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  1. This forum is invisioncic.com software. Although a .exe download is indeed quite strange and suspicious. Didn't see it here. Edit: I do notice that they have setup a certificate for this site allowing HTTPS, which wasn't there recently.
  2. Interesting questions. Darpa and other companies are imo already busy with (smaller than tanks) autonomous decentralized distributed weapon systems. A lot of words but think of it like having lego blocks with all required functions inside it, interchangeable. 3d printing stuff can also do a lot for logistics. I think the future will be a lot of indeed smaller platforms compared to tanks. But why would you stick to the ground? And why would you even use Human operators, let alone crew. Swarming AI operated drones with a smart warhead inside. Drones cheap enough that it is the payload too
  3. Sounds like a great concept for a scenario were recon is very important!
  4. First, this is an exercise. Second, around the 3min mark they seem to be on the move operationally, not anywhere near enemy. You can test out your theory about that tactic in CM very well, put a lot of Tigr and some transport trucks in the same formation in open field. Drive them around using the 'tactics of advance' with any enemy unit near. Chances are that they will take significant casualties against any serious opposition. Now without any enemy near this tactic of advance works very good for putting KMs on the dash ;-).
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Glory ?
  6. CMFB does feature snow mechanics. There are ground conditions patchy snow / light snow / snow / deep snow. There is different kind of snowy weather: light/heavy/blizzard. There is temperature cool/cold/freezing/extreme cold. Those all affect the battlefield in various ways, or have I been imaging things? ;-).
  7. Map looks great and sounds like an interesting scenario!
  8. Yeah it might be too long, just observed that the 3IT warhead is longer than the 3T. Although on your last picture it doesn't seem that different compared to the real picture. The warhead is positioned similar up from the shoulder, just the tube seems to be 10-20 cm longer on the back of the launcher.
  9. The version in game seems to be the 3 'IT', which is larger than the 3-T in your picture.
  10. I think it's a fine review of the game launching on Steam. 👍
  11. I don't know about the matchup level, tbh I also always look at the call in time. However, I *think* I have noticed a difference when for example using an FO with a laser designator compared to an FO without it. So I'm not sure that the call in time is all that is going on.
  12. I guess in modern warfare this makes more noticeable difference. It surely does help to have a dedicated FO team of some sorts, dedicated observer vehicles can even help more. Not only is their call in time in general faster, their ability helps to get the spotting rounds on target quicker.
  13. Lol yeah it does seem like it could use some 😆
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