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  1. It's pretty good, but it does look more like Afghanistan mountains than the Alps/
  2. I'm a little late to the thread, but I think the choices made so far are good ones. Combat Commander is excellent if you are okay with not having vehicles. And Simonitch's operational games are top notch. If Jason is still around and sees this thread he cam probably give you a long essay on the plusses and minuses of different systems/designers. Sadly the Combat Commander designer passed away of cancer last fall. If you're looking for something lighter that seems to have struck a cord with many non-wargamers recently take a look at Undaunted:Normandy, soon to have a sequel Undaunted: North Af
  3. I remember Hamstertruppen but not lobsters.
  4. Say what you will, the NATO strategy worked. I think there was a tendency which carries over to this day to overstate Soviet capabilities for obvious reasons.
  5. I recall CMSF I being used just to show US Army logistics officers just how easy it is to expend literally tons of ammunition in a typical mechanized company engagement. I think that was just an individual initiative by the training school who had purchased several copies of the standard commercial game .
  6. Wow, congrats guys. Somewhere I have an issue of Computer Games magazine with a preview of CMBO I saved. I should find it, scan it and post.
  7. I thought the article was an interesting read. https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-very-drugged-nazis?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  8. Rocketman thinks it's going to be a long long time.
  9. And should you be cut off from rations you can eat them.
  10. I think Black Sea will be up next for its Marine module once the Red Thunder module gets released so sorry JB.
  11. I'd like to see a Korean game. I'd also like to sleep with Heidi Klum but that's not going to happen either.
  12. Thanks for thinking about a Hungary tag. Is there a Poland tag too?
  13. Well I was being humorous I think you all recognize, but the point remains, the Battlefront team can't resist adding in more stuff to make BIG modules despite saying they won't do it ever again.
  14. You guys keep saying you will never do a module like that again. It was said after Gustav Line, it was said while working on Rome to Victory, and now it's being said again. I bet you it gets said again for the Final Blitzkrieg module.
  15. What's next on your bucket list buddy ?
  16. Du you mean the attacking infantry getting plastered by artillery in the AAR?
  17. How does one obtain a Schwimmwagen in the game? Does it randomly replace some Kuebelwagens in high quality units?
  18. Guys, do we really want this thread locked?
  19. This is awesome Mord. The shoulder is a small thing compared to the immersion to Afghanistan scenarios you've just added.
  20. Not if you were one of the Germans.
  21. Well Bill did lose the Final Blitzkrieg beta DAR so he's not unbeatable.
  22. Hello mother or Hi Mom is an old meme on these threads meaning the thread will soon be locked.
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