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  1. In my experience with soft factors it is the motivation level that plays the biggest role. A Fanatic will almost never shoot outside their given Target Arc. There are forum topics on High motivated tank commanders not buttoning up quick enough and getting shot. The player ordered the tank to open up and the High motivation TC attempted to follow orders. A low motivated TC is quicker to disregard the order and button up. IMO Experience effects if they hit what they shoot at. Motivation effects, among other things, how close they stick to orders.
  2. +1 It is a mix of helmets vs no helmets however the ratio of no helmets is a little high in the screenshot. A link to the mod is below. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cmbn-infantry/mos-remove-some-german-helmets-mod-for-cm-ww2-titles/
  3. A PSW 223 from a reconnaissance unit horizontally sharing tentative contacts with an infantry platoon HQ team. The infantry platoon and supporting StuG IIIs move out based on the information provided by recon.
  4. I do something similar that works fairly well. The player will have extra units on his side of the map out of LOS. These units will often appear on the map as reinforcements so they don't clutter the setup zone on the first turn. These reinforcing units are enemy spot unit objectives. So if the player decides to use them the enemy will spot them and earn VPs. The player has a decision. Give the enemy 200 spot unit VPs by activating the platoon of Tigers in the effort to take the 300 VP terrain objective etc. This is an interesting idea. Friendly condition, friendly c
  5. This is why I like the idea of allowing the player to play for extra time at the cost of VPs. The briefing must be clear that the player has a decision. Hit cease fire at the recommended 2 hour mark or play past 2 hours the cost of 300 VPs (or whatever VP amount is appropriate). This also keeps a scenario from abruptly ending on a player who is having fun and wants to see his plans finish playing out. For replays of the same scenario It may be useful to identify what AI plan the player is fighting against. For this purpose I sometimes use the following method in testing a scenario (w
  6. I think I found out about it when creating TOC. However I didn't want to use up an AI group for just wire. It also works for mines. In theory it should work for all fortifications but I've not tested it with all fortifications.
  7. Yes. But to be fair in testing I have one all wheeled recon platoon and one with a mix of wheels and tracks. Even the tracks present the player with a dilemma / decision. Open a way through the wire with a track but sustain track damage to a valuable asset. Or spend more time and use a valuable demo charge. Also I assigned the wire to an AI group so the location of obstacles will change with the AI plan.
  8. In testing, it sometimes takes patience, on the part of the German recon, to get a good look at the uniform and make an ID. It's best to catch them during their morning inspection formation.
  9. Thanks for the replies and links. One of the provided links was for the Soviet Order of Glory. I also found the Order of Glory on some of the uniforms (see below). In the below screenshot, on the soldiers right breast is the Soviet Guards Badge. On his left is the Soviet Order of Glory along with a third award. I was curious about the uniforms / awards for a possible scenario idea I've been experimenting with. I would like to make a CMRT scenario on a huge map where recon plays a significant role. The player would use his recon assets to i
  10. In the below screenshot from CMRT a Soviet soldier is wearing an award on his right breast. Is this a Guard Badge? Does anybody know what the correct name for this award/badge is? After I have the correct name I can look up more details on it. Thanks.
  11. I never tried it in RT since I like to rewind and take screenshots. But it should work. I just like re-winding and watching again from a different perspective and taking a screenshot when something cool happens.
  12. Probably depends on if we are talking about Quick Battle / PBEM gameplay or scenario design. In a QB you are allocated a certain amount of points to purchase your TOE. So using points to purchase mines and wire and then placing mines under the wire might not be economical. However in scenario design the designer does not have a purchase point system and doesn't have to worry about wasted points. Instead, he has to worry about EVERYTHING else.
  13. If I'm understanding the question......... the AI intelligence is the same. The terrain, TOE, some of the scenario designers etc. are different which can lead to missions with a very different feel. If you are looking for some good CMRT scenarios and campaigns I highly recommend anything made by @George MC. Everything from the maps, to the TOE, to the AI plans and briefings are excellent.
  14. Non-combatants (spies) entering the US Consulate in preparation for evacuation.
  15. IMO CMFI came with some cool stuff. As a quick, small example of some of the content:: Indian troops. Free French troops. South African troops. All of which make more mods and user created scenarios etc. possible. And to return to the topic I look forward to More Russian equipment and mods created by the author of this topic @Oleksandr.
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