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  1. Battlefront did have some type of command delay in CMx1. That was before my time here so I don't know much about the details of it. @Erwin is one of the ancient ones, so he probably knows. I've been tempted to but SOW just to try out the command delays but I don't really have time for another game. Maybe an optional type of delay for CMx3? The command delays are an interesting idea IMO.
  2. +1. Nice find. Now, I wonder if target arcs still have a small spotting bonus or if something was tweaked since 2011? Same as @akd I have believed that there was no spotting bonus within a target arc. Now I'm not sure........
  3. If you are interested in a more realistic command and control for Combat Mission games you may find the below attached topic interesting.
  4. A four round burst probably doesn't prove it one way or the other. A Human can select Target for 15 seconds of area fire. I often do this to conserve ammo when area firing since I'm basically guessing where the OpFor is. With the M113 reversing it might have lost LOF and stopped shooting for that reason. Not saying your wrong but since your playing a human ....... the human may have something to do with it.
  5. I think this is a PBEM? Could your opponent have just been area firing? Maybe the M113 AI never did actually have a confirmed or tentative spot on your troops.
  6. @dbsapp +1. What @Sgt.Squarehead said above is probably a large part of the problem. I'm not sure if its a bug or engine limitation but it is shared across all nationalities. If you want to lobby Battlefront to model telescopic sights I'm with you, my friend. We can add unconventional forces with demo charges and modern mine plows to the list. It's in our gaming interest to have the simulation as realistic as possible and our small community as united as possible.
  7. Yep, your probably correct. Such a minor issue I didn't even remember it and I played that way for about two years. IMO not a game breaker but definitely irritating. Hopefully the OP can use the helpful advice he received above to fix the problem.
  8. If an Intel GPU is the only GPU you have you would be in luck because CM can use an Intel GPU (along with many graphic cards). If you play it on an Intel GPU you will have some irritating smudges in text but the game is still playable. As I recall the only negative effect the Intel GPU had was for text. So basically just the briefing & scenario/campaign selection screens. This is irritating because the briefing is important but not a game breaker. As I recall the actual 3D environment where you spend most of your play time works just fine. I played CM on an Intel GPU the first two years I had the game. I enjoyed the game so much I had a rig built to specifically play Combat Mission and got an Nvidia card. @Sandokan the first two posts answered your question and gave helpful advice on how to correct it. I hope that advice helps you out. If not you'll probably have to put up with the smudges like I did.
  9. Sounds like there are two different things going on. If the Blast order end point is placed on the ground floor the troops should not end up on the roof. In this example they will Blast through the wall (enter) and stop on the ground floor. If there is an elevation difference the troops may use a door instead of entering through the blasted wall. If the troops take fire / casualties they might take evasive action, cower, panic etc. This was a known issue in 2017. I have not seen this behavior in a long time so thought it had been fixed. I just did a simple test and could not replicate the Blast order turning into a Quick order. What version of Black Sea are you playing? I have version v2.16. Engine 4. I have the below in my notes. I have not had to use this workaround in a very long time. But maybe it wasn't patched and I have just been lucky. Not sure now. A placed BLAST command sometimes showed up as a QUICK move order in the command phase. Workaround: If your first BLAST command turns into a QUICK move on placement, select the waypoint and hit the BLAST command again. It should change and stay a BLAST command.
  10. I'm trying to understand this house rule. Could you please explain it a little more?
  11. +1 Yes, motorcycles would be very useful for the purpose of relaying tentative contacts. Kuebelwagens can also be used to relay tentative contacts but motorcycles would be more fun.
  12. Below is a link to a topic about C2. The discussion goes on for several pages with input and experience from many players.
  13. +1 Interesting stuff. I hope you post more of your findings.
  14. Now those are cool. I would be happy with both sides just having mine plows/rollers. But if Battlefront wanted to provide more engineer equipment that would be fun too.
  15. Krasnovia (NTC), armor providing overwatch while engineers conduct a breach operation on an OPFOR obstacle belt. Used @Vein modified by @Mord forensic hit decals during the AAR following the breach operation. The four hit decals are color coded: Dark Blue = Penetration (high cal ammo up to tank shells), Dark Red = Heat Penetrations, Light Blue = Ricochet (high cal ammo up to tank shells), Light Red= Heat Ricochet etc.)
  16. From the scenario Alarmeinheiten. The Alarm unit sets up a blocking position to stop the Soviet breakthrough.
  17. IMO this vehicle or some other US vehicle with a working dozer blade would be very useful in the game. Some Combat Mission titles have the flail tank which clears a path through mines. Possibly a dozer blade could be made (coded) to work in a similar fashion?? Breaching obstacle belts was often practiced at the NTC and was expected to be used in a real war. Many accounts of NTC rotations from the 80s and 90s involve obstacle belts and how units breached or failed to breach them during a mission. Some interesting AARs. For now, in CMCW, scenario designers can leave a path through the minefield part of an obstacle belt. The player can use engineers to blast through the barbwire part of an obstacle belt (track vehicles can also crush wire with some damage to the tracks). Next the engineers attempt to locate the path(s) through the minefield that the scenario designer left for them to find. Then if successful the player can pass the mech and armor platoons through and continue to the objective. In this manner CMCW can kind of simulate breaching an obstacle belt. All that to say a mine plow vehicle in CMCW would be very useful (or whatever mine removal system would be the easiest to implement). I'm guessing a plow similar to the flail tank might fit the bill. Obstacle belts that change location, depending on which AI plan loads, can be located by scouts, breached by engineers and exploited by armor & Mech are cool......
  18. +1. Hilarious. I wish his English was better. If so, he would be even more funny. I wonder what happened to Old Bagdad Bob.
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