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  1. The CMSF "Battle of Grozny" campaign by @RommL, provided by @Erwin... https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar0-nWIeMPIA3F6DcRthGI-3_d-3?e=dbobdZ
  2. Detailed foliage icons & shaded wall tiles sound interesting. Gordons camo vehicles might provide interesting alternatives to the Euroscape vehicles (assuming they weren't already part of that massive mod compilation).
  3. I've used Polyanskoe a number of times... great to hear that it has been updated properly. Also, I hate to harass you, but I'm almost as big a hoarder as @Erwin... do you happen to have your "Black Bear down" scenario or, as you were a fan of the era, the "Battle of Grozny campaign" by @RommL?
  4. CMA Horizon... people have been using it in CMFI too. Myself, I think @Kieme(ITA) CMSF Horizon fits better with Helmand.
  5. Nope... ALL my experiments with changing a tree/bush or fence .mdr have been failures (I recall one experiment only resulted in floating palm tree's). For H&E I've only used basic model swaps (even then I've been unable to get a WW2 tree into CMSF2) & retextures. @Lucky_Strike is the first.
  6. Oh yeah, you remind me... I did a model swap also, borrowing tree 6 from CMA. Its technically a winter tree but I used it as a stand in for a tree that had its leaves burnt/blown off. If @Lucky_Strike struggles with burnt tree models... reworking such winter tree models/textures may be easier?
  7. Partially correct... the burnt trees themselves are not tagged & are just default H&E flavour objects (stumps IIRC). The original mod was made for CMRT, I merely grabbed it. The [burnt] tag does add some new (burnt) building textures, burnt building roofs & some burnt looking terrain... much of that stuff was, again, borrowed from a CMRT mod (by @umlautIIRC). I used the [burnt] tag in a few of the urban campaign scenarios but other than that, & a few experiments, it remains fairly underutilized. I did experiment with using the [burnt] tag to replace a tree
  8. Every experiment I've made to try & change a tree or bush/hedge/fence model (and there have been many over the past year) has been a dismal failure... so good job being the first!
  9. Still chugging along with work on 0.97. This "Tidbit" features a number of experiments (some worked, some need tweaking)...
  10. I carried out an experiment on the 128x128 mini bitmaps (which come with CMSF2) today... it appears that 16x16 is the standard mip-map resolution across all CMx2 game engines. The 128x128 bitmaps merely provide a very large scale pattern over large stretches of terrain.
  11. My observation is based upon examination of the brz files within each game not actual experimentation... the minimaps are indeed used for the low-res distant views. Kieme (as well as others) observed that the minimap resolutions were hardcoded & couldn't be modified (although their texture/colour could be) years ago.
  12. That's actually an exaggeration... a patch that updated the scripts text file would only require the modded text file to be removed (the H&E team has had a LOT of fun with patches & scipt file changes!). So, in fact, the worst case scenario is "having a bit of a fright & then having to restart the game". I maintain that playing vanilla is perfectly okay, understandable & very, very common... I don't think anybody needs to inflate the "risks" involved in texture & sound modding.
  13. Nope, well not by us, the minimap resolutions are hardcoded & there's no way to change them... the game just converts any higher resolution minimap mods back down to the hardcoded resolution. However, as the games have been released over the years the minimaps have improved somewhat... So CMBN has mostly 16x16 mimimaps with a few 64x64 miminmaps for common terrains. CMRT features fewer 16x16's, more 64x64 minimaps & the first [tagged] 128x128 minimap. CMSF2 is near entirely 64x64, alongside several 128x128's.
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