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  1. It's actually worse than that. The increased tax means that British citizens have lower purchasing power - they have to spend more to buy the same stuff. So now people are poorer because of the increased taxes. Not only that, local businesses are also affected as their imports are now more expensive, or they have to purchase more expensive locally-produced substitutes. This means they too have to either increase prices or else cut costs (payroll...) in order to stay profitable. And this doesn't even include the probable loss of business they'll face when customers abroad find that they now hav
  2. Until companies increase prices to reflect the lower value of the sterling.
  3. The VAT exemption on purchases under a certain value makes sense to me, I have had to pay import duties on goods from the US before, just not for smaller purchases. Thanks for the insight.
  4. I am based in the EU. Some people I know are based in the UK. When we add RT to our carts, I see this: My UK-based friend sees this: As you can see, the UK purchaser has a 20% sales tax which does not appear for me. My cart shows I have to pay $60, while the UK-based user sees the price as $72. Is this a brexit-related tariff?
  5. So in your hypothetical scenario it's acceptable to kill even unarmed surrendering enemies? Nice how you ignore the eyewitness accounts given by fellow members of these units of executions carried out as part of initiation rituals. It does seem like the "videographer" (in reality a helmet cam) did nothing because the unit has normalized the execution of civilians.
  6. When there's video footage of an unarmed civilian lying on his back being shot multiple times in cold blood, I have difficulty not calling that what it is. When members of the unit give eyewitness accounts to the inquiry of prisoners being executed as part of initiation rituals, I have trouble not calling that what it is.
  7. Doesn't that make these incidents even worse in that case? People are not allowed to commit murder just because "oh, it's not a REAL war". Laws still apply. And it looks like you are using any warped form of logic to excuse murders just because the people who committed them wear a uniform.
  8. You don't beat an insurgency by warcriming your way through the local populace. These aren't noble heroes, they're people who reckoned the rules didn't apply to them, adrenaline junkies pretending to be hard men making hard decisions. And the sad thing is that there are many people who don't want the dirt that their so called special forces committed brought to public attention. As usual the root of the problems with many special forces units who went off the reservation appears to be profound failures in leadership.
  9. That's going to be a pretty niche use-case though, I'd guess that most people would prefer a vehicle which could fight it's way to the city and also be able to knock buildings down. Cables in warzones tend to not last very long, and making something fully remotely-operable tends to not be cheap.
  10. This might seem snarky, and I don't intend it to, but you do realise you've just said that a cheaper tank is better than a more expensive tank, right? How does a remote-operated anything work in an EW-saturated environment? I don't think this is accurate at all. IFVs have to compromise armour and weapons in order to carry passengers. If you want additional firepower, you have to either compromise on armour, or passenger capability. If you want both firepower and armour, then you don't have passengers, and you end up back with a tank. Armenia was hammered beca
  11. I think that peoples' opinions of tanks as undefeatable monsters which should never die has been skewed by NATO's use of mass armoured formations in one-sided fights against third world armies which had already been shattered or heavily attrited by ground attack aircraft which enjoyed complete air supremacy. In peer conflicts, tanks formations were taking 50+% casualties for every week of serious combat in WW2, and the 1967 and Yom Kippur Wars. Recent NATO experience is an aberration. Sustaining armoured warfare against peer forces revolves around one thing - the ability to get the
  12. Is it just me, or has this not been distributed to the steam version of the game yet?
  13. Saw it in CMSF2 the other day, leader of the FO team moved off but not the assistant. Assistant decided to follow on the turn after the FO observer reached the end of his movement order. Same happened in CMBS, one member of the scout team followed on the turn after the rest of the team finished their movement.
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