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  1. Nice. Leo1 outperforming M1A1. How did they do in 1991 after cutting down the radio chatter? Nevermind we will never know! They werent present due to Gulf war.
  2. Lmfao! Is that fire changing angle mid flight? I've never seen that before
  3. At the start they were obscured from those particular 3x of shturm. I had set up a whole battery (9 of them) in groups of three in different positions on the map. The group that was in the open field spotted great! The group in these trees, didn't spot a thing. And there was another group that was behind a low bocage, and they performed awful. They got spots, but constantly lost them immediately after before getting pwned..
  4. I feel like a Shturm should be able to see something like this: I had three and they all got owned by M60A3 and M901, but still, they couldn't see an entire battalion tactical group
  5. I dont think it's range either, as I said before. The flat range tests all passed great for me. I elevated my troops and they all had spots past 5km (Max CM engagement range for CW atgm) The Shturms even killed some shyt. But in pbem they have performed god awful.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that 1C Company is still in business, along with Digitalmindsoft who has taken over the series after Best Way (Though I'm not sure who did the development work for the game). Best Way has another "Men of War" title in the works. They seem to be based out of Luhansk so I wonder if the conflict had anything to do with it. Who are you referring to? Best Way? In that case then Digitalmindsoft seems like they know what they're doing kinda sorta. Why does the engine need replacing? What makes it any different than CMx2 which is just as old? By that logic I would think CMx2 would be considered an engine that needs replacing as well. The budget was huge, and I don't know how people wound up making mods for the game, but I don't think that was the developer's original intention, so they probably didn't spend time or money giving people any sort of tools to work with. But IDK. I'm just an end user. The strategy wargaming market was just as big back in those days. Company of Heroes... World in Conflict... it died out because the games got old, CoH had a terrible engine to modify (Lots and lots of crashes). Modding is what made the community EXPLODE. None of us ACE boys were happy about it, but the community essentially did a ton of work for the developer (Which in turn sold tons of copies). I'm not asking for an arm or a leg, but an expansion of what we could do in general with CM would be appreciated by the masses. Not sure what you think I'm talking about... Any Combat Mission veteran will tell of how BFC's customer support is the best of the best. But that is because game developers don't really do that kind of thing. Which is great, we all appreciate it. This now diverts resources to support a minuscule minority. I understand the price must be right. Nobody is telling you this. But people definitely want the features in their games. If they aren't vocal then perhaps it would never be known. I can see how allowing new models into the game could hurt sales. Maps too. But we port maps from title to title anyway, because if they didn't the games would get stale (For me!). I probably play more often than most, I have 15 active PBEM in my manager across four different titles right now. So it really helps to have the kind of flexibility I am talking about. If we weren't able to port maps that would be a huge, huge bummer. Nobody is asking for anything for free either. Nor is anybody demanding it. I understand, and I'm not trying to come off arrogantly. Everyone wants to see this series succeed, Battlefront to expand in their staff and capabilities, and get these modules rolling for us already. It's been five years since I bought CMBS, and it has yet to have a module. I'm not dragging you down for that, but it really would have been nice to play with the nato units from SF2 during this time. It would have made the game so much more enjoyable. I'm not trying to demand things, just be vocal about how I feel about the series. Which should be taken into consideration at the most.
  7. I do believe Men of War (To beat an example to death) was made by a very unheard of company.. I never heard of their previous game (Soldiers of War or whatever). The massive mods for it (German Soldiers Mod) actually made the game significantly more enjoyable. I understand splitting a small community isnt a wise move. But I would argue the only thing that keeps your community together is this forum. Remove the forum and what happens? There is barely a multiplayer in the game as is (By todays standards). People would never, ever find each other, or they would resort to other forums (They already do). So I would argue that adding some kind of mod support in the future would certainly do no harm. People stray away from unmodifiable games. What do you think about the success of the Arma series for instance? The only reason they got big were thanks to mods. ACE mod, ACEX for us milsimmers. And everyone knows what happened when DayZ hit. Mods made the most realistic shooter on the market even more realistic. Granted that isnt a simulation. And I understand the cmx2 system is full of code that wouldnt make sense to screw with... but it was done for CMPE.
