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  1. I like it. Perfect configuration for hull-down. Looks like it would have very low ground pressure; good for marshes, ice. UNSCDF? What's that all about? Ukraine National Secret Combat Development Force? Would explain the need for good marsh and ice traversal, and the secrecy (never seen that AFV before; surprised, quite a looker). I wouldn't be mad about my tax dollars going to that program. Those ukies sure need it; despite what Black Sea would have you believe (Russian gear over-modeled, severe shot trap flaws ignored, many such cases). Regards, X. Have a whole weekend's worth of crossword puzzles to finish.
  2. K. What about using fiber optic instead of vision blocks/slits (not good for amphib ops) and periscopes? All cables exit through the back of the AFV. Sure, vulnerable, better than nothing. Fiber optic cables; strong; good redundancy (billions of little strands). And about driver's position. My wife gave me the idea when I was working on a tank design; have the crew sit down, coffin style. Ingenious uh? Fiber optic already solves most of the "position" problem. Pretty comfy. Maybe get some padding on the floor. Autoloader can take care of the lifting. Work smart; not hard. Regards, X (PhD).
  3. @John Kettler https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VCDRD3T As I understand, you had to re-specialize after the wall came down. I'll be reading it, looks like solid work. Don't mind Rice, he's bitter... Wish I knew a rice-based dish that was bitter in taste so I could make the joke, but you know, gotta work with the intel you have, a bit of a motto for us military analysts.
  4. Uh, looks like the exact same as vanilla BS to me mr. E
  5. I feel like NEET should be NEETR (neater, heheh). The R stands for Retirement. I don't think we should be lumping in people who've worked hard all their lives and are now taking a much deserved rest with those do-nothing web-chatting louts. Besides, it's not like retired people weren't twice as active as today's youth anyways, whether you include NEETs or otherwise. I can feel in my creaky bones that I'm coming close to retiring myself, but not yet. My brother however, gosh, he spends so much time at the casino it's like he works there; and it's not like he's playing the slots all day long : I've seen him cheer up the pretty croupiers, make small talk with the regulars better than any waiter could, and even troubleshooting electronic poker machines. God bless that man, God bless those who have passion like he has. - regards, Johnny C.
  6. The withdrawal was completely predicted by Battlefront. Why do you think there never was a CM - Afghanistan 2?
  7. What's so bad about Journalists writing about history? They're professionals dedicated to their field, one that values truth-seeking and presenting the public with accurate and well-sourced information. Failing to do those things would result in professional consequences and widespread mockery. At that point, the main difference between the two is the title on their diploma.
  8. Did they have you use ultra-secret classified government-issued colors?
  9. Trenches and barbed wire cannot be rotated independently, they can only be rotated automatically when you place another piece next to one. Imagine two trenches a few spaces apart | | Now once you put one next to the other they will rotate and link up like this ___.___
  10. Day 3 of 24/7 Fire and Rubble vigil. So far no release, nerves frayed, body weak, but heart still strong.
  11. I'm not sure what your point is Rinaldi?? https://gyazo.com/5901baee2b965bbca1b34cc9ceed9ec5
  12. Usually those are available after release. Anyways, there is no real benefit to you for pre-ordering besides showing intense interest in the product. If you want the bundle (if there's going to be one), just wait until the Battlefront release. The Steam release will be in quite a while.
  13. Yeah but that would require prior LOS to the target no? The situation a Shoot n' Scoot command would be most useful for is a high-risk roadside ambush with a small window of opportunity or say a javelin team being used in a true fire and forget fashion.
  14. I would disagree. From the player's perspective, shoot n' scoot can be implemented, but not from the AI's perspective. As of now, the method relies on the Pause command, timing, and luck. I'd rather have a command that allows a team or vehicle to fire 1 missile/grenade/burst/etc... and then retreat.
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