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  1. Stuka was a gentleman. I met him for dinner in Qatar in 2006 while on R&R from my deployment to Iraq. He was kind, well spoken, and an all around good fellow. He will be sorely missed and I raise a toast to him. May the Gods grant him a gentle passage to his Afterlife.
  2. Just wanted to pop in and wish all you wankers a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a very Festive Yuletide. May you all find joy in this holiday season.
  3. You ... sir? ( I hesitate to use the term....) have disturbed my post Beta Testing hangover. Not to mention the blizzard we are currently experiencing in the Midwest. Try again when my electrolyte levels are balanced, or at least the plows have been out. Alternatively, you could actually come up with a challenge worthy of the name in order to attract an actual opponent.....
  4. I might challenge you to a game, but do you even play any of the CM family of games anymore?
  5. I thought I smelled something more rancid than normal in here. Merry Christmas, Happy Yuletide, a very bloody bangin' New Year to you as well dalem
  6. Hush, go prepare another lovely dinner for us to have together,
  7. watcher I am literally speechless. I would never have imagined anyone entrusted with entry into the glorious House Rune betraying our trust and faith in such a scurrilous manner. I guess that spark I thought I saw in you was just the spark of methane gas igniting as an after effect of your natural state. I should have guessed, when you were unable to produce a simple Kanji or two in a simple challenge, that you would be unable to maintain the high standards of our storied house.. I hereby pronounce you ANATHEMA and HERETIC. You are banned from all House Rune events and activites, turn
  8. I would have thought, for sure, with the forum reboot the powers that be would have banned half of you tossers. Guess quality control isn't quite what it should be. Watcher, have you finished your third battle yet? Did you manage to challenge Nidan1? Are you following directions and instructions at all? I think sburke was totally wrong. I have complete faith that you could successfully pour piss out of a boot, just make sure you do it on someone else, and not one of us illustryou... illisstry... illustriynous... amazing members of House Rune. I do have an announcement to make. Panz
  9. Well then get to it and win a battle for once! *boot* The Justicar keeps cheating with gamy tactics like blowing up my T-34's so you have to hold up the house honor. *boot* As for Nidan1, he has been pestering me for a game, but I am too busy to update my CMBN to the latest version, so, maybe, if you are a Lucky Squire, he might contes.... counder... condemsan.... agree to have a game with you. Beware, he is a tricksy old bugger, don't trust him, not at all. He likes to hide in the woods with a knife in his teeth, throw it behind you to distract you, then roundhouse kick you in the b
  10. Stay out of our crawl spaces, you wouldn't like what you find there.....
  11. I just bought the base CMBN game as an Xmas gift for my daughters boyfriend. He saw me playing CMRT and seemed interested. When I asked he said he would like to try it out. Hopefully he gets hooked and wants more. What do you guys see as the potential to keep wargaming like CM and similar games alive in the new generations of gamers? Do you think the popularity of twitch FPSes and crappy RTSes have doomed serious gaming or is there still a glimmer of hope?
  12. Sounds like a task for that stellar Squire, Watcher. There's a good lad, do some research and find the other houses besides House Rune, the Shavian House, Croda, and JD Morse(?). Is that last one really a house? Anyway, do a bang up job of it and I will propose you be advanced to Kanigget. Oh My Gosh..... Dosomefink.com is still an active community..... I... I just have no words.
  13. Squire Watcher, pay these heathen no mind, although fries with mayonaisse, onions, and peanut sauce sounds intriguing. Nothing quite says cuisine like a 3AM Vegas buffet. amirite? Anyway, the Justicar is away in Boise, or Dallas, or some other 3rd rate metropolis for the week. Maybe when he returns he can address the question of forming new houses. I do see the need, based on the number of old, debased, defunct houses here in the MBT.
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