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  1. The original Bradley could swim after erecting a swimming screen. H
  2. I don't know if the Tac AI deliberately targets lower front if that's the only place they can reliably get a pen, but I suspect not. Right now I'm playing CW vs Sov T64s w/M60A1s. My tankers bounce shells all day long off the turret front and upper hull, even when the lower hull is visible. I swear I'm shooting all the subsystems off the outside of the T64s because I can't get a pen. H
  3. Were the only hits on the lower front or just the kills shots? I suspect it's the latter. Panther is proof against a whole bunch of pokey things on the turret front and upper hull, which means (barring shot trap shots) your tanks are going to die from lower hull hits from the front. H
  4. I think the best answer to the debate is that the MG42 is still being manufactured and in service (as the MG3). Plus the whole GPMG class of weapon introduced by the MG34 and MG42 is used by every army in the world while mag loaded LSWs are not. H
  5. Wikipedia says "Spaced laminate armor offering 14.5 mm all around protection. " link Citation says "Also know as M2A0/M3A0 Bradley, it was amphibious and was capable of protection against 14.5 mm AP." but doesn't say over what arcs.link H
  6. On the Sov side NBC protection goes back to the T55. One of the major changes from the T54 to the 55 is the addition of the NBC equipment. H
  7. That's about what I figured but it's nice to have confirmation. It would be nice to get the dismountable weapons sorted out. BMPs, Marder, and I'm sure some other vehicles all had ATGMs that could be dismounted and used separately on ground mounts. H
  8. The other factor regarding buttoned vs unbuttoned is that the Sov trained a lot assuming a NBC environment. What was Western tank doctrine for fighting in NBC conditions? Fight closed down or heads out in MOPP4? H
  9. I didn't try to get them to mount up again in the scenario. H
  10. Playing the very enjoyable Defense at Checkpoint 23 scenario and it's the 1st time I've had to depend on TOW jeeps. I'm seeing some odd behavior. The jeeps start with 5x TOW, and when those are done the team won't fire any more TOWs. They do, however, still show 3x TOW in their personal inventory. When dismounted the team brings their launcher and now they have access to the 3 TOWs that they were carrying? Link to save file - https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/acjoo6v431gucvo306357/Defense-at-Checkpoint-024-007.bts?rlkey=t3gobows8xprcbrzo30wkjl4u&dl=0 H
  11. In CW I ran BTR vs M2 at 25m on a flat range and was unable to get pens from the front, sides, or rear. RPG7 & AT7 get pens from the front. H
  12. When I have T64s I think most of the gunners & TCs are suffering from methanol induced blindness. And don't get me started about the BMP gunners. H
  13. Right, but the commander is still limited to seeing what the gunner sees, so the screen doesn't help with situational awareness. H
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