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  1. I'm with Vacillator...Only WWII Stuff, no Modern.
  2. Win 10 Intel 2550k AMD 7790. This is interesting...I start up CMBN game, click a unit and give it a move order and the Mouse just sits there in stuck mode (can't give unit an order and move mouse around screen at same time). It's only when I undo a units order that I can move mouse normally. ***Never mind***...I must have accidentally clicked on ALT+E (edge camera movement) at some point which caused my problem. All back to normal
  3. Hey Womble, just checking in to see if you are still around these forums 🙂

  4. I miss the 'Good Ole' Days' in CMx1 where you needed somewhere around 50% more troops (or points) then the enemy to occupy an Objective to take it.
  5. Yeah, I already figured BF would put the brakes on any further development of CMBS or any similar/future conflicts...Between precision Drone/Arty strikes as major players on the Modern Battlefield, modelling this in a wargame is something BF is probably not willing to take on.
  6. Ahh Yes, good Ole Talonsoft East & West Fronts from back in the late 90's...Good memories for sure
  7. Don't worry...You might still get some sort of 'Space Lobsters' game in far future.
  8. You should see CW Scenarios/Campaigns from Oct 44'-April 45' (maybe May).
  9. Basic development of CMSF started right after the release of CMAK in early 2K...So, when CMSF was released in 2007' development of CMBN would have started shortly after that with its release in 2011'.
  10. All you CM Players need is a little Faith for BF and Crew
  11. Come-On Guys, you know your still going to play CM till end days...Even if BF has no more updates, upgrades, new products, etc, etc
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