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  1. PBEMs are just like hotseat, only difference is after each turn the game is saved and you send the file to your opponent. Dropbox or any other file transer works fine, which is much more easy to setup than a computer in the cloud. It would also work fine with two computers in different rooms, just exchange the files on a network share. Another option would be WEGO TCP/IP, but that doesn't allow more than one replay of a turn. Literally if you are looking to play on two computers instead of one, PBEM is the way to go. Perhaps just try it out, I think you'll find it great. Anyway I've
  2. This is called PBEM. Hotseat literally is about playing on 1 computer (with one seat, hence 'hot' seat). There is also TCP/IP.
  3. Indeed. Gunny Sgt Elvis 😉 I'll gladly transfer my 'allowance' to sport the badge to @BFCElvis. And thanks for mailing the key!
  4. A too small of an arc can indeed be very fatal lol, however often I use more specific (armour) arcs against area's where I know/expect enemy tanks or limit the arc to a certain range. Opening up at 2km might just alert your opponent, causing him to fall back his tanks and call in mortars on your AT gun.
  5. I think most of it depends on the context. In general AT guns have good effect against tanks and good range but not so good protection, so having them far back in keyholed positions (relative safe) with good fields of fire at locations where you expect enemy armor will maneuver helps them actually being able to fire at tanks before they die. Armour cover arcs can be used to control the ideal moment of opening fire. Sometimes it can be interesting to hold fire for a bit, if only with the goal to deceive the enemy that the area is safe while it isn't. Armour arcs will also prevent them
  6. If the gods allow me some time off to play around with these, I'd be happy! Looking great! I had a bit of fun playing around with the previous version, this sure makes me want to go into it again and play a couple of missions. All involved thanks for the hard work!
  7. Nice vid! I really like the modpack (it is my standard CMSF2 for at least sounds), is there an update to download?
  8. @The_Capt @Bil Hardenberger Thanks for the great AAR! Nice game from both, must have been a real nailbiter to play. Sure was one to read and although I was wrong with my prediction, it was funny to see how the 'odds' at the bookies / peanut gallery changed almost every posted turn.
  9. Yeah BMP-3's are very prone to sympathetic detonations and like to share them with their close friends 😉. If I recall correctly I once observed a Pz-IV getting taken out by an exploding Pz-IV next to it (due to 105mm HEAT cooking off the ammo, I presumed). Would indeed be nice to know more about what happened under the hood that destroyed the tank (for example was it KO'ed because of consequences of blast wave? or did shrapnel from the exploding tank penetrate the other tank? etc).
  10. I'd say just chance, unless you ran the test like 50times with same result. Edit just read you did run it 24 times: missed that just now. I don't know the answer tbh
  11. 👍 Wish you well and all the best on the back and sleeping issues! (which should go without saying, and true whether or not you had made this post). Lack of sleep can do someone no good. And the current lockdown isn't helping either lol. Also fine with the abstraction, having separate TRPs for every unit and or position feels like too much complexity given the 'added value'. I'm not privy to real life experience in artillery either. But I know that probably since WW1 it's become sort of an 'art' and many complex fireplans and ways how to predict / register artillery in prep
  12. The TRPs in CMx2 are abstracted and serve various functions and have AFAIK not changed since they were introduced in CMx2. If one where to reason like @Bulletpoint you could also say that it's a bug that TRPs are even shared between assets. Every artillery battery should have their own TRPs. At the same time they could and would register artillery from various fire positions and or move into fire positions at a specific time so not to be vulnerable to enemy artillery. So reasoning like CMx2 should model reality 1-1 a TRPs should be based on the position of the firing unit but it could regis
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