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  1. My observation is based upon examination of the brz files within each game not actual experimentation... the minimaps are indeed used for the low-res distant views. Kieme (as well as others) observed that the minimap resolutions were hardcoded & couldn't be modified (although their texture/colour could be) years ago.
  2. That's actually an exaggeration... a patch that updated the scripts text file would only require the modded text file to be removed (the H&E team has had a LOT of fun with patches & scipt file changes!). So, in fact, the worst case scenario is "having a bit of a fright & then having to restart the game". I maintain that playing vanilla is perfectly okay, understandable & very, very common... I don't think anybody needs to inflate the "risks" involved in texture & sound modding.
  3. Nope, well not by us, the minimap resolutions are hardcoded & there's no way to change them... the game just converts any higher resolution minimap mods back down to the hardcoded resolution. However, as the games have been released over the years the minimaps have improved somewhat... So CMBN has mostly 16x16 mimimaps with a few 64x64 miminmaps for common terrains. CMRT features fewer 16x16's, more 64x64 minimaps & the first [tagged] 128x128 minimap. CMSF2 is near entirely 64x64, alongside several 128x128's.
  4. I didn't say rarely... however, going off Youtube (and not just the new recent steam players) & other anecdotal evidence, it certainly seems to be the predominant playstyle to spend the majority of time far above the battlefield. Even us 'veterans" are usually spending a good amount of play time above the battlefield (usually watching out for new spotting icons or flashing "you screwed up" icons), often many hundreds of meters above it.
  5. The majority of gamers do not mod... even the biggest, most famous mods ever made (say Long War for Xcom) only get used by a fraction of players (500k people downloaded Long War... Xcom sold at least a million units, in its first year). I will say that the Hi-res terrain mods do make the boundary between your Hi-detail bubble, close to the camera, & the low-res world, outside of it, FAR more noticeable* (arguably to the point of immersion breaking)... this is a particular concern with non-CMSF2 games as they tend to have smaller, low-res minimaps. Sound mods are inherently subjec
  6. Ahh forgive me, I clearly don't fully understand what ScAn_CaDe actually does!
  7. Its certainly not the only sound mod with a more subtle dynamic range* (although the ME soundscape's non-combat sounds are probably the quietest) though I agree that there are real world advantages to such a soundscape. The updated 'ME soundscape 1.5' is probably nearly done at this point and will come with the "People's Beta"... I did put up a beta of that inside the download package for this video (see video description). * For instance, I found those 'Wikkheiser' video's with AKDSM, & its distant sound options, interesting.
  8. This map is based off a CMA map ("The Hunt"), it is scheduled to be the location of the first mission of the "People's Militia" campaign (an armed robbery at night)... ... I'll probably end up adding more tree's.
  9. I've just finished the conversion of the @Paper Tiger map...
  10. "took a little while" implies you did it individually .wav file by .wav file. I use "bulk rename"... it takes me seconds to swap voice files from one game to another & it's done accurately. Base game CMSF2 features 249 Arabic voices. I have 418 Afghan voices in my Afghanistan Modpack folder (CMA & HQS). However, I have 502 Syrian voices in my Syrian Modpack folder (CMSF2 & HQS)... plus an extra six or so for artillery. If you want a mod to cover both you're going to have to duplicate/add an extra 84 voice files.
  11. Technically H&E does not require a seperate install... however it should be added to an empty mod folder. However I used a new sound mod & a selection of HQS voices (mostly for the modern era Blue/NATO stuff) to try & deter people away from using other mods (which will inevitably start interfering with stuff). @rocketman helped me greatly with the Vietnamese voicemod (the initial versions were heavily Chinese). As for the Afghanistan voices... remember the HQS voice mod is designed to be put on top of base CMA not CMSF/CMSF2... for my Afghanistan videos*, I ex
  12. 1/ In the base game, no. 2/ YES, very much yes! For H&E the [mountains] tag activates different ambience, horizon, gun shot sound trails, new crops (including your poppy fields) & alternative tree models. H&E is chock full of tags which content creators can use to activate different environments, model swaps, uniforms & even different era's.
  13. This will probably be my last proper AAR for the next few months...
  14. Installed Reshade 4.7.0. Set your presets and nothing happened. Can you specify in detail the parameters for installing Reshade?
    Version Of Reshade?
    Which DirectX should I choose when installing Reshade?
    How do I configure Reshade?
    How do I create and save presets?

    1. 37mm


      Use OpenGl NOT DirectX!

      As per a fairly recent post, I too have recently upgraded to Reshade 4.7.0 & it screwed up my profiles.

      Basically every video before Prophet & the Mountain used an earlier version of Reshade (3.4 IIRC), the ones made after are, at the moment, usually selected one by one for each video.

      However, as per that earlier post, I don't use many effects these days... SMAA, a high threshold Bloom (usually pirate), Clarity or a basic multi-LUT is all I use.

      Barbaricos movie mode shaders (alt+M) are, by far, the biggest "visual effect" that I use.

      There are loads of tutorials on how to use Reshade but @Aquila-SmartWargames did a recent CM focused video on his profiles (see video description)...



    2. wgbn1968


      The Aquilla video doesn't have the key information to be a tutorial. What version did You have before, before 4.7.0? I realized that when installing, use OpenGL. Do I need any additional programs? Do I need to configure Reshade? I've seen a lot of talk about Reshade? But not a single tutorial that would tell you what and in what order to install, and how to configure?

    3. Lucky_Strike


      ReShade can be a bit awkward to get going.

      Herr Tom did a tutorial some time ago which is still useful:

      Also take a look at Mord’s primer:

      They will get you started. Here are some tips I passed on as well:

      Take a look at:





       ReShade does slow things down a bit so expect to see your frame-rate drop, depending on the effects you use. Things that effect depth, focus and lighting tend to slow stuff down the most, simple colour effects have less of an impact.

      • CM are OpenGL games so you install ReShade for that NOT DirectX

      • When you first launch ReShade you might see your screen go into some weird colours - toggle ReShade off when not using it to stop it affecting selection menus, the editor etc, just use it when actually configuring it in-game and when playing or looking at the 3D map if editing a map. 

      • When you first launch ReShade to configure the effects you may see your screen image spin like crazy. To stop this you need to switch ReShade off and open a scenario and set Screen Edge Movement to Off (alt-E). This stops the spinning when the ReShade config dialogue is open.

      • The order in which effects are applied makes a difference. A good thread to help understand this is:


      especially the last comment from Jas01

      • Don't try to do too much at once, try an effect, if you like it make a note then try another. Once you see what effects can do then try combining some and so on. It's easy to make a mess of things, but remembering what you did and why is harder. Baby steps first, and try out some presets from other users to see what they are doing. If you don't like it you can always start again, nothing gets broken in the game itself.

      • Remember, ReShade doesn’t break anything as such. If an effect doesn’t work or stops your game from working don’t panic just uninstall or switch off the effect and move on.

      Hope this helps to some extent.

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