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  1. The Iraqis had just fought the Iranians for almost a decade and had a very good appreciation of what their forces were capable of: ie. holding static positions and conducting limited offensive actions only if planned and rehearsed down to the tiniest detail. So that's what they did. Hiding in cities might seem sensible in hindsight, but the Iraqis are trying to hold onto Kuwait which is mostly open desert with limited- and easily bypassed and surrounded- urban areas, so it's not going to achieve anything for them. You could maybe argue that the Iraqis would perform better tactically in the cities, but they even managed to lose the Battle of Al Khafji against the Saudis who were... not really representative of the quality of the Coalition.
  2. Fending off OPFOR with maniacal laughter at the NTC: Have to say 1a: Hasty Attack felt like a bit of stress test.
  3. Err, lagging somewhat behind the pack here, but work in progress...
  4. @chuckdyke is correct: I just cleared the Rahadnak Valley scenario out and put my own stuff in for that video. Changing a scenario map to a QB map is pretty simple (just save it in the Quick Battles folder), though it'll probably play better if you tweak the setup zones and objectives and changing the AI plan to something generic for singleplayer QBs can be a bit of a pain.
  5. I think a trip to Norway may have been in store for them
  6. You can get the standard infantry carrier and the -10 with the 37mm gun in the single vehicles tab, but the command (-3) and mortar carrier (-2) variants only come as options for mounted Panzergrenadiers.
  7. Nice. That top image is exactly how it looks for me. I've really got to re-mod my CMBN.
  8. I have a few H2H games I need to make into videos, but I also want to coordinate some of them with Steam releases, so bit of a dry patch at the moment. It takes some doing.
  9. Oh well, good news the texture is just me then. The inside of my command U304s is just a flat grey texture with vertex lines on.
  10. Hello! Just a couple of things I spotted when messing around with ugly halftracks. The U304(f)-3 (the command variant) is missing it's internal textures and the U304(f)-10 (the 37mm Platoon leader variant) has the gunner and passengers sitting in the floor of the vehicle rather than on the benches. Nothing game breaking or anything like that. I'd post some screens, but apparently I've run out of space.
  11. The 79-82 timeframe is very much pre-SA80. The Falklands War was in 82, so that's what we'd be looking at in terms of infantry weapons, ie. Sterling SMG, SLR, GPMG and Bren.
  12. Completely off topic, but I just spent a minute trying to work out what the huge exhuast pipe on the back of the turret was for. Is it actually a disassembled snorkel?
  13. Obviously hard to judge from the screens and the map but... the end of Route 2 looks like a good position. From there you are blocking Bil moving directly to the objective and he will have to come into the woods to get you on your terms (a stronger option if you could bring the infantry along, but that ship may have sailed). As a bonus, your tanks will be concealed from air and artillery observation. If Bil tries to bypass the wood on either side to get to the objective, then you should be able to hit him with flanking fire as well as fire from the Eyes on your valley side. It's... not very dramatic, it's objective rather than force focused, a man in a scary hat may ask "Why have you lost your forward momentum, Comrade?" and (more disturbingly) it basically involves seizing a position and saying "What're you gonna do now?" to Bil Hardenberger... but, ground depending, I think he's only got bad options if you're in those woods. Whatever you choose, you are currently on the wrong side of the valley and should rectify that as soon as possible
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