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  1. I definitely know the least about hardware made between 1946 and 1990. I would have figured the 105 performing better. What were general penetration values for HEAT around this time?
  2. But remember... Arma never was quick to load until Arma 3. And that was after a lot of time too. Arma 3 took a very long time to mature. I assume OpenGL draws everything on the map at once. Where as DirectX only draws when you look in that direction or get closer. This is my assumption.
  3. Lmao 7 year dead thread. Good thing he visited yesterday. @Jorge MC.
  4. Someone mentioned that they used a tool to break the campaigns down. I think it was ScanCade but not sure.
  5. Cmcw really does run incredible. I would estimate a 1.3- 1.5x gain over CMFB (The last game they made). And I would estimate a 3-5x gain over titles like CMBN and CMSF. It's craaazy. I was able to run the largest map ever made for CM. 5.7km x 5.7km... Played in real time.
  6. This game cracks me up. I love these awkward moments. Recon element fails at noticing enemy beside them, flees when spooked. Trading two (already destroyed) tanks... lol!
  7. Add mod support and we absolutely will.
  8. I think Olek was driven away from the server by how disgusting some people can act.
  9. Oh man that was sweet to watch. I'm waiting on a turn that I hope will be the same exact situation minus the snow
  10. I share your experiences with the game's lag as well. As the scenarios get larger I find WEGO stops working at a certain point, whereas real time will continue to play fine.
  11. I think Schörner was the maddest of them all
  12. We has this in a CW pbem too. Definitely doesn't seem right.
  13. Something like 3000 armored vehicles were destroyed in a week.
  14. I would consider it a generational leap forward over M60 and T80.
  15. He's gonna cut their c2 by intercepting their phone bill 😧
  16. Emotional reaction? That wasn't emotional. You are delusional. The Abrams' turret could probably do 1.5 rotations and still land a kill on a t80 before the t80 can rotate in .5 or even .25 rotations. You need to start thinking and replying like a big boy.
  17. Then the snipers pick them off while the maxims keep their heads down!
  18. Ok cool but add scout helis! Use the code from CMBS and CMSF. That would be way cool and easy to do I'd imagine.
  19. lmao you quoted me wrong this has happened once before to you and someone got mad HAHA I don't mind, but you are quoting incorrectly here
  20. My experience was laying down a huge ambushing base of fire with the organic machine gun elements. My opponent had a company+ of mechanized infantry. After my enemy was suppressed, I ran my AT rifles and snipers forward. It was pretty much the full force of panzer grens (although mounted). They never even got sight on my troops moving up closer to engagement ranges. My snipers picked off gunners, my ATRs picked off the hanomags at a fast rate. Distance was about 250-400m. The 75mm SPW platoon was far back. Sure they direct fired some positions but I had my troops stay clear. And then when the SPW relocated, they ran into the fire of my Zis-2. I think the flexibility of the Soviet infantry company (and battalion assets) makes it the best out of all CMs.
  21. Ah, I miss the old Source community too. They were the hardest.
  22. Woah I didn't see this until now sorry... I will work on something!
  23. LTC Darges is loving it too man. 2nd Platoon however, not so much! (This is the scenario ported to CMCW with the units replaced with their modern counterparts)
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