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  1. From the briefing: AI PLAN BUILDINGS: In the southwest area of the map are four “AI Plan Buildings”. The buildings have no doors or windows. The buildings are labeled AI Plan One, Two, Three and Four. To reveal which Soviet AI plan is active a friendly unit is moved next to a plan building. The plan building which displays a tentative Soviet contact inside is the current AI plan. A friendly scout team is in the area and can be used to identify the AI plan if desired. If a player does not wish to know which AI plan is active the buildings are easily avoided. This feature may assist with the replay value. Since this is a mini-campaign instead of a stand alone scenario it is more complicated than just opening the editor to turn off / on AI plans. In the above example if a player has already fought against Plan #3 he can choose to start over. Starting over is a little of a PITA but might be easier than trying to use the scenario de-compiler and then opening the editor. Even after all that you would still need to know which plan to turn off. As the briefing states if a player does not wish to know which AI plan is active the buildings are easily avoided.
  2. Some Lend Lease vehicles in action. Sherman Valentine Alarmeinheiten move out in order to counter attack and re-establish the front.
  3. PM sent. I just finished updating everything (as far as I know). Just have to compile the scenarios. Unless some unexpected problem is found it will be off to Bootie soon after the compilation.
  4. Yes. It can be modified for other German branches and nationalities. However, I have tried to use something similar to remove some of the hats on the partisans and ran into problems. This would be cool but have not been able to get it to work correctly, consistently for partisans. The mod was originally made for the CMRT scenario Alarmeinheiten. The majority of the German troops in the scenario are German Army. Only one platoon of SS that can be activated for a price in VPs. Also a very small detachment of Luftwaffe at an airstrip. So the mod focused on the Army.
  5. Hmmm, some of the previous screenshots in this thread displaying missing helmets were taken in the Combat Mission Red Thunder / Fire & Rubble module. Below are a few more. The helmet removal is for the German Army. It will have no effect on the SS or Luftwaffe. It will also work on the Kriegsmarine. There is also a tagged and no tag version of the mod. If using the tagged version the scenario will need to have the tag to activate the mod. Or maybe you are saying the mod does not work in CMFB? I just double checked and it still works in CMFB. Kriegsmarine in CMRT Fire & Rubble SS in CMRT Fire & Rubble (mod is not intended to work for SS) German Army in CMRT Fire & Rubble.
  6. In the scenario editor under Formations most artillery (IIRC exceptions are medium mortars) and all aircraft will not show up on the map. They are off map assets. Often in Infantry, armored infantry and armored formations you will have a choice if some mortars (usually medium) on map or off map. There is sometimes also a choice if infantry is mounted or dismounted. If you choose dismounted the infantry transport vehicles will not show up (halftracks, APCs, trucks, etc.). When there is a choice for on map or off map, for certain equipment, the option is at the bottom of the unit purchase screen. Click on the purchased formation in the top right column (example: 1st Armored Battalion). Then at the bottom of the screen are four boxes. The left box will contain a list of vehicles, sub formations etc. when appropriate. Click on medium mortar (or anything). Now the next box to the right will show more information. For medium mortars there is usually a choice for on or off map. If your still having trouble after reading the above, what game title, nationality and equipment type refuses to appear on the map?
  7. Sounds like you found a Separatist base camp. No message for finding/destroying a base camp. However a base camp will be in the woods, have some combination of foxholes, trenches, sandbag walls, a security element and maybe a vehicle or two. There will also be the barbwire keeping the AI from moving into the AI exit zone. AI reinforcements will still spawn in this base camp for the AI group assigned there. However, now that the wire in that base camp is destroyed the AI reinforcement movement orders will take them into the exit zone and off the map. So this base will not cause you anymore problems. A word of caution. After destroying the wire I would move friendly units out of the area so they don't take casualties from spawning AI reinforcements. The AI will shoot while in the process of going to the exit. The fortifications that make up base camps are protected by the fog of war. So you need LOS to confirm an active camp. Intelligence and foot trails through the woods might lead to a camp. Separatist AI groups will also return to a base camp for reinforcements before another attack. Kind of risky but you might try to follow a group back to their camp. Alt T will also turn the trees on/off. This makes it easier to see trails, units etc. in the woods. Hmmm, trying to remember. You may have located Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE). The actual commander Psycho has a security detachment (he is part of a HQ team). So there would have been a firefight, bodies etc. Was there a grid location and maybe a time given along with the letter F? As an example if the TSE read, F 12345678 1800. That would indicate that Psycho might be at grid 12345678 at 6pm.
