing under the bridge on 'hunt' and then just teleported up onto the bridge. Is this a new secret Russian weapon or a map bug? PS: It's a fu*ken great map and scenario love playing on it.
  19. I have a new email, hmmmmmmm.... PS: Thanks for all the good work battlefront +1
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