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  1. Infantry no longer retreat out of buildings as of the latest patches. The ATGM issue could have been caused by arming distance problems (some older ATGM warheads will not arm within 500 metres!) or just bad luck... without details it's difficult to tell if it was an issue at all. I doubt these fairly minor issues were really that significant a block for your mate... but if they were deal breakers (and considering its very rare for BFC to patch their demo's) it might be an idea to try the CMBS (or the WW2) demo's. I'm pretty sure all those demo's are still at engine v3 and, altho
  2. I have the files... it would appear, that at least one of the maps has been saved. I've also discovered there was a playtesters thread for the campaign. I don't suppose you happen to remember who your fellow playtesters might have been? If any of them are still active, they might have the other maps.
  3. Well... change every .wav in the H&E modpack to the settings used in the test .wav's (48000 Hz IIRC). Or wait until I get round to it (now that I know the test settings work for macs)? If you mean the "Tags for scenario creators" folder then no... not unless you intend to create some scenarios. If you mean the various "zzz tagged options" in the H&E modpack... yes, they are very much needed. Keep them in the modpack.
  4. Major Nguyens Command has relatively few building/terrain changes... maybe that's what you're seeing? M48's &/or Riverine vessels make a number of appearances in "The 2nd Battle of Ikke", "Major Nguyens Command" & "The Special War". A Riverine vessel also makes a surprise appearance in one of the scenarios.
  5. You've reminded me, one person mentioned it during the Open Beta... they too had a mac. I arranged some test files to see if these could be heard... but recieved no feedback. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar0-nWIeMPIA3EmT56jdkljQwwWx?e=Y1gNNx Add to an empty mod folder. The only placeholder fix I can think of would be to search for every .wav in the modpack then cut them out & put them elsewhere for now (out of the mod folder).
  6. Thanks Erwin! I intend to eventually fully port the ME soundscape into all games (CMFI is next... so many voices) , including those with snow. Play around with the sounds to your heart desire, I've made all non combat sounds are much quieter than normal (footsteps included... although I, personally, think they're still a bit too loud when you get close to your pixeltruppen). However, by expanding the "dynamic range" in this manner, you can actually play the game with louder volume settings & thereby experience really intense combat sounds. Still these things are inheren
  7. Great news! I do like to dig up old, forgotten gems.
  8. @snake_eye, do you happen to still have those old test file .cam's? This project has been dead for eight years... but you might still have those amazing maps!
  9. A solution to this problem is to provide content creators individual tags which activate model swaps using some of the less popular vehicles in the game (or models from another game entirely)... after all, from a game perspective, you only need a large, metallic object which can burn. Heaven & Earth utilizes numerous tagged model swaps (and will add even more in the next version), off the top of my head... [amphib] swaps BRDM-2's, BMP-2's & both German Fuchs with boats of various types. [hotlz] swaps a uaz with a helicopter. [cache] swaps a uaz with a large p
  10. https://www.mediafire.com/file/hk8tt6jfxv2ro8l/zzzzSyria.7z/file
  11. I've been working on & off on this for awhile but I'm finally ready to release an "Initial Beta" for the CMSF2-Afghanistan modpack... Mods used, include... CMA terrain (tweaked & resized for CMSF2), CMA trees by @Bil Hardenberger (reordered & tweaked for CMSF2), A mix of (tweaked) foliage from @SeinfeldRules & @Kieme(ITA), ANA, Taliban, poppies & walls by @Zveroboy1, US Uniforms by @IICptMillerII, Other uniforms by @JMDECC, A mix of buildings by @Zveroboy1 & @Kieme(ITA) (although reworked to standard re
  12. The Steam version indeed uses a different mod folder (as well as different campaign, map & scenario folders)... the install locations for either version are described both in the manual & the People's Beta thread.
  13. Here's the NK mod thread... I don't think it was ever released.
  14. A story... Back in the year 2008, @MarkEzra made a quirky scenario featuring an intrepid reporter looking to take a snapshot. This year, that scenario has been converted & used as a tense assassination mission set in the villages of Bong-Hai... Mods are almost pointless without content & scenario creators. Even if you have only a half-finished scenario or a half-baked idea, send us a PM... get in the game.
  15. Check the video description... it's the same link as before.
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