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  1. Campaign 'The Scottish Corridor'
  2. Looking for some opponents to play any of the WWII Titles, PBEM, Small QB's, using some 'House Rules & Mods to make feel a little more realistic and interesting.
  3. Think I remember reading-up on that Campaign you were involved with, @Probus. I really liked how it was designed with several sectors of a map that needed to be taken or lost from enemy (similar to a grand tactical board game using hexes). If you can find that thread, and post it here for Artkin, then that would also give him some ideas.
  4. Artkin, Go ahead and make it CMBN up to Battalion size Campaign (3x Games) with CW (make it Canukes) vs Germs...I will play one of the Companies. Each Player controls a Company...So, If you only have 3x Players (including yourself), then there would be 2x Companies, and you play as Overall Commander and control the Battalion/Div assets (if 4x Players, then 3x Companies, and you as overall). Joe
  5. Nope...There is nothing wrong as mine is the same :-)
  6. Well, Gerry, I see you have finally upgraded to CMx2...Welcome aboard :-)
  7. Yes, and its been long while...Where have you been, my Brothren.
  8. Ahh, another RO Player...I haven't played in a few years, but I remember some of the Older Players (I was old back then). Sometimes, I would also play against the RO AI, but apparently you can't do that anymore, since things have changed since after 5.0 major update. Now, they are up to 8.0 or 10.0 or somefink like that in past couple years.
  9. I still remember when CMBN first came out, and players complained that Tiny QB's had only a Platoon or two of Infantry and a Vehicle...Then, BF increased it across the board and Tiny Battles had a Reinforced Company more worth of Troops and couple Vehicles. I still prefered the Former :-/
  10. Thou, I understand what @MikeyD is trying to say in regards to Higher Casualty Rates in CM due to Tip of the Spear Formations being in direct Front Line Combat..However, it's @LongLeftFlank and his explanation that is by far the better RL explanation.
  11. Hey BillytheGoat, Just get one of these older Dell XPS M1730 off Fleabay: Dell XPS M1730 in "Computers, Tablets, and Networking" | eBay
  12. And here I'm complaining that Squads thrown Nades way too often...I think 1x Nade per FIreteam per turn would be more appropriate.
  13. Sorry, but no D&D...However, Middle Earth, and Space Marines 40k games would be interesting :-)
  14. Don't worry...Hope BF comes out with a 'Star Trek' Combat Simulator to entertain us Trekkies/Sci-Fans :-)
  15. Now, I know BF says that there's 'Aim at Center Mass', but shouldn't Short range shots have a higher percentage of hits to top of Upper Hull and Turret (rounds travel slightly upward), and Long range shots have a higher percentage of hits to bottom-half of upper Hull and Lower Hull (rounds falling slightly downward) ? Or, maybe its the way CM's Algorithm works, and why we see it the other way around. I remember one of my miniature rules had short range 75% of time turret hits, and long range 75% of time hull hits.
  16. Yeah, attempting to download the Windows 3GB version, but nothing is downloading. Ahh, Nevermind...All is well now as I simply had to wait a few minutes before the download started.
  17. Well, Harry, at least you have all the WWII Titles (if you don't...minus well get them all) to keep you busy until CMx3 :-)
  18. Thanks, akd, for the provided in-depth information...
  19. How does your Low-Visibility look when a units Panics, etc...Will it even look Lower ?
  20. I know there is a 'Method to your Madness'...So, please share the Mod (no need to share the process).
  21. Don't worry...When all is said and done, it will make its way back in so you can't take out those Pesky Partisans held-up in the building :-)
  22. Don't EVER, Ever, Ever consider East Prussia part of Eastern Europe...You Heathen :-/
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