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  1. Trenches and barbed wire cannot be rotated independently, they can only be rotated automatically when you place another piece next to one. Imagine two trenches a few spaces apart | | Now once you put one next to the other they will rotate and link up like this ___.___
  2. Day 3 of 24/7 Fire and Rubble vigil. So far no release, nerves frayed, body weak, but heart still strong.
  3. I'm not sure what your point is Rinaldi?? https://gyazo.com/5901baee2b965bbca1b34cc9ceed9ec5
  4. Usually those are available after release. Anyways, there is no real benefit to you for pre-ordering besides showing intense interest in the product. If you want the bundle (if there's going to be one), just wait until the Battlefront release. The Steam release will be in quite a while.
  5. Yeah but that would require prior LOS to the target no? The situation a Shoot n' Scoot command would be most useful for is a high-risk roadside ambush with a small window of opportunity or say a javelin team being used in a true fire and forget fashion.
  6. I would disagree. From the player's perspective, shoot n' scoot can be implemented, but not from the AI's perspective. As of now, the method relies on the Pause command, timing, and luck. I'd rather have a command that allows a team or vehicle to fire 1 missile/grenade/burst/etc... and then retreat.
  7. 1. Shoot n' Scoot command 2. Pre-configurable fallback point to be used when a unit retreats or combined with Shoot n' Scoot 3. UI element or command that lets you disable special weapons like ATGM's on a BMP or Panzerfausts in a Grenadier squad
  8. Gotta say, I certainly don't remember him mentioning that, at least in public 😅 If you get a slap on the wrist, let it be known that you were a martyr for a good cause.
  9. Since you post a lot of screenshots (ie. links), maybe the forum software flagged your account due to an obscure spam/security setting?
  10. You should be ok by just copying the file. After all, for all intents and purposes, CM2 games are composed of two parts : the executable and the .brz files.
  11. I agree, as an average consumer myself, I can't wait to leverage Steam's public platform for the benefit of the community and to provide honest feedback in good faith.
  12. Fighting in heavily defended woods, unless you have high-quality infantry with lots of automatics, or the woods are very small and you have lots of artillery shells on tap is something you want to avoid as much as possible. In the situation you described, I can make out or assume the following : there are two small well defended woods that you have to clear entirely and occupy the enemy defenses consists of light infantry are equipped with a standard load of small arms you have an infantry company plus armored support In this case, here are some possible courses of action, to mix and match according to your best judgement consider using prolonged tank machinegun fire to provide a blanket of suppression consider using a lot of artillery before going in, 80-105mm range would be ideal consider surrounding the woods as much as possible to be able to intercept any movement send scouts ahead to learn of enemy positions, keep them in C2 as much as possible, knowledge of potential enemy positions will be great help for spotting split your men into teams and space them out manually use what micro-terrain there is, unless we're talking about the deepest most pristine forests of eastern europe, woods usually have terrain features that allow for better spotting, easier movement, good or bad concealment; pay special attention to the underlying terrain tiles, the shape of the terrain, the types of trees, the presence of extra foliage like bushes or small hedgegrows, and the alignment of the trees use the slower movement commands and watch out for your men's stamina, it drains extremely quickly in heavy forest terrain if the enemy line has gaps, try to create micro-encirclement as engagement (let alone spotting) ranges are very small and troops attacked from multiple directions fare very poorly in terms of defending themselves and keeping their morale
  13. Are you running them from separate folders with nothing else than the contents of the patch's archive files in them?
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