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  1. 19 months later... The winter mod* is now part of the CMA 'All in One'... https://www.mediafire.com/file/ja2tswtdnpad7mx/CMA_%27All_in_One%27.7z/file *As tags don't work for the earlier CM games, you just have to unzip the 'zz Winter for CMA' file only when it's required.
  2. Tell me about it... there was already probably decades worth of content available for CMSF/CMSF2. Never mind all the other CM games! BFC are pretty adamant they will never do Vietnam (or the Pacific). We have indeed discussed the pro's & cons (and I've performed some early experiments). One con not mentioned was the shear size of the CMSF player base compared with the CMCW player base PLUS the fact that CMSF players are, inherently, more likely to be interested in counter-insurgencies or "dirty" civil wars (things which CMSF2 is superior at representing than CMCW). Either way, there's only so much one small team can do... so any potential 'H&E2' will probably just wait for H&E itself to be completed. The 'People's Beta' came with a manual which can be downloaded & read seperately. However the tldr version is "Heaven & Earth is a fantasy sandbox set in SE Asia".
  3. This week my hiatus from H&E ended &, fully refreshed, I've begun working on 0.98 (working title 'Blood in the Water'). An old, french @RommL campaign provided to me by @CMFDR has been given a simple, modern makeover. Work is also progressing on a second 'Imperial Cavalry' campaign & experiments taking place for a third 'Combined Action Platoon' campaign. I've also sourced some new Vietnamese voice files as I want to update the voice mod. Rice paddies in H&E have often been represented by modded swamp tiles (although the [paddies] tag activates 'shallow paddies' represented by crop 1 tiles) however I've recently figured out a way to flood fields themselves. The following 'tidbit' shows the new flooded fields experiment... ... the actual map being used for this experiment is, as per usual, originally by @Combatintman. Finally, anyone interested in joining the H&E team & helping out with content creation is more than welcome to message me.
  4. It took 37mins to force a surrender... many, many trees were destroyed or stripped of foilage.
  5. A forum user a few years back reported severe input lag caused by his Nvidia experience activating an "instant replay" option running in the background. Maybe the same thing is happening to you? He ultimately fixed the issue by running CM in administrator mode.
  6. Okay, the CMSF2-Afghanistan 'All in One' is now ready for release. The modpack itself is a further refinement of the 'initial beta' released back in April & is, at its most basic, a merger between CMA & @Zveroboy1's SF2 Afghanistan work. Changes mostly involve further tweaks of the CMA terrain to better fit with CMSF2, @Mord's original CMA & CMSF portraits as well as various ISIF tags have been added to the UI, the Soundscape is being upgraded to v1.6 (thanks to @waclaw's HQS 4.0), the uniform mix has been altered, (@Oleksandr's uniforms are now the ones often activated by the [mountains] tag), bridges & highways have been tweaked, @Pete Wenman's rural stone walls have been added & a new lowlands background is being used (sourced with the help of @Erwin). The marsh to water & rudimentary dutch ANA mods have been deleted as they're no longer needed & @Zveroboy1's green ANP pick-ups are now activated by tag [anppu]. In terms of content, I've collated all CMSF & CMSF2 Afghanistan scenarios & campaigns I could find (including a few french ones, now translated, thanks to help by @CMFDR). The SF2 stuff, by @Zveroboy1 & @puje, has been left almost entirely untouched however the CMSF scenarios & campaigns (including @dragonwynn's 'Heart of Darkness') have all been given a lick of paint... mostly by the simple method of swapping marsh into water tiles. I've also converted the eight CMA quick battle maps by @Stagler for use with CMSF2 & the 'All in One'. In total, there's two campaigns (19 scenarios between them), 37 single scenarios* & the 8 quick battle maps. I was hoping to make some original stuff this year but that'll have to wait for another time. Anyhow, here's the download link (I advise adding the modpack to an empty mod folder only)... https://www.mediafire.com/file/s7ignwwd9fo8aue/zzzzCMSF2-Afghanistan.7z/file ... and here's the eye candy... *About a third of these are by @Combatintman
  7. It was definately completed & was being swapped around (including on a Spanish CM forum). However, thinking about it, I'd imagine it was actually titled... "Chechen War - Black Bear Down" I think there should be another one too, presumably titled... "Chechen War - Komsomolskoye"
  8. I thought someone was looking through an old Hard drive for it (you actually)... other than that I only have half a lead from a Spanish website which I've begun chasing up. Perhaps it's part of @Erwin's uber collection? In which case @Bootie should have it?
  9. I'm certain that will be the map (and all the flavour objects) itself... there's nothing in the special effects folder which is any larger than standard CM bitmaps... oh no... I tell a lie, the flames are still HD. ALT+M will activate Movie Mode... if you're using the SFX folder from H&E, barbarico's movie mode filters will be in there. Reshade is an interesting topic but I don't think there's a Mac equivalent (indeed my understanding is that Barbarico, being a mac user too, made his movie mode filters for just that reason). I think that "backblast" was 50 cal fire penetrating the roof... 50 cals seem to set a lot of small fires off.
  10. I'm pretty certain the H&E skybox is resource neutral as any HD textures (say Aris's HD clouds) were reduced back down to standard CM resolutions. Either way, the best way to get extra ambient light is with reshade... I almost always use a bloom effect (with a relatively high threshold) which will lighten up the brightest areas of your screen (usually the sky) but there's also a dedicated ambient light effect* (although I find it a little too expensive FPS wise). My Blooms tend to be fairly subtle but you can easily crank them up. Movie Mode is also another way to get more contrast between the sky & the ground... I often use Barbarico's shader mods & they are inevbitably part of any mod compilation I use (including H&E). *There's also an effect which will bathe the sky with red light for dawn/dusk... but I haven't played around much with that effect.
  11. Actually I was already thinking of combining your original CMSF portraits with @xacto's chaos UI to give a unique look for the CMSF2-Afghanistan UI... the first experiments seem to work quite well. These CMA portraits will definately help for some of the red forces... plus it's a style that looks fairly easy to replicate so I should then be able to create some ANA portraits in the same style (assuming you haven't already made something vaguely suitable in the CMSF portrait pack). I want them.
  12. The thread needs a bump and I just recently played @Zveroboy1's "Sniper in the Corn" scenario, so...
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