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  1. In that case, clearly a Sherman should be cheaper than 191 points because it can be knocked out by a 52 point Panzershrek team. You can't have it both ways
  2. I feel like actually launching a Mercedes Benz S class at a building is something I would like to see.
  3. Hmm. Quick test and I got it too. And you're right, it's pretty annoying! If I had to guess, it's the unit in question trying to process conflicting incoming info-shares in realtime. The icons have always had little jumps and blinks as information changes, fades or solidifies... but it usually updates every 5-10 seconds or so, not all the time.
  4. Out of interest, what difficulty are you playing on?
  5. Re that Bradley loading diagram: so that's why BF put extra seats in CM's Bradley!
  6. Acceptable casualties are pixeltruppen expended to good effect
  7. Can confirm mods will work. They need to go in a folder named "Z" in SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Combat Mission Shock Force 2\Data. You'll probably have to make the folder, but it works. They don't work if you put them in UserData/Mods, which confused me for a while.
  8. Just wondering if I've missed this all these years, but it looks like some of the US Army Humvee crews are armed with M16A4s instead of M4s?
  9. I just about managed to watch it all- mostly trying not to backseat command from the comments. Sometimes it's more interesting to watch someone who isn't 100% familiar with the game play than someone who makes it look easy- after playing CMx2 for an entire decade it's easy to forget how different it is from other games (and how punishing it can be). He did pretty well in Allah's Fist though: a little bit of patience and he killed 5 Abrams and left one immobilised. That's a glorious victory for the Syrians!
  10. Of course I could only think of one question. Kinda wanting the Professional version now though.
  11. After a full year and a half I've finally finished CMBN's original Road to Montebourg campaign. Only took me a decade to get round to it after buying CMBN! Here's the full playlist, there should be a link in the top right of the embed you can use to swap between missions:
  12. The AI doesn't care, but air power has immense psychological value against human opponents. IIRC it gets significantly cheaper as 1944 goes on. By Final Blitzkrieg a strafing P-47 costs 30 points. That's not bad for 8 .50 cal MGs and 2400 rounds of ammo, but when you consider that you can buy ten of them and an FO for the cost of a Panther... quantity has a quality all of its own!
  13. Not much I think I can add on top of the last few posts. We know that CM aims for centre mass and we know that's both realistic and infinitely easier to code than using a thousand variables to calculate exactly where the gunner should aim. We know that for some German tanks, presenting a hull-down target means the centre of mass is shifted from the effective armour of the hull front plate up to the less effective armour of the turret mantlet and the vulnerable muzzle/gun barrel. I think the question has gotten to be: how does the player manage that? In one corner we have "expect
  14. Well, in terms of point-to-point possibilities, you can always draw a line with the target command- you can do that from movement waypoints so you can pretty much draw LOS from anywhere you like. The downside that it's not 100% accurate... precisely because you're drawing simple LOS from one point to another instead of dealing with the complex actual LOS of units in CM.
  15. Also to consider: the main gun barrel is kind of a huge lever, right? Everyone who's played CM has seen tanks rocking back on their suspension when they get hit, even if it doesn't penetrate- that's the sheer kinetic energy being absorbed the mass of the tank. Think about the amount of force that will make a 55 ton Tiger I physically move, then apply that force to the chunk of precision engineering at the breech end of the main gun. Sure, the gun barrel is expected to be subject to and absorb extreme forces, but only in one direction (forwards/backwards for recoil). The system isn't desig
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