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  2. Isn't that a depiction of what all of us are going through after checking our Email and forum for the release of F&R...😊
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing "Drop Team" resurrected and updated someday soon . . .
  4. I don't think most of them needed much persuasion to fight. They knew what was awaiting them. But yeah, between the devil and the deep blue sea.
  5. maybe is just me, that have always problems with the pronunciation of V&B and Y&I but the symptoms are there...
  6. Oh man - now there would be a thing. Just imagine next week we get a steve announcment ...listen - we have been working on this other thing for a couple of years now ...
  7. Those guys were usually forced at gun point to fight anyway, so you can either decide to get killed fighting the Russians or by some fanatic that decides to hang "traitors".
  8. Those with 482 maps have all the maps shipped with the official release. The difference in map count between my folder and yours are I have saved several works in progress into my quick battle map folder. How do you find the new maps released with R2V? The maps shipped with the base game and GL module all follow a similar naming structure, 009 Meet Large Town 009 for an example. The maps shipped with R2V are named differently, A Walk in the Sun a1 or Po Valley Farmland a2. If you are looking for the newest maps, choose the ones with the different naming structure. If you find a map with a
  9. The Russians usually didn't leave them much choice than to fight. Many members of the Volkssturm were killed after capture or surrender. At many places the Volkssturm fought remarkably well, but against impossible odds. Imagine going to war with an old rifle and five bullets...
  10. Today
  11. Don't forget the battle of Bautzen in which the Polish 2nd army was mauled, one of the last German victories in the East.
  12. I thought you were talking about them tumbling through the air, which you def don't want since unstabilized they're going to go all over the place. Tumbling on impact is different. Still not sure where too accurate is coming from other than some sort of WW2 myth. The recoil is going to give you some good spread and you could always induce more spread if you want. Having accuracy is going to help if you wanted to actually hit something. Especially if you're trying to use it at very long ranges off a tripod.
  13. An example? Er, I was asking the DLC maps. If you play pbem you have an email file in your outgoing and/or incoming email folder (Documents -> CMFI -> Game Files). There you can find those dlc maps you were talking about. Compare with Heirloom first, that will be a more effective solution.. That is a common thing with the AI... thats why I never play attacker in AI quick battles. Assigning groups (f1-f8 [Dependant on map size]) to the AI will help split them up if the map has AI plans... which it should... unless you added maps to your qb folder
  14. I actually didnt see this trench either. And how was he suggesting that you were faking it? (He wasnt.) Your ambiguous replies confuse the **** out of us, but we try to cope...... ALSO I am looking at the screenshot in the sun right now so its pretty hard to see.... I think you can see the trench either way. Alt-T or not. Confirming what @Erwin was saying.
  15. The beginning of the storming of Berlin on April 23, 1945. Probably it is worth waiting for the release on April 23, but this is my personal opinion.
  16. My question is, how motivated were Volkssturm? How often these units surrendered without a fight or at the slightest loss of personnel.
  17. What happened on this day? ...Adolf Hitler’s birthday...Soviet artillery hits Berlin’s suburbs...execution of Operation Clausewitz...the Berlin Zoo closes...Hitler orders an evacuation of government departments...the Soviets launch a large-scale offensive south of Stettin...the battle of Bernau takes place as the 2nd Guard Tank Army reaches the town...Hermann Göring demolishes his Carinhall residence...Ivan Konev’s 1st Ukrainian Front races to Zossen... The Battle Of Berlin: April 20th 1945 - Soviet Artillery Reaches Berlin (berlinexperiences.com)
  18. The "short, sharp rocket barrages" are the same in every mission you get them, similiar to the Hind-D's in the original campaign I wouldn't expect that much from them other than a lot of noise... I usually amass them all on one target. Just like the original, the campaign can be damn tricky... however there are multiple campaign paths* so a defeat may not be terminal (indeed it may open up missions you could never otherwise play). With multiple AI plans for each mission the campaign was designed to be replayed. * I know @Fredrock1957 made a campaign path map... but
  19. It depends on each firearm bedding of the barrel plays a role too. Only one way to find out and is testing for groups. We are discussing the game here and they got it about right. 300 meters for game play is an effective range for snipers five hundred meters to 1km.
  20. Yes! Thanks. Sorry for awful English, couldn't explain so long. As I understand, better stabilisation -> faster twist -> worse accuracy. Initially SVD had 320 mm twist, but than it was changed to standard 240 mm (to shoot long tracer bullets) and accuracy dropped.
  21. What I actually meant is that in this stage I don't want to see 'very', but just an e-mail.
  22. Have you ever retrieved .50 slugs? They tumble. The Bren was too accurate compared to the MG42 for example. It is comparing apples and oranges. In CM you can't do it but in the HMG role you can use it as light artillery in the indirect fire mode. Tumbling rounds going through the human body make one hell of a mess. Oh, it is a way around hollow point rounds.
  23. I'm pretty sure no one has ever complained that their LMG was too accurate. If you want to spread shots around a beaten zone you can do that yourself, you wouldn't need to rely on dispersion from the gun. Think about it for a second, would you really want an inaccurate LMG or tumbling rounds? It's only going to limit your effective range.
  24. No, you're not the only one, I bet a lot of them have not played all the RT Campaigns yet.
  25. Is it me, or does sound all this 'very' a bit ridiculous? 😉
  26. Don't scan for very, scan for very very. Or perhaps very, very?
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