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  1. With the 5k screen a faster GPU wouldn't hurt I guess. Although it only matters really if you need apps that have to calculate and render stuff in realtime and 3d etc. Playing some video's or photo editing at 5k is no issue and 8GB VRAM isn't 'bad', but for 5k textures I guess more would be better.
  2. I remember you did those massive battles loong ago. Enjoyed watching those!
  3. Yes, did discover those channels and the others mentioned (in the thread). 👍 Actually just fully watched the AAR DoubleD made of the first round in the CMBS tournament. Nice movie and good action! Lol I watched someone loading up the infantry in IFVs to get ready to assault the objective. Right about where I'd normally dismount the infantry 🤣 It might work of course, but IIRC they ate an ATGM or RPG and all died in the explosion. So at least solid lessons being learned I hope. Who knows? Already from the experience and knowledge of all the scenario's you've
  4. There are no changes with regards to multiplayer through Steam. So, no features like the one you mention. There is a STEAM 'coplay' function, which allows a user to stream his video and share controls with the other player.
  5. It has been in the manual since CMRT; I think I've known about it since it was released. Quick (and similar for fast): "Restrictions - same as for Move, but fitness and fatigue play a bigger role. Addition- ally, vehicle with soldiers riding on top of them (such as tank riders) cannot move at Quick speed. Vehicles given a Quick order will instead move at a slower speed"
  6. I am sure. At least a while ago had some M8 HMCs and they were getting spooked by .50 rattling their armor, not penetrating.
  7. Today in the Dutch newspaper there was an article about exactly the same issues: Dutch webshops selling to UK customers now also having to charge UK VAT on behalf of the UK 'Tax Service' (or however its called there). For that they need a UK VAT number, which can take a while as there are delays in the processing. For purchases above 135 Pounds the customer will have to pay the VAT and tariffs at the door upon delivery. Before VAT was charged in the memberstate of the consumer, so IMO this is a consequence of the news laws but me too don't have much desire to discuss the technicalities
  8. You also can't bring ham sandwiches to the continent anymore, or at least our customs do check lunchboxes so I heard. 🤣
  9. Indeed another nice video! Plus I can't really watch the new people playing the game posting video's. Not that the vids are bad but after a decade plus it's hard to watch someone new to the game play stuff and (fully understandable at times) assume that things work different than how they actually work lol. It's like watching me back when I started playing CMSF1. 🤣
  10. Not to be smart but in the part you quoted he literally said 'no', as in they're not going to give everyone a game engine 4 upgrade key which they are still selling, for free.
  11. The Soviets didn't have similar type of weapon until the RPG-1. But they do have AT rifles, special AT hand grenades and I think it was mentioned that in the coming module there will be some Soviet PzFaust squads (using captured PzFausts).
  12. 7) Certain (not all as the screenshot of Sgt. Squarehead proves) British Infantry Plt HQs cannot call in indirect assets, specifically the ones shown in the screenshot of UK campaign. This is also what seems to have been reported to BFC. Have to say that I agree with the Sgt. that there's a big difference compared to 'no HQ in CMSF can call in indirect' vs the issue that was actually found. A list of known/confirmed issues isn't a bad thing imo, so users in the forum can more easily find if something they noticed is already known. But than it helps if the list is accurate (understat
  13. They take morale hits when there's shots penetrating their vehicle though, even without kills. Also large calibre non penetrating hits can spook a crew if they don't see the shooter.
  14. The reason is that they've only started modelling that for CMRT. And so CMFB could made use of those, while it would be much work to put that back into CMBN.
  15. Yes I know how to share c2 horizontally 😉. What also works imo is to have a Inf HQ ride on a Tank HQ, if mobility is a requirement.
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