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  1. Its Czechoslovak tank brigade. Tank commander clearly says at 21:20 "Direction Czechoslovakia! At 22:00 they enter borders to Slovakia, symbol on the table is the coat of arms of the Slovak Republic which consists of a red (gules) shield, in early Gothic style, charged with a silver (argent) double cross standing on the middle peak of a dark blue mountain consisting of three peaks. Once we were two nations united in one state - Czechoslovakia." Name on the burning tank hit by panzerfaust is Jánošík - national hero, similar to Robin Hood. At 23:00 there is Czechoslovak flag on the wooden church. After break of Czechoslovakia this is now known as Czech flag. My favorite movie from childhood.
  2. Do we have something like CMCW Alternate Silhouettes? If yes where to download it. If now what do you use to change silhouettes please? Thank you in advance.
  3. My question is happened something like this in opposite way? Do the Soviets/Russians have Abrams or Bradley or F-16 or something like this?
  4. Exactly as told here, we also trained with tracer ammo first. I don't remember the distance, but I missed my first shot. But after that it was easy. I also remember that I was quite close to backblast when instructor fired first live rocket. Dust everywhere. When I fired for a first time this rocket from BMP-1 at the distance of 1000 m I hit a tree next to big target. Poor tree lost lot of leaves Slow and sensitive to wind. But main reason was that we did rectification before firing and that was done wrong...
  5. You need to check trees. I had my Shilka hidden under trees and no reaction. Then I moved away to bushes and hell started. Commander all the time inside.
  6. Ok, so no aircraft in mission for Soviet side. But what about Helicopters? They are more blind then my grandfather...
  7. Is it possible to do carpet bombing? Is it possible to let the plane simply drop all bombs in once and fly home? So for it drops one bomb and then is coming around andradio chatting and I am waiting and waiting. Cluster ammo is fine, but throw the all in once! Do you know how?
  8. Download started only when I switched my VPN to US server. Now its going, but slow...
  9. Since when is Ukraine NATO member? Do you really wish this?
  10. So if we now know that CMCW is in final phase of the 'last minute details, can we know when the 1st patch for it will be released?
  11. So when US fleet is somewhere in Asia and China is moving troops or ships on their territory its also tension? If something big start it will be anyway end of the movie for us.
  12. I have them somewhere. Need to find them and update to latest variant and then I can post them again.
  13. I just lost 3 hours trying to do simple task: 2 tanks with raiders on it (CMRT) running through forest road and stopping at crossroad and then unloading infantry. 1st problem: 1st tank path always shorter then the 2nd one, so huge traffic jam, because terrain around road hard to cross. I changed their starting position didn't help too long. 2nd problem: infantry even under heavy fire unloaded only when 2nd tank finished its path... Point me to some tutorial please. I am doing something wrong or I am getting old - same like this game engine...
  14. Hello, please help me to refresh my memory. How to create AI plan where vehicles just move from one painted area to another and so on without stopping? Has to do with correct timing, but so far unlucky. Thanx for help.
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