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  1. Good news on the new campaign! I'm perfectly content with downloading your new content along with everyone else besides I'm a particuarly useless playtester at this time of the year (I work a lot during the Winter months and CM time has already become a luxury for me).
  2. Not mine... I believe the CMBS Winter mod was made by the same guys who made the CMRT winter mod so that's primarily @kohlenklau, @Worghern , @Aristoteles & @benpark. Plus BFC themselves as the Gustav Line module introduced winter conditions & terrain which then got ported around. It should be noted that all seasonal modtags, official or unnofficial, are basically just "eye candy"... only particularly deep snow or extremely cold temperatures really change in-game conditions & most scenario creators avoid these extremes anyway.
  3. @rtdood do you have a current link for this scenario?
  4. It's no problem... CM archeology is often hit & miss and, besides, it's not like there's a shortage of CMBN content!
  5. Doing a bit of CM archeology, does anyone have this scenario? @Rinaldi & @Harry Speakup you're both still active?
  6. You're right! Big barn 1 "building200-right (00).bmp" is corrupted... although, if you wriggle the camera around a bit, the original .bmp sometimes loads up instead (might explain why I've never noticed it). Added that to my fixed list.
  7. No you'll be fine without... the fixed modpack already has the patch integrated.
  8. Yeah I found the issue reasonably quickly* & re-uploaded the fixed modpack shortly after. Only the first twenty downloaders will have the problematic Russian voices &, as thirteeen people have downloaded the quick fix, I'm hoping only seven more people are still currently effected. *Irritatingly I would have found it pre-release had I not first mistaken the issue with something else entirely... I'm still not sure how those .wavs got so corrupted. Either way, thankfully, I began a russian Infantry battle shortly after my first upload.
  9. Now that @dragonwynn has returned we might be able to make some movement on that front... he had been doing some interesting things with buildings for his Korean mod. Oh, minor update... I've added a new environment tag to the modpack. [tunnel] is a pretty simple one really... it uses the work of @simast , combines it with some @patboy textures and a few new sounds to give us a quasi-underground environment to play in...
  10. Playing around with deep marsh tiles is already part of H&E's [hotlz] tag (our 'helicopter landings' are trapped in their lz's by a 3x3 grid of deep marsh so that nobody else can get to the central exit objective). It is indeed possible with an alpha'ed out marsh reeds doodad (this will not effect normal marshes as they use the marsh grass doodad*). Here is an [ntc] version I just rustled up... This is a region of heavy rocks bordered by a deep marsh... Up close, you can see that the impassable swamp is missing its rock doodads... *Which we also took advantage of to create our rice paddies.
  11. A few of the experienced terrain modders ( @Aristoteles & @SeinfeldRules spring to mind) seem to use dirt tiles for their cliff faces with good effect (Here, for example, are Aris's CMFI cliffs ported into CMA). I'll look into playing around with cliff faces for the next version (suitably tagged we could have different cliffs for the different areas). Send us what you have... the simplest way to make mini bitmaps is just to shrink your original down to 64x64 & stick a mini prefix on it.
  12. Presumably, I downloaded from this link several years back & the .cam file has remained there in my folders.
  13. I considered using it & giving it a [spring] tag (like Aris' bloody german faces). It (or something similiar) might, eventually, end up in there with a [spring city] tag... for the purposes of Berlin fighting.
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