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  1. I recently put up an "all in one" modpack which includes the @Kieme(ITA) HD mods...
  2. That's not the BFC background, so I suspect this might be a mod conflict issue. Alternatively, maybe the graphics settings are on "fastest" 3d model quality?
  3. With the Steam release due tomorrow, I scratched together a quick little CMBS vid...
  4. I'd forgotten just how devilish "Major Nosovs Brigade" was until I quickly playtested the "Garden Valley" conversion... geez that scenario can go south pretty quickly! "Major Nguyens Command" will (obviously) have many differences with the original but it should be unique fare for the majority of CMSF2 players.
  5. If these lockdowns ever end & my work schedule returns to normal the 'People's Beta' should be quickly wrapped up... AFTER that I'll undoubtedly need a break from SE Asia & Afghanistan is looking a good bet for a quick conversion package for CMSF2. I've become fairly adept at converting CMA scenario's (& even small campaigns) into CMSF2 as I find the mountainous terrain & (essentially) Red vs Red battles very useful to me... this week I've converted two more scenarios from @Fredrock1957's "Major Nosov's Brigade" for instance. I'd probably like to hook up with (at the
  6. Those are all SF2 mods so naming convention isn't an issue, according to @Hapless... "They need to go in a folder named "Z" in SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Combat Mission Shock Force 2\Data. You'll probably have to make the folder, but it works. They don't work if you put them in UserData/Mods" So @puje seems to have it right, you need a z folder.
  7. You've put the modpack into your (empty) mod folder to install it... to remove it you just have to move the modpack back out (I have a few folders I use to store modpacks & mods not being used). For everyone else, a very busy work schedule & the various UK lockdowns are causing unavoidable delays with the content creation for the 'People's Beta' release. My apologies, I really was hoping for a Christmas release & for awhile there I thought I might be able to get it done in time. However, the one silver lining is that i've been able to build up quite a n
  8. A reworked mod compilation... the last update of which was beta 4.
  9. Yes to both, however I don't believe I had movie mode on for that playthrough... just a bit of Clarity & FXAA. Sigh... I am now a 'Titbit/Tidbit' grog backed up by Ngram analysis & etymology. Thanks Warts... thanks a lot.
  10. A quick 'Tidbit' of the "Into Lithuania" scenario...
  11. The simplistic stats I've seen indicate that the British Empire used an average of six million 0.303 rounds per day during WW1... I very much doubt they were inflicting hundreds of thousands of casualties per day. All of the great powers were producing SAA in the billions. If we take a random offensive in 1918, say the fifth battle of Ypres, the Brits expended a million rounds of artillery during a four day battle. Total German casualties (from all causes) were in the tens of thousands but far, far below any conceivable 8-1 ratio. In my opinion, all warfare features vast expendi
  12. It definately works Red vs Red... An H&E content experiment from several weeks back confirms uncons can get very close to enemy troops before being discovered.
  13. Chain detonations are cool for an oil refinery fire... however, for this "napalm" experiment, I just dropped the invisible burning vehicles straight onto the map as (enemy) reinforcements. As the explosions, smoke & boom are just theatrical, cratering is optional.
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