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Hello everybody!  It’s that time of year again… specifically the very beginning of it. As per long standing tradition, it’s time for me to say a few words about where things are going for Battlefront and Combat Mission in the new year and a little bit about to wrap up the previous year.

As long time followers of our work know quite well, Combat Mission releases come about whenever they are ready.  That makes predicting release dates pretty tricky.  Sometimes they come out roughly when we think, other times a wee bit later, and rarely MUCH later.  The release of CMFI Road to Victory was one of the latter.  Clearly we got ourselves in too deep with that one as it was back burnered while we did CMSF2 and then took much of 2019 to complete.  We’re very pleased with how it turned out, but we did learn that we’re not going to try anything like that again!  The compounding “gotchas” resulting from so many new forces spanning a large swath of time added up to far more work (time) than we expected it would.  It really exposed the remaining bottlenecks in our development process, that’s for sure.
That said, we’ve continued working on a number of other projects throughout 2019 that are now front and center for our 2020 calendar.  The most immediate of which is Fire and Rubble, the long awaited first Module for CM Red Thunder.  This is a joint internal/external project which is in a very advanced state right now.  How advanced?  I’m glad you asked:
  • The terrain artwork for Germany is complete
  • Most of the German and Soviet forces that are needed are in place.  This includes Waffen SS, Luftwaffe FD, Luftwaffe FJ, Kriegsmarine, and Soviet Lend Lease
  • Volkssturm models and textures are done, with Soviet Partisans coming very soon
  • Master Maps that cover huge swaths of key battle terrain are ready to use for battle making
  • Campaigns are designed and ready for scenario building
The inevitable question is… when will it be ready?  Winter 2020 is as specific as I think I can be at this point.  That’s only a few months and it seems about right for what remains.
With the release of Fire and Rubble coming relatively soon, I’m guessing at least one of you might wonder what else we have planned for 2020.  Might as well get that out of the way now as well ;)
We are not quite sure what the next release will be, though we know for sure it will be one of the following:
  • CM Final Blitzkrieg Module.  This will take the Western Front from the Rein to the Elbe.
  • CM Black Sea Module.  Picture US Marines, Ukrainian VDD, and  Russia VDV forces added to the mix.
  • CM Red Thunder Battle Pack.  A bunch of battles for the late Summer 1944 time period was started a while back and is now moving forward again.
  • At least one more Battle Pack, yet to be determined.
And as always we’ll be working on things we’re not ready to talk about plus the customized British MoD version.  We do like to keep ourselves busy!
Here’s to a happy 2020 :D
P.S.  Oh yeah, there’s this too...








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2 hours ago, Battlefront.com said:

Volkssturm models and textures are done, with Soviet Partisans coming very soon

WooYay!  :D

21 minutes ago, Sequoia said:

Is the bottom screenshot part of Berlin?

I'd judge it to be this bit:


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9 hours ago, Battlefront.com said:

...And as always we’ll be working on things we’re not ready to talk about plus the customized British MoD version.  We do like to keep ourselves busy! ...

Here's hoping that includes a paid upgrade. And, here's hopedy-hoping it might follow along not too long after Fire and Rubble hits the virtual shelves. 😁

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