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  3. If you genuinely want to dig this topic I would recommend to read Oleg Khlevniuk or Sheila Fitzpatrick . The issue of 30s and Stalin's period is a minefield, obscured by politicization of all sorts. The true story of famine in Ukraine is also very much distorted by political interests. You can start by reading this article (initially free but then moved by Guardian under paywall - how many paywalled Guardian articles have you seen?), but still available in Google cash.
  4. I am looking over the materiel for the Germans. Panzer Brigade is un interesting formation.. Squads of MP44s! How were they used? And then the additional Panzer Grenadier. How was the whole Brigade to fit with tanks?
  5. That's why you need a human opponent. Outposts to get the intel of the location of the advancing enemy and plot a counterattack with the objective to separate infantry from their armor. The macromanagement is beyond the scope of the current engine. Playing as German against an attacking AI is no problem. Communication is the Achilles Heel of the Soviets in WW2. As German your defense needs to be mobile as you pointed out foxholes and trenches can quickly be dealt with. FR Mountains of the Moon and FR Red Dawn are excellent scenarios to deal with a static (German) defense.
  6. It takes me about a 1.0-1.5 minutes to load a "big" CMCW game like a Czechmate. Save is somewhat faster - 1.33-1.5 times faster, yet even for them 40-60secs is kind of unbearable. ARMA3 takes 15-20 secs to load a real 3D game with all its glitz. It seems current CM engine has waaaaay overstayed its welcome.
  7. Looks like an awesome campaign idea! Kudos to you for getting it all made up 😉
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  9. Hi IanL, This sounds similar to my issue which is still ongoing sadly.
  10. Hmmm, some of the previous screenshots in this thread displaying missing helmets were taken in the Combat Mission Red Thunder / Fire & Rubble module. Below are a few more. The helmet removal is for the German Army. It will have no effect on the SS or Luftwaffe. It will also work on the Kriegsmarine. There is also a tagged and no tag version of the mod. If using the tagged version the scenario will need to have the tag to activate the mod. Or maybe you are saying the mod does not work in CMFB? I just double checked and it still works in CMFB. Kriegsmarine in CMRT Fire & Rubble SS in CMRT Fire & Rubble (mod is not intended to work for SS) German Army in CMRT Fire & Rubble.
  11. Lmao 7 year dead thread. Good thing he visited yesterday. @Jorge MC.
  12. Thrilled to have a new RT campaign. Thanks for taking the time to create it.
  13. Guess that is part of reason why Soviets SMG teams are so formidable in CM. They always have enough armored support. Most of CM scenario have high density AFV, puts German player in a dilemma position. Try to stop SMG team cold in open ground at long distance will not work, most of time your HMG and LMG team will be eliminated by a salvo of 76mm HE. try to setup an ambush in keyhole position at close range may backfire for obvious reason.
  14. Am confused re your point. This is history. It's highly recommended to read the book "Bloodlands" and its references. It's actually very readable.
  15. You are nicely roleplaying German officer, talking to local peasants!
  16. Ok.. So you are agreeing that since serfdom or slavery was abolished in the 19th century, no compensation should be expected by their descendants.
  17. So-called "serfdom" was abolished in Russia in 1861. In 1861 the number of serfs was about 35% of population. Communist "October revolution" of 1917 didn't topple Russian monarchy. Actually, tsar was forced to abdicate during "February revolution" in 1917, when Russia became parliamentary democracy. Since February to October Russia literally was the most politically free state on Earth. It was the first country in the world to provide equal voting rights to everybody, including all sexes without distinction by wealth or any categories. Under the veil of free speech it also gave ground to scammers of all sorts, like Bolsheviks, who with the help of Germany overthrew the government and proclaimed "dictatorship of proletariat". Serfdom wasn't allowed in most of "national" parts of the Russian Empire. In Baltics it was abolished long before "metropolis" in 1804. In Finland after it was attached to Russia after Napoleonic wars it was never implemented. All the national regions enjoyed greater economic and political rights to stimulate their seamless integration and promote their advantages.
  18. Took a date to Soldier Blue when I was in high school. Waaaay too preachy, but great violence!😁 The Grey Fox was a good (but forgotten) movie, although as is usual, the history is all wrong. Barbarossa is another forgotten classic. My ultimate fave, I think. Appaloosa is another often overlooked one. The gunfights seemed more realistic than most.
  19. The statues of Lenin and Stalin are more relevant to the 1941 campaign. In 1944 the Red Army liberated the occupied territories. All the statues of the communist leaders were destroyed by the Nazis. (This is exactly what happened in my hometown.)
  20. This is great and will be very helpful! Thanks to Chris for releasing this and to you for hosting.
  21. Be careful modding the flamethrower. Wear all OSHA approved safety goggles, face shield and a respirator. Maybe asbestos gloves too! :-)
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