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  1. Here's a very simple-to-master Nvidia normal map filter for Photoshop. I can't vouch for the website but you can probably find the same tool on multiple sites. http://3dg.me/2d-graphics/nvidia-plug-ins-for-adobe-photoshop-x64-64bit
  2. If we're throwing around acronyms, this discussion is less about LOS and more about FOW. You the scenario commander cannot tell if scampering a unit to a location is guaranteed to provide them with LOS because you the real world commander wouldn't know either. A LOS tool would be giving you more information that you'd have in a real world situation.
  3. Pre-orders used to have some genuine utility back when BFC had to judge how many paper manuals and game CDs they should produce for release. Now when 99% of sales is online download I don't know what utility pre-ordering has anymore. Also sales through Steam has thrown BFC's sales forecast numbers all out of whack. Pre-order is still a pretty good marketing gimmick to generate some 'buzz' before the release date.
  4. A lot of games you're comparing to CM have budgets equivalent to franchise superhero movies. They even hire movie stars as voice actors. They often have another similarity to franchise superhero movies, as well. They cut corners on the quality of the actual content in preference for visual effects and initial box office draw.
  5. Each member of an infantry squad has a different LOS. For an anti-tank team the two members have differing LOS. A standing soldier has different LOS than a kneeling soldier, has different LOS than a prone soldier. I recall in a T34-76 (where the commander also acts as gunner) he'd have LOS on a target up in his commander's seat but lose it when he slips down into the gunner's seat. In CMx1 a unit's LOS was abstracted from a single point so it could be graphically displayed. In CMx2 LOS is individual and dynamic. When I play the game I spend a lot on my time at ground level looking over th
  6. The Japanese had a similar weapon (50mm) called a 'knee mortar'. I recall reading that the occasional G.I. would take the name too literally, place it on his knee to fire, and break his leg.
  7. I had asked BFC specifically about possible changes to CMBS for Slitherine (trying to drum up work for myself) and Steve said no, the Steam release is the BFC release.
  8. On map artillery will fire on a painted-on 'fire' target zone while that order is active, lets say from 15:00 to 16:30 for example. In the past I've linked the order to triggers. The enemy wanders onto a trigger zone, on-map mortars starts dropping rounds onto their target zone. I've been surprised by the AI targeting 'support targets' (in the AI plan) with off-map assets a good half hour into a scenario. It'll just start dropping mortar bomb on one of your painted target areas at the most inconvenient times. Usually that only happens first turn into a game. I've got a scenario in the wor
  9. Assault in the AI orders mean the units move forward separately in bounds. One tank moves forward then another. Assault doesn't mean the old CMx1 'human wave' command where everyone jumps up , yells and charges. 'Max assault' is probably even more different than you imagine. It means when they meet the enemy they stop and slug it out, making it to the destination is less of a concern.
  10. My opinion: CM Shock Force 2 is a good all-rounder. You dip you toe into 'modern war' (about 2008-ish) and the opponent is a generation of weapons behind you so the difficulty level's a bit lower. There's a number of smaller scenarios (Company size or lower) CM Fortress Italy starts in 1943 so the overall lethality is dialed-down a bit. CM Final Blitzkrieg is the middle of the pack. The opponents are more-or-less balanced. CM Battle For Normandy is like CMFB except you're fighting in hedgerow country which makes life a bit more difficult for you. There are a number of under-Company-si
  11. Steve in his 2021 greeting said 'CMBS/Steam/Very Soon'. I expect Slitherine's definition of 'very soon' is much quicker than BFC's. It was working with Slitherine on deadline-driven 'government work' that's had the effect of delaying everything else last year. BFC's been busily working away but unfortunately much of it is not for your eyes. But they have gotten into the habit of working to a deadline, which may have positive downstream effects.
  12. Mines are one of those weapons that has the potential to bring a scenario to a dead halt. There's a reason why people rarely string mine belts across a scenario map or (other examples) plaster the far end of a map with artillery rockets at startup, or knock down the only bridge over a river with battleship artillery. Because the result is the scenario's over before the fun starts.
  13. By all rights zooks and schreks shouldn't be fired from buildings smaller than an industrial warehouse, anyway, but BFC was generous in that regard. I see the men picked up a machine gun along the way. The game may be a bit confused about what their primary weapon is.
  14. Perhaps Engine 5 is being forced on them. By that I mean they're committed to keeping the game engine consistent across the titles. If the government vendor requested significant changes to fit their needs BFC's got two options, either let the commercial and private game engines drift apart or to play catch-up on the commercial titles so everything remains the same across the board. This is all speculation on my part. Not even the Beta testers get to play with 'government work'. Maybe we'll get a big red button in the middle of the IU display saying "NUKE 'EM!"
  15. BS-3 was a recent arrival to the title (yes, new content keeps getting added), I don't know if anyone wants to rework their finished scenarios to fit it in. I did a test of it using a converted QB map and it seems like a serviceable weapon. CMBS of course fields the MT-12 100mm gun.
  16. BS-3 100mm cannon versus Panther at 900m+ is a sight to behold.
  17. All my info is from my ooooold memory banks. I recall Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney (remember him?) quickly holding a fighting vehicle 'beauty pageant' of a wild assortment of vehicles for the title of 'Interim Fighting Vehicle' and the Swiss Mowag Piranha coming out on top. Its ironic that it was a competition for an 'off-the-shelf' vehicle because the Pentagon then changed EVERYTHING on Piranha to turn it into Stryker. Changed it so much that it no longer fit the specs for the competition! When Stryker appeared in Iraq in 2006 it was fresh off operational testing to see if it worked as ad
  18. BMPs were designed to ferry troop over an irradiated landscape and allow them limited ability to still fight while buttoned. Old Soviet BMP combat doctrine was large scale. Its rather like early WWII German Blitzkrieg offensive doctrine, which basically can be summed up 'Don't mind the horrific localized casualties, when the offensive is over you will have won due to your broad aggressive offense.' In your CM-size scenario you may have blunted their attack but in the meantime forces beyond your vision have flanked you and cut off your retreat. CM doesn't really deal with tactical situations at
  19. I recall reading a WWII rule of thumb regarding transport (that I'll probably butcher). The troops are to disembark from trucks at 1600 yards (meters?) from forward line of contact, armored half-tracks were half that, disembarking at 800 yards. Or numbers like that. That leaves trucks entirely off a typical size CM map and half-tracks left 2/3rds the way back.
  20. I'm not on Steam but I vaguely recall complaints that the Steam mods folder doesn't work? And I misremembering? Also, are the mods CMSF or CMSF2? The soldier models got thoroughly reworked and new textures included. The correct naming convention is "smod_british_uniform_dpm-soldier.bmp"
  21. The west has its own problems. I recall the NATO march into Kosovo in 1999. The US route was entirely dependent on which bridges were able to hold an Abrams crossing it. The US march was embarrassingly slow and clumsy. They looked on with envy at Canadians scooting around up front of the line in their Coyotes (LAV-25s), meeting Russians in the BTR-70s coming from the other direction. The Kosovo invasion was basically the birthplace of the Stryker program
  22. There's direct fire, then there's direct fire. Direct firing on distant houses or a copse of trees is one thing, direct firing on an enemy that has LOF on your position and can shoot you is another matter. Its not a fair trade, trading a mortar team for a couple green infantrymen.
  23. Someone posted a video of a firefight in Ukraine where they were firing their mortar without a charge, only using the igniter - just enough oompf to get the round out of the tube and however many dozens of meters downrange. That's in nobody's manual on how to properly use a mortar.
  24. I'm drawn to posts like this like a moth to a flame.
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