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  2. I've made over 100 scenarios. Why would I release them? Its not like anyone on this forum chooses to interact... you all just beat singleplayer to death. I have 15 PBEMs right now with 1/3 of them being my custom scenarios. My favorite PBEM of all time was G4 Storming The Castle translated to CMCW. You aint ever gonna see that one.
  3. One grenade from an RPG destroying 2 Bradleys:
  4. Wait... "they" don t read too much our comments !!!!! ... please, pretty please, pretty pretty please
  5. Judging by your avatar, you are Russian-speaking and if you have ever served in the SA, you know that some conscripted servicemen from some republics of the Soviet Union even understood Russian poorly )
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  7. Hehe. Cheers JM. Sadly the bocage textures DO look heavier than the bush or tree textures, this is a result of them using the 1-bit alpha channel. It's something I've wrestled with ever since I started modding the bocage, in fact it's one of the reasons I started modding bocage. Unless we can find a way to use 8-bit alpha channels for vehicles and guns there is no way around this. So far I haven't discovered any way in Blender to make 8-bit channels work for vehicles so I think it's just hardwired into the game elsewhere and we just have to accept it as a limitation ... I suspect only @Battlefront.com can change this for us ... please, pretty please, pretty pretty please
  8. Sf2 is on there if you dont need MacOS.
  9. Very nice explanation and big help for a big thank you, Mark but seem that for you feel very good in this domain IN HELL foliages,... peoples will be silly to dont want installing your mod, my opinion, this is a must for everybdoys ! textures are a little bit heavy to me, like I said already ! JM
  10. It was. But will there be a CM game before 2022?
  11. So I had a look at JM's Pak 36/37 model here, the problem, for anyone else who might want to attempt this, is that vehicles and guns use 1-bit alpha channels whereas MOST of the foliage in CM uses 8-bit alpha channels, so if used they appear in Blender but just disappear in game. HOWEVER our beloved bocage fortuitously uses 1-bit alpha channels, which means that we can use it for camouflage without further fiddling*. If just the boccage.bmp is used for camo what can magically happen is that a plethora of different foliage will appear IF you're using my Hedgerow Hell mod (the bocage textures will work in RT for summer) ... ... and what's really nice is that the combination of textures used are unique for each camouflaged item ... ... result is a lot of apparently different bushes! If you don't want to install my mod then you will still get the standard bocage textures appearing - which in itself is okay. I guess for winter the bocage will appear as winter branches ... quick experiment, few minutes later ... ... well actually it will, or rather would if my mod wasn't installed. What you can see is the winter bocage texture (brown leaves) and the extra random textures from my Hedgerow Hell mod. All the more reason to get on and winterise my mod ... Obviously without my mod installed you'd get a full on winter camoed PaK. Sweet. * technical bit - if you want to use a custom foliage texture ie not bocage but rather one of the tree textures for instance, then it's possible BUT you must convert the alpha channel to 1-bit, else it won't work as JM has been demonstrating
  12. Hi beeron - good job fella. Nice to see someone else tinkering with the models. You say that you're more into texturing - do you mean in 3D models or creating the flat textures? I know that Blender (2.79b at least) can be a pig for UV models. You can use more recent versions of Blender and then use the Append option to get your work into Blender 2.79b models, so long as it's compatible. There are some good add-ons for more recent Blender versions which can help with the UV unwrapping and what not.
  13. Cold War was due on Steam in April.
  14. yes, waiting for 2 new ones, cold war and Battle for Normandy
  15. Oh I misread your post and thought we were still talking about the lower levels. My mistake. That makes more sense now.
  16. +1. Very true IMO. With the editor and the ability to mod there are many opportunities to create scenarios that players have a personal interest in. To include scenarios that are well outside the scope of the, original intended, time frame of a given game family. Bush wars in Africa, coups in Latin America and the Middle East, Vietnam type scenarios in South East Asia, law enforcement scenarios and the list goes on. Or scenarios can be set up to compare, contrast and test different weapon systems. The entertainment time, educational value of the game / editor makes it more than worth the purchase price.
  17. Have you done a recent search on Steam for Combat Mission games?
  18. I don't have an M1 Mac, but my understanding is "no" at this time. If you want to run better on Mac a used Intel mac with ATI graphics chip is the better option at this time.
  19. Thanks Redwolf. Should I expect noticeable improved performance compared with my current 2016 MBP with the Intel Iris Graphics 550 1536 MB? I understand this is specualtion only and 'noticeable' is a very vague term.
  20. Right. CPU-wise all M1 Macs are the same for CM, even the biggest 16" (except that the Air with no fan might slow down after a while). But of course the added GPU cores do make a difference.
  21. Could anyone more tech/Mac savvy comment on if the improvements in the new M1 Pro (Macbook Pro) will make any difference in Combat Mission gaming compared to the older M1? I remember someone writing at some point that CM can only use 'one core' - I hardly understand what that means to be honest, but I assume it means the whole multi-core thing does not make any difference for the CM experience?
  22. Sounds interesting. It would be nice to see the data on modern tanks in CMBS and CMCW.
  23. Cheers, this is actually a good time to get bumped. I have been working on the spotting problem, but I got a bit too ambitious and it is going to take some time before I have a complete piece of work to show. I have set up a test scenario with one vehicle in the middle and 49 enemy Panzer IVs placed around it at 12 to 6 o'clock positions, 200 to 1400 meters (in 200m intervals). The game runs for up to 7 seconds for me to see what contacts does the vehicle at the center see on the first spotting event, as a solid contact. Repeat 10,000 times and calculate the probability of seeing each of the enemy Panzer IVs. I can replace the vehicle in the middle and measure the spotting ability of different vehicles. I keep all the data but only take those at 12 and 1 o'clock positions and convert them to a single number, which is easier to interpret. I call this number "spotting rating" and make it relative to Panzer IVH. So, a Regular Panzer IVH with hatches open has a spotting rating of 100. And a tank that has spotting rating 105 can see, roughly, 5% better than a Panzer IVH. Note that it depends on distance quite a bit, but that would make things too complicated for a quick comparison. Results so far (opened up / buttoned up): Pz IVH (late): 100 / 27 Pz VD (late): 104 / 29 Pz VA (mid): 109 / 39 Sherman, no cupola: 109 / 35 Sherman, with cupola: 110 / 39 Sherman VC Firefly: 105 / 28 M10: 220 / 217 T-70M: 89 / 17 T-34-76 (M1942 early): 97 / 21 T-34-76 (M1942 late): 95 / 25 T-34-85: 106 / 36 IS-1, IS-2: 101 / 26 Valentine: 100 / 24 SU-76M: 212 / 211 SU-85, SU-122: 95 / 16 SU-85M, SU-100: 95 / 18 ISU-122, SU-152, ISU-152: 104 / 29 SU-57: 252 / 248 You can see there are two categories: fully enclosed vehicles and open-topped vehicles. The open-topped ones (M10, SU-57, SU-76M) spot more than 2x better than fully enclosed ones and do not suffer their ~3x spotting penalty when buttoned up. A quick takeaway - if you are trying to get an spotting advantage by forcing the enemy M10 commander to duck inside, don't. It is not much help. The same will probably apply to Marders, Archers and the like. Even at 10,000 trials there still are statistics involved, for instance I don't think the T-34 M1942 late should have a lower spotting ability than M1942 early when opened up. Everything is automated, of course, with minimum time and effort required on my part. I just collect the results and set up a new test. Computer time is my bottleneck.
  24. It's written in such a rigid and bureaucratic style that I wonder if soldiers understood it better than Chinese language.
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