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  1. +Thrice...The Game doesn't know it's on a Firing Range (different parameters), compared to Combat conditions. Please, and NOOOooo to telling BF to reduce the Spotting to near Zero ...I think all the near averages work out good enough.
  2. Yes, you can open the file, move several units around, save it, and come back to it later (I've done this in the past a few times)....Just need to rename the PBEM Game File each time you do it (thou, I think the computer will automagically do it for you). Just make sure to delete the older and keep the later version each time so you wont get confused. This is easy to reproduce by starting a PBEM Hotseat against yourself to see how it works.
  3. Effectiveness can vary from Unit Types/Organizations...I'm sure someone will come along and give you the proper specifics...
  4. Ok, and after a couple hiccups sending files normally, we ended-up Zipping the Files back-in-forth, and finally the PBEM is back in action...Thanks again, @Schrullenhaft and @BFCElvis
  5. As a side note, and what I don’t find realistic, is having a unit with satchel charges moving up to a hedgerow and destroying a section all in same turn...In RL Engineers would have to move up and prepare the detonation charges (making holes for charges, etc) taking several minutes to do so. This is why I think this along with digging foxholes, getting ammo at ammo dumps, etc, ere better suited for Campaigns, Operations and not for your typical CM Scenario.
  6. Ok, I asked him and It turns out he purchased CMBN 4.0 Big-Bundle (all content) and I purchased everything as well, but in stages as they came out over the years. In any case, I gave him the Original Scenario from the game (that I modified by taking out all the units and placing new ones) to put in his Scenario folder to start the PBEM game, and I was finally able to see that file in my game.
  7. Ok, I told him to start-up a new game and send game file...Now, the Game File is showing in my game. Lets hope it continues this way. Thanks again, guys
  8. We started doing a QB, and didn't work, then a scenario and didn't work...I send him the first file 001 (needs password), and he sent me back 002, and that didn't work (shows up in my Incoming Game Folder, but not in game).
  9. Think he was probably the 2nd person ever I had issues with PBEM...We are using Dropbox. I wonder if it might matter if he is using a Mac vs my PC, or that I have all the Modules and he might not ? (need to ask him about that), thou it probably doesn't matter. Ok, going to Zip files back n forth via Dropbox and see what happens. Thanks, Schrullenhaft
  10. We just start started playing our first game, and ended-up going through the procedure twice (to see if it happens again...once was a QB, and next a Scenario), and both times his game file doesn't show up in my game.
  11. Me and Opponent both have CMBN @4.03, I give him a gave file that works, but when I get a game file back from him it doesn't work. I can see the game file in my incoming folder, but doesn't show in game. Joe
  12. Campaign 'The Scottish Corridor'
  13. Looking for some opponents to play any of the WWII Titles, PBEM, Small QB's, using some 'House Rules & Mods to make feel a little more realistic and interesting.
  14. Think I remember reading-up on that Campaign you were involved with, @Probus. I really liked how it was designed with several sectors of a map that needed to be taken or lost from enemy (similar to a grand tactical board game using hexes). If you can find that thread, and post it here for Artkin, then that would also give him some ideas.
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