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  1. I haven't forgotten to finish this. Just split ten ways at the moment mostly due to real life work. Only two parts left to finalise.
  2. I haven't even contemplated how to update the post-WW2 version for Cold War. I've been too busy with work/RL to think that far ahead. Good news is I'm due about 14 weeks of annual leave at this point so may tackle it later in the year. This will be well after the title is released however so keep records of your AAR screens and battle conditions separately until then.
  3. I remember being around for the CMBO demo and release days and felt the odd one out being a teenager at the time. Had to borrow my mum's credit card and everything. Then there was the long wait for the package to be shipped with the CD and manual, watching the forums as members posted they'd received there copy. I can't remember if there was a download option but it probably wasn't viable on 56k dial up. Hazy memory on this one but IIRC, you've said in the past nationalities probably play a part in base game sales numbers particularly in the US where they seem to favour playing a gam
  4. I'm assuming you are new to the series? The best way I've tried to explain Combat Mission as a strategy title is it's more equivalent to ARMA or DCS than say Call of Duty. If you are coming off something like the Men of War or the Steel Division series there's still going to be a huge learning curve. (That's not to say those titles are inferior in any way - just aiming for a different audience). CM has always placed realism / history > gameiness. Don't expect everything you face to have a natural counter or for everything to be perfectly balanced - it wasn't, and the games reflect this and
  5. What can I say without breaking my NDA. Mmmm.... It's a small and highly experimental battle/situation. Certainly not 'tournament friendly'. If you were the commander launching this kind of action in real life I'd guess you'd likely be shot by your own troops. Sort of 'Hollywood flair' mixed with 'Kiwi Soldiers' kind of difficulty. At least based on testing results. I even lost playing my own work as the defenders. If you think this experimental idea is garbage, rest assured there's plenty of other more traditional thinking man's CM scenarios to get your teeth into with this module.
  6. I need to upload the update that tool post-FR release. Haven't even put any thought how the Cold War should be covered. Simply not enough time in the day to work on it, plus coming home and doing the same thing I'm paid to do the eight hours before isn't the most appealing thing on the list. Latest serious update I did was a dedicated CMSF2 tracker (unreleased) with more detail for players running through the Blue force stock campaigns and scenarios for CMSF2. Essentially allowing you do track your progress against Operation Iraqi Freedom etc in terms of comparing casualties etc. Still a
  7. What he said. You may need to manually update the pivot tables as well to read the new dates. Excel can be a bit funny in that area. There is an update planned a little while from now that has the real world date extended to 2030.
  8. 5 – Campaign Briefing and Narrative (Making Me Care) “Words are how we think; stories are how we link.” Christina Baldwin Campaign briefings are a unique part of a designer’s arsenal to provide additional information and narrative to the player. Campaigns are fundamentally larger affairs either in units, terrain and/or time. There should as a result be more information to impart to the player to provide them with context, purpose and information. The only physical difference between a campaign briefing and regular scenario briefings is that a campaign briefing will
  9. *Cough* https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/uncategorized/ithikials-combat-mission-victory-calculator-version-2/ *Cough*
  10. I haven't been on YouTube for years! I think Josey Wales, DoubleD and Hapless have the honour of carrying the torch now.
  11. What he said. Distracted in a good way at the moment with Fire and Rubble but this will be finished. Final three sections will be: 5 - Campaign Briefings (drafting now) 6 - Campaign Scripts 7 - Testing and Balance (Dad is also out of hospital doing well) Cheers Ithikial
  12. Just prior to the Courland Pocket being formed actually but broadly in the same vicinity. The Soviets cut off Army Group North twice. The first (and somewhat less well known) occurred in late July 1944, with a land connection re-established mid-August. Rather than bulling back to a more defensible position, Hitler ordered the Army Group to hold firm which in part led to them being cut off and trapped again soon after in what became to Courland Pocket. Pub trivia - the number of troops trapped in to the first pocket in Estonia and eastern Latvia was larger than what was lost at Stalingrad.
  13. Apologies if there are still typos and flow problems in the post above. It's been a work in progress in drips and drabs over the past week both in and out of hospital. My Dad had an operation last week so there have been constant visits. Will review again after the holidays before the next part.
  14. 4 – Creating the Core Unit File “I am the vanguard of your destruction.” Sovereign Before we begin, a recap from Part 1: Core Unit File - A master file that is the central collection point for all campaign level elements. It is also the file that is used to compile and create the final campaign. Will include all Core Units, the Campaign Briefing, Campaign Briefing Imagery, the Campaign Script (sort of we’ll get to that). The Core Unit File is the glue that holds all the campaign specific elements together. At this point as you start to pull individual
  15. Tip to make maps a little less daunting. At least what works for me. - Do the nature stuff first. Elevations, ground tile coverage (map out forests etc) and water. - Roads and rail next as they are the most trickiest to match up to a pre-existing map given the 45 degree limitation. Also bridges. - Everything else. I like to focus on pockets at a time and build it up to near completion before moving on. Stay out of the 3D preview mode until a batch of work is done in a pocket and review all at once.
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