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  1. OpFor fortifications have fog of war and are invisible until they are spotted. If the scenario has intel set to some percentage above zero then in theory some of the fortifications might be visible (I never tested that) on the first turn. But otherwise fortifications are invisible until spotted. After they are spotted the first time the location/fortification always remain visible. That kind of makes sense since fortifications are not mobile. Once the position of a fortification is known its not going to change. However the units in the fortification might move. So you need to spot the s
  2. Wow............... what a terrible thing to say. You are are aware but not necessarily grateful or even respectful. You said it was a joke ............ so you even view this as funny. I try to stay positive on this forum which is part of a fun hobby for me. Occasionally the nasty, hateful outside world intrudes and reveals true colors.
  3. In 2016 @Bulletpoint had a post about this. I paraphrased it below. If the shooting unit does not spot the friendly unit, small-caliber area fire will kill friendlies. Try it out in a night battle, order your tank to machinegun some distant field and then send in some infantry. If the tank doesn't spot the infantry, the infantry will take casualties. Then order your tank to fire machineguns at friendly infantry that are very close in front of the tank. The tank can fire away all day without causing any casualties. It also works with rifles.
  4. +1. Thank you for sharing.
  5. There are knowledgeable forum members when it comes to Blender. I think @Aquila-SmartWargames and @37mm know about this stuff. Not sure if you are aware of the below topic. If not you may find it interesting.
  6. +1. Yes, yes you do. You are a leading archaeologist in the CM world. .
  7. +1. Welcome to the forum. The CMRT base game is June 1944 to September 1944. The Fire & Rubble module goes to the end of the war in May 1945. It adds the geography of Germany to include urban warfare in Berlin. So huge tank battles to infantry firefights. New flavor objects, buildings etc. CMRT will now include all seasons with the FR module. The module will add Soviet partisans, Lend-Lease equipment, Waffen SS, Kriegsmarine, Volkssturm and Luftwaffe branches. Also more campaigns and scenarios. One of the things I'm most looking forward to are Soviet partisans. Then th
  8. Kind of like a Hit Decal. But bigger and multiple Burn Decals.........
  9. Each building will have it's own roof but you can make it look like one big roof. If the roofs are the same style and face the same direction for one long row of buildings. If you have multiple rows of buildings (three wide nine long or something) then a flat roof will work for titles that let you select a flat roof. However, I don't think CMFB allows flat roof selection.
  10. Shock Force Heaven & Earth Super Mod. Airborne unit and Mechanized unit link up in a village to search and destroy insurgents and insurgent supply caches.
  11. +2. Penghu is an interesting island, airfield, ports, urban area. Lots of cool possibilities for different operations.
  12. If @LongLeftFlank builds it, the scenario designers will come ............ . Might end up attaching a body of water to it for amphibious operations or part of an airfield for an airborne forced entry or Entebbe type operation etc. but scenarios will be done in CMSF2 as in CMSF1... Where is @Sgt.Squarehead.......?
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