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  1. Gotta say, I certainly don't remember him mentioning that, at least in public 😅 If you get a slap on the wrist, let it be known that you were a martyr for a good cause.
  2. Since you post a lot of screenshots (ie. links), maybe the forum software flagged your account due to an obscure spam/security setting?
  3. You should be ok by just copying the file. After all, for all intents and purposes, CM2 games are composed of two parts : the executable and the .brz files.
  4. I agree, as an average consumer myself, I can't wait to leverage Steam's public platform for the benefit of the community and to provide honest feedback in good faith.
  5. Fighting in heavily defended woods, unless you have high-quality infantry with lots of automatics, or the woods are very small and you have lots of artillery shells on tap is something you want to avoid as much as possible. In the situation you described, I can make out or assume the following : there are two small well defended woods that you have to clear entirely and occupy the enemy defenses consists of light infantry are equipped with a standard load of small arms you have an infantry company plus armored support In this case, here are some possible courses of
  6. Are you running them from separate folders with nothing else than the contents of the patch's archive files in them?
  7. Each module and patch has its own .brz file, so you'll find the assets relating to the G41 in the Rome to Victory pack files.
  8. It's a shame that CM TAC-AI aims only for the center-mass, being able to target specific areas (for example, Theatre of War allows you to target low, center, and high areas on vehicles) would be a great help for weaker AT weapons.
  9. You will feel more at peace with the trees if you (smoke a joint and) consider that their effect on gameplay is not represented 1:1 by their visuals. I find that their leaves conceal less than one would expect, but their trunks more so.
  10. OH **** I JUST TESTED IT, IT WORKS That being said, I know for a fact it wasn't always like this, so I assume the latest patch broke this system. Tested in Final Blitzkrieg as well and the bug is replicated... Oh boy...
  11. Are you sure your opponent didn't mess with you? As far as I'm aware, only the original crew of a tank/armored vehicle is able to crew it, whereas trucks and utility vehicles can be crewed by anybody.
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