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  1. Another item. This is a US M728 combat engineer vehicle from the period. I assume it was somewhere in the division Engineer battalion. The main armament is a 165mm M135 short-barreled demolition gun with 30 rounds of HEP (high explosive, plastic) ammunition. I know Batttlefront isn't keen on specialist engineer vehicles. Also I think if they added it, people would expect the dozer blades to work which would require extensive new coding.
  2. The whole universe is just a computer simulation anyway right? Quantum physics proves it. To save on processing power, things aren't rendered until they're observed.
  3. Hi, right, I got where the RPOs fit in. I was asking about the M202A1.
  4. I had to exist somewhere in the TO&E. Or is it part of an asset not in the game?
  5. How can we be sure that's not the evil Steve from the Mirror Mirror universe?
  6. And if you don't mind answering Steve, if I'm not mistaken, the accompanying map to CMSF One did not include any Turkish forces on the NATO side. Many NATO forces started out in Turkey however. Was the absence of Turkish ground forces intentional? Thanks
  7. I read a post once somewhere that I know I wouldn't be able to find again, so consider it apocryphal, but it was supposedly from a former East German soldier who said if they went to war with NATO, the first thing they would do was kill their officers.
  8. Sgt Joch posted a link to an Afghanistan discussion at the A few Good Men website: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/threads/us-withdrawal-from-afghanistan-your-thoughts.33410/#post-319695 TGFM is a good club if you are looking for MP games as well... Probably best we don't start another here. It's not as if anything will be resolved. IIRC however, there are some Afghanistan mods and scenarios for CMSF.
  9. iirc Steve once talked about an Elite forces Pack for CMFI. I can see the same for CMBN. Of course scenario pack are always popular.
  10. First I want to say I fully support Battlefront's and the Cold War designers decision not to simulate chemical weapons use in Cold War. I'm not qualified enough to critique the linked essay, but the author argues, despite all the major players training to defend against chemical attack, their use would probably not have occurred in our Cold War gone hot Germany setting. Collections: Why Don’t We Use Chemical Weapons Anymore? – A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry (acoup.blog)
  11. Nationale Volksarmee (or something like that). The East German Army.
  12. I'd make people pay a ransom to get their reputation points back.
  13. Spain was not part of NATO at the time, though IIRC the US had an air wing there. Portugal's army was pretty small. Who's to tell who would do what? There are so many variables. For Turkey I just wish MikeyD would release that Turkish Leopard mod he was working on for Shock Force 2.
  14. That also looks as if it's the intended Corps composition once all the Reforger units arrive.
  15. Doctor, I won't argue with your rationale, but the backstory just isn't very important in the 3 hypothetical families. I for one would rather see other armies and 1979 and 1982 TO&Es rather than extend the timeframe on the existing units by one year. Just my opinion.
  16. Is it possible Fire and Fury made an error and left out the 4th brigade 4th Mech? Does it have 3rd brigade 1st Mech Inf Division for VII corps? To elaborate ISS 'The Military Balance' lists USAREUR as having 4 divisions plus three separate brigades, The two Armored Cavalry Regiments, plus th Berlin Brigade. I believe the breakdown was as such: Vth Corp 3rd Arm Div 8th Mech Inf Div 4th brigade of the 4th Mech Inf Div 11th Arm Cav Reg It doesn't list the support brigades you have but I know they were there. VIIth Corps 1st Arm Div 3rd Mech Inf Div 3rd brigade 1st Mech Inf Div 2nd Arm cav Reg plus the support units. Way up north not part of either corps was the 3rd brigade of the 2nd Armored division.
  17. International Institute of Strategic Studies 1979/1980 lists USAEUR having 2 Armored, 2 Mech inf, 1 arrmd and 2 mech inf brigades plus two ACRs. plus the Berlin Brigade. I believe the brigades were 4/4th for V Corps and 3/1 for VII Corps. Up north away from everyone else was the 3/2 arm brigade.
  18. Wasn't the 4th brigade 4th Mech infantry division part of V Corp at the time (I know most divisions only had 3 brigades, but I think the 4th was the lone exception)
  19. @Combatintman. The idea was based I think on a old 1970s board wargame Invasion America that had an alt history from the 1980s to roughly 2000 when the invasions took place and was not supposed to be a serious prediction of the future. To be fair the same company, SPI, has another game Objective Moscow of the whole world ganging up to invade the Soviet Union in the late '90s.
  20. I assume you mean you'd bet your two pensions on an "Invasion America" module not being the first module and not that there won't be any modules right? If so, I'd agree. I'd be surprised if we ever saw it. Didn't Mikey D do a CMSF module of a modern US Civil war scenario? I don't remember if he based his map on actual US terrain.
  21. If and when we get a German module one could make scenarios based on this boardgame. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/5958/nato-nukes-nazis
  22. Yeah I knew that one would come up. :). I should have added you had to add the exact year as killing him in 1933 would have far different repercussions than doing it than say in 1919. Thanks!
  23. Just for kicks, say in the future time travel backwards was possible. Let's forget about all the time paradoxes etc for now. You would travel back alone and with no artifacts from the future as they did in the Terminator movies. What would you try to change? What would you think the repercussions of that change would be? Others are of course free to respond to your thoughts on your repercussions and add repercussions you may not have though of. I hope this thread isn't too goofy for the Battlefront audience.
  24. P.S. I think I confused the Dutch with the Belgians (forgive me both countries). My source (S&T 56) has two Belgian divisions in Germany but doesn't say where exactly as it does for other units,
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