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  1. @womble once said, "Movement speed has no demonstrated effect on bogging/immobilization rates." There are many threads on this topic. I agree with womble. Vehicles will slow down of their own accord for some kinds of terrain the berm remaining from bocage demo, crossing any obstacle they can crush, and rough terrain like light woods. I don't think the AI driver changes speed for mud. However mud might bog / immobilize the vehicle no matter the speed.
  2. A breach team / engineers can make an opening in a sloped roof or any upper floor where you might want a "window". To Blast through an exterior wall, above ground level place the Blast waypoint outside on the ground in the desired direction of the Blast. This also works for sloped roof/walls. The graphics will not show blast damage to a sloped roof/wall but you are now able to Target out of it after the Blast. Or just spot out.
  3. Its one of the things the AI does for certain things like fences, low walls etc. I give my vehicles Fast from cover to covered position. The AI automagically changes to Slow for crushing through a fence etc. and goes back to Fast. I guess it would be correct to say there is no point in using a Slow waypoint to go through a fence because the AI is going to temporarily change to Slow anyways. And generally if you crush through more than one fence a vehicle will take track/wheel damage and Fast will no longer be as fast as it was.
  4. +1 Probably fair to say that you have broken many boundaries and greatly expanded what the game is capable of representing.
  5. On or off map if you only call for smoke some HE rounds will still be available (if it had HE to begin with I think there is one UK on map mortar that only has smoke). What you describe sounds like how off map artillery/mortars work. In my experience most on map mortars will have several smoke rounds left over after the HE is gone. Below is a description of how off map mortars work and sounds like what you are describing. Maybe some on map mortars work the same way? As @chuckdyke said it would be useful to know the game and type of mortar unit you are referring to. Off map ar
  6. You're welcome. It's a fun game that we make better by discussing and sharing ideas.
  7. +1. IMO much easier to make two versions of the same scenario.
  8. Hand grenade range is three action spots (24 meters) and they can be thrown with or without a Target order. To throw into a building the troop must be next to the building. It is also possible to throw over a tall wall with no LOS to the other side of the wall. The more grenades a team has the more likely they are to use them. And dueling grenades just because.........
  9. I found the below, on GrogsHead, that might be interesting.
  10. +1. I looked up Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943. Some of the videos were uploaded by Battlefront and had the Battlefront start screen with the tank. I then found the Theatre of War forum under the Battlefront forum archives. I thought it sounded familiar but I never played it. It's also on STEAM. I don't think it is current competition for CM but out of curiosity I'm going to look into it some. If Battlefront was involved with the game it will probably be worth a look.
  11. The LOS / Target line is taken to be from the height of the unit at the present time. If an infantry team is prone your target line from a waypoint next to a wall will show no LOS over the wall. After your troops arrive and kneel next to the wall they can see over it. Reverse slope no aim point - When the LOS / Target tool reads "Reverse slope no aim point" this means that if a tall enough enemy unit (generally a vehicle) enters that location your unit will probably have LOS to that enemy unit (and vice versa). Smoke and other factors may also play a role. Yes, th
  12. Yep, FPS games seem to have good graphics. The compass in the lower right was a nice (probably useful) touch also. Sounds interesting. I never owned that one. Did it have replay and a free moving camera? I think four things are probably needed to usefully compare another games graphics to CM graphics. First it should be in the same general genre. I agree GTA 5 has better graphics but I can't scratch the WW 2, itch etc. by playing it. It needs to be 3D. After playing CM for all these years and assuming / agreeing CM graphics were outdated I was a little surpris
  13. For many years I've just excepted and even repeated this premise that Combat Mission graphics are outdated. Recently I bought and played two other games that I thought were similar to Combat Mission. I missed Combat Mission graphics when I realized these games didn't even have 3D graphics. They were basically 2D top down view. They have some cool features CM does not have but CM far surpasses them in the graphics department. In one game you can zoom in on a single tank. But every tank in the platoon looks the same, top down view, nothing special to take a screenshot of. And even this is
  14. As @Sgt.Squarehead said. Below is some information you might find interesting. I did some experiments with hatches opened and closed on vehicles from different battalions (So no vertical information sharing) to observe how horizontal information sharing was affected. The experiment was done in CMFI v2.0 Engine 4. The following is a summary of the results followed by screenshots: Maximum horizontal information sharing range is 32 meters (4 Action Spots) A vehicle must be unbuttoned to horizontally share (report) information from about 9 to 32 meters. A vehicle can be butt
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