  8. So the T64A is garbage in spotting potential compared the t72 due to a constricted commanders view. I noticed the sights were the same as bmp1.
  9. Tank trials? Why didnt they just put a ft-17 against a Bt7...
  10. Yo, crazy. I played this game, and in my CW tournament we *might* have access to atgm carriers and even on top of a hill with total overwatch (Thick haze though), t64B gets a spot on firing tanks. Thr Shturm that might be there were in overwatch positions and never saw a thing. I cant really talk about the tournament until the rounds over. Ive had success with shturm in the open, and on firing range tests, but in pbem...
  11. That's good to hear. I look forward to the new content, as always. A 4x3km map sounds like enough fun to contain regiment sized battles to me though.. One thing I noted about that link was each armored division had about 150 M1 tanks per armored division by 1981-1983. How true is this? When I modeled 3rd Armored Division there were 6 tank battalions, each of 54 tanks. Total was 324 tanks. Half of those were M60A3 and half were M1? How do you feel about the Shturms performance ingame? They feel extremely blind, worse than BMP1s. In fact, I have never had a Shturm so much as obtain a partial contact in any pbem I've had. And I know others have had issues as well. It doesn't seem to be CMCW specific as issues were reported in CMBS as well. Edit: Plus a cavalry battalion of 36 tanks, 360 tanks total.
  12. Sure 50k of lesser quality tanks, eventually shifting to the new budget tank, t72. My tanks were within 700m of a firing enemy and performed miserably. I have my enemy back against the wall! If the map was larger and I had room to manuever then sure, but on this tiny map, not really seeing it.
  13. Well your current audience is not youthful. As soon as you appeal to more, maybe advertise some (After being a wargamer for 10+ years I stumbled on this game by a thorough google search of wargames), you will find ppl more tech savvy. I would think.
  14. I do like CM games for what they are, but it would be sick to be able to finagle with things in second exe. or something. Nobody is trying to undermine the integrity of the game. People understand what a mod is by 2021.
  15. I think it's pretty obvious to most of us that there isnt another game like CM, hence why we pay premiums for a game that is technically very old. People want Nato in CMBS. If that was accessable by modders it would have been done years ago. This is my point. I would argue a business strategy like this might actually be hurting your audience.
  16. Well most tanks I have are hulldown. The only hits I take are to the upper hull or the turret. For this reason many of my tanks in this pbem dont have a commander
  17. People really just want to add models to expand the TOE. They really dont want to wait. I think a wise business strategy would be to maximize the amount of creativity a user can have in the editor while still building a cost effective game around that. It might be a conflict of interest (As you probably want to reserve the right to charge us for models), but it propelled games made by no name (In the US market) developers to ridiculous popularity. Just saying... Men of War sold a ton of copies from the first game to now. That's just one example. People want to be creative.
  18. Opening up in soviet tanks is nonsense, one hit and the commander is dead, your tank is now a potato
  19. Thanks for the anecdotes, it really seems like I rolled a snake eyes about 100 times in a row. Certainly a first for me.
  20. Yeah well their CO is alive but their PLT leader ate it just like every other T64A. Opening up is against soviet doctrine for obvious reasons
  21. Yeah, just tried a test too and the hedges didn't affect the vehicles much. Not really sure what's up with my scenario. Granted they are T64A, and appear to have different optics on the turret. (Commanders?)
  22. Nah, he always had good LOS. Even after getting blasted by the other M150. Strangely the game even says "enemy target" despite me not having a spot on the vehicle whatsoever. I'll ask my opponent to maybe retry a turn with me if he allows it.
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