  8. +1. IMO it would be very useful to have mine roller vehicles in game for both NATO and Warsaw Pact. Breaching obstacle belts were often trained and planned for. Many real world NTC rotations featured obstacle belts. Maybe a similar game mechanic as already exits in CMBN with the flail tank could be used. But with rollers or plows or whatever would work best instead of the flail. @Geoff-Ludumpress It would also be cool to have some type of mine clearing vehicle in CMRT. To a certain extent obstacle belts and FASCAM can be made to work now with creative use of the scenario editor. However mine clearing vehicles would make these scenarios much better. The four CMCW Kriegsburg scenarios feature FASCAM minefields and obstacle belts. The FASCAM and obstacle belts appear in different locations depending on which AI plan loads. This is accomplished by assigning the mines and wire to AI groups. Paraphrased from the CMCW Kriegsburg BluFor briefing: FASCAM MINEFIELDS: The Soviets have deployed an artillery deliverable FASCAM type minefield. The mines are generally deployed in high traffic areas and choke points. The minefields are both anti-tank and anti-personnel. 3rd Battalion Intelligence advise there are four possible locations where the Soviets deployed FASCAM minefields. The locations are marked on the map (the location of an active FASCAM will vary with the AI plan). Paraphrased from the CMCW Kriegsburg RedFor briefing: OBSTACLE BELTS: The US will often employ obstacle belts to slow or channel attacking Soviet units. The obstacles belts generally consist of wire and mines. They are approximately 50 meters deep with four rows of mines and two rows of wire. They may be up to 600 meters long with the ends tied into restricted terrain. The obstacle belts are covered by both direct and indirect fire. Often a lane is left through the mines to be used by US scouts conducting reconnaissance. The wire is closed but the lane through the mines is still open. Engineers can locate the lanes allowing friendly vehicles and personnel to breach (cross) the obstacle belt. Location of obstacle belts will change with the AI plan. In the scenario breaching an obstacle belt is simulated by breaching the two rows of wire (or crushing with tracks) and then finding a cleared lane through the mines. This is as close as we can get without mine clearing vehicles. Below Soviet scouts locate a US obstacle belt blocking a Soviet Avenue of Advance (this was on scenario author test mode so the mines are all visible). Now the Soviet commander must decide to breach (find the open lane) or take a different Avenue of Advance to the objective. So recon also matters in the Kriegsburg scenarios. The flail tank mechanic (below) but with rollers or plows would make the breaching of obstacles much more realistic and interesting.
  9. Sounds like your only missing the British module. The British module is needed because a British SF unit is in the scenario. This SF unit may become available for use by the player if certain conditions are met (explained in the briefing).
  10. This is an interesting idea and is possible with the current editor when building scenarios. The CMSF scenario Coup d'etat has this feature. The scenario starts at 0400hrs. The briefing advises that the AI player is awarded 200 Victory Points if the human player continues past 0614hrs. The human player may fight on until 0800hrs (the 4 hour engine limit to scenario length) at the cost of the AI opponent earning the 200 VPs. The briefing also advises that regime supporters will take to the streets sometime after 0645hrs (variable timer) which, of course, causes more problems for the human player attempting to consolidate and hold onto gains made during his coup attempt. So the human can play on past 0614hrs but the longer he plays the more potential consequences there will be that can effect the final Victory Point score. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2-2/cm-shock-force-2-scenarios/coup-detat/
  11. Just some mods in use. I think the mods that displayed in the screenshots were; Aris vehicle mod, Aris graphic FX mod and MOS remove some German helmets mod (which includes @benpark helmet mod). https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cmbn-infantry/mos-remove-some-german-helmets-mod-for-cm-ww2-titles/ This mod results in some helmets being removed. Combined with Aris dirty, wounded faces.
  12. @Falcon_the_Slut if you have CMSF you may also enjoy the scenario Coup d'etat. https://community.battlefront.com/topic/134543-new-scenario-coup-detat/ You can call on the USMC to support the coup and or evacuate westerners. Of course the arrival of the USMC will trigger more events.....
  13. Some things are random based on triggers and timers with variable time. Other things like the HUMINT intelligence feed and TSE (Tactical Site Exploitation) will be the same.
  14. +1. I'm often surprised by the little details that I find when moving around the battlefield down at level one. Below are, I think, directions on a panzerfaust. Cool game.
  15. +1 Below is the link for this scenario. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battles-for-normandy/fire-brigade/
  16. +1 These look interesting and would be fun to have in CM. For the modern titles the Merkava would be interesting to use in scenarios. The Merkava looks cool and its ability to carry dismounts inside the tank is something I would like to try in a CM scenario.
  17. Alarmeinheiten has one with the uncommon TOE scenario.
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