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  1. Come on, John, you know the only Big Scale Miniatures that matter where the HO ROCO Minitanks/Roskoft and 1/76 Airfix using TRACTICS HO Rules :-)
  2. Noticed this while setting up a Tiny/Small QB Meeting, Infantry Only, in April 44 against Human Opponent...When using the 'Suggestion' box to purchase a Formation (much easier for me to let the AI purchase a Formation) I noticed there were Pillboxes under the Formation. Just about 50-75% of the time that I click on 'Suggestion' Box there is anywhere from 1 to 4 Bunkers. I figured this to be an issue since this is a 'Meeting Engagement' and not an Attack/Defense/Probe...Unless, BF, sees 'Meeting Engagements' (since ME's are technically rare) as a form of Attack/Probe and decided to leave t
  3. Ok, and understand...It does have that Modern feel to it where today's troops are trained to hold weapons differently compared to WWII.
  4. Hmm, what Modern Weapon do you think it might be...Are you maybe referring to the German Para FG-42 LMG ?
  5. Yes, a Radius around Contact Marker, or if the effects of Contact Marker is removed after so many turns would be nice.
  6. So, how did the Shermans spot the AT's (and range) behind the Hedgerow if the AT's didn't fire ?...I know my tests showed that Sandbagged Shermans couldn't spot the ATG's firing at them 250 meters away, while the normal Sherman or Crate Sherman was able to spot same AT after it fired a few rounds.
  7. Unfortunately, that is also my concern...Once your Unit spots a enemy Unit (through visual or C2, etc), it will then have a a big spotting advantage against that enemy unit for rest of game no matter when and where on the map. "I already spotted you earlier in game, and no matter where you Move & Hide I will find you just as fast"..."Oh, and it doesn't matter if I get distracted by a number of other enemy units, and for how long..."I Will Always Know What You Did Last Summer".
  8. Yes, it's CMBN, and the M4 Late Sandbag/Crate Shermans were mixed in about 50% of the time.
  9. I would like some of to do the same type/similar tests and see what you come-up with...
  10. Ok, I ran this test, (out of curiosity) around two dozen times just to see what the penetration was for the 50/38 AT (behind Hedgerow 250 meters) vs M4 Late from the front, and what the reaction times were for return fire, etc...What I discovered is the M4 (non-sandbagged) will spot and return fire after the 50/38 AT shoots about 2-3 rounds...However, the same M4 Late (Sandbagged) never spotted or returned fire even after takes several hits. Could this be a Bug, Game limitation, or something overlooked ?
  11. Thanks for the info, guys...Yeah, I'm using 'Tanks a Lot' and 'Pats', Buildings Mods.
  12. I have a set of 'Building' Mods (think they are 'Tanks alot') and just remembered some of the Models are missing their bottom floors...I also thought there was a thread or post a long time ago that mentioned some issues with the Building Mods on Game Play (Door placement affecting troop movement or somefink), but can't remember.
  13. Hmm, you would have thought there would've been a closer range away from contact marker before loosing the effect..300 m is a pretty far spread, and doesn't give much room for enemy to use counter tactics (ex..enemy can't surprise you as well by getting on your flank, because you've already spotted him earlier in game). Also, does Moral effect also how many Enemy Contact Markers a Unit can remember before loosing that Contact Markers effect all together (from dark to transparent to disappear)...ex; a Green Unit will remember 10x Enemy Units for such and such time, but a Vet will rememb
  14. ^ THIS ^ I also think Units carry far too many rounds in CM then they should, and another reason I don't like using the 'ACQUIRE' feature...Thou, and at the same token, Units in CM also fire their weapons far too often in comparison (most units only fire when necessary and of opportunity), and tend to use up more Ammo.
  15. Ahh, the Leopard 1...I consider it to be the best Post War Tank right before Ultra Modern (M1, Leo 2, Challenger, etc).
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