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  2. I ws given about 6 of these things, 4 in one isolated area that woould need tobe defended by them.And I cannot say now after the scenario is ended, but Ithink it safe to say they all would have had various experience levels and varied leadership modifiers. And I did load up passemgers to man the gone with mostly no effect (i.e.,never firing). And when I was targeting things, it was infantry at a 200-300 m distance, or greater. I just could not figure out what I nneded to do to get them to shoot.
  3. Don’t forget the Cloving and Rashun books - take a close look at the covers ... I’m pretty certain those aren’t Minstry issue guv.
  4. In working on my CM:RT project, I've been unable to get terrain triggers to work in the QB environment. Testing shows the same setup will function in scenario mode, but not QB ...which really bites. Hope there is a workaround or code fix on the horizon. The context I've been testing in is trying to have AI troops hide during setup to protect from arty and have them unhide when the player's forces move in to attack. Again...haven't been able to get it to work in QB mode.
  5. I know I ran into that in map design, but once you saved and opened it was normal. Never saw it during an actual game. Yeah that was a pretty good description. Fun scenario. May have to go try it again. Have had almost no CM time for a while and am going through withdrawal.
  6. Considering that the Javelin didn't come into service until 14 years after the Falklands and aren't real good at surface to air, that's quite a feat by the British. We undermeant what you stood though.
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  8. In modern warfare an Abrams, Challenger or Leopard shoot more accurately fast moving than a bore sighted AT gun during WW2. Speed is one of the defenses against ATGM's. What worked in Battle for Normandy doesn't work so well in SF2. Every Stryker carries a weapon more effective than an eighty-eight. I agree with you 100% about speed.
  9. Just realized I haven't been keeping up on this for those who follow here instead of youtube. Sorry, the holidays have been insane. Y'all shipped a BILLION packages this year.
  10. Here's another one I've been ruminating on for quite some time now: If you're going to drive your vehicle Slow, ask yourself why you're not driving Fast instead. If you can't think of a reason, why not do it?
  11. An updated CMA would be outstanding! I keep wanting to fire it up again, but since CMSF2 released, it's just not going to happen. I would definitely purchase an updated CMA.
  12. Thankfully Paddy never lived to hear the non-word "moobs". Although he did have such a beautiful soft accent that he pronounced the word "mate" as "met".
  13. MJK, the very idea that General Simpson would stand on the Siegfried Line giving a "Heil Hitter" salute is almost as ludicrous as suggesting that the lead singer of Bromley Dave and the Self-publicists would do the same thing from the back of an open top Mercedes in Victoria Station.
  14. Only "Br**s" to rhyme with Sh**s, drink wine. Us Britons drink beer. "Elizabeth, pour us a quart each of your wonderful Entire Butt please."
  15. Hahahaha... Ignoring the fact that the UK had been in existence since the early 1800's. They're not selling anything. This is some kind of Retro event, possibly in Battersea Park. There will be a band making Miller sound really boring, and three talentless bottled blonds doing a dodgy Andrews Sisters melody. It is plain to see that the fags packets are empty, they are almost flat. And there are some bright shiny signs in the background.
  16. I think this is the thread I mentioned above. Change the stance animation for the pixeltruppen when they reload their weapons and when cowering.
  17. According to the manual... - In QBs all terrainobjectives are changed to OCCUPY. Could this be the reason perhaps ? Preventing triggers from being used... I don't know 🤔...I have never messed with QB maps...only scenarios.
  18. Part 1. "In years to come men like us will have massive moobs. Keep drinking the Guinness guys..." Part 2. "No, that's not Adolf but whoever it is, he is running away."
  19. Going out on a limb here, but I don't imagine many of the UK folk on this forum voted for the fiasco aka Brexit. To do so you would likely be incapable of playing a game like CM, but also you would be unlikely to be interested in history.
  20. Give him his due Rees-Mogg has consistently promised cheaper shoes, food, wine and clothes costs by 20%, and living standards to soar after Jan 1st - nothing about cheaper Combat Mission.... How about a free bottle of Californian wIne with every BFC digital download to make up to us Brits?
  21. It seems I have to explain how I planned this: The AI-group belongs to the AI-Allies and is supposed to rush forward to a position from where they can shoot at the Axis-Player. To make this possible I painted an area as Trigger (Enemy) so that when the Axis-Player's troops enter that area the Trigger (enemy) area-trigger gets activated and the AI-group does its duty. But nothing happens. After having checked other quick battle maps, it seems that none of them is using triggers of any kind, no Trigger (enemy) and no Trigger (Friendly), but all of them use only the order "Exit between... an
  22. They can't just add stingers? I mostly play blue on blue with a friend and we barely can use air assets due to it being unfair
  23. I'd forgotten just how devilish "Major Nosovs Brigade" was until I quickly playtested the "Garden Valley" conversion... geez that scenario can go south pretty quickly! "Major Nguyens Command" will (obviously) have many differences with the original but it should be unique fare for the majority of CMSF2 players.
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