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  1. Hide is an order that does more than what it says on the tin. It tells your troops to keep their heads down so is very useful in barrage situations if they are in hard cover. Well except for a direct hit or air bursts. Troops that don't hide will pop their heads up from foxholes and trenches as soon as the suppression lifts which can cause problems if the barrage is lighter or there has not been a nearby impact for a while. The trade off is you gain protection but lose quite a bit of spotting ability so can be risky if you know there are enemy nearby coming up behind the barrage. A number
  2. Hold up. Did you update to 2.04? Also I think the updated campaign with fixes needs to be released. @BFCElvis ?
  3. It's all cool mate happy for the feedback. Yeah if you knocked out 9 tanks then it's hard for the Allied player to claw their way back. For a minute I there I thought something had gone horribly wrong with the VP allocation. A touch on edge after the CMSF2 Dutch Campaign problem. Glad you enjoyed it. It's not a like for like H2H match up so probably not suitable for tournament play but mirror matches would probably be the most equal approach for tackling this one in multiplayer.
  4. It does but you can't set up a map that is already been the site of a battle. Well you can with buildings/ruins and craters added manually but you can't tweak the trees to reflect the a battered state.
  5. <-- Scenario designer. Happy to take a look at the save game if you still have. Victory conditions are in the briefing and the VP allocation is in top image. I think you destroyed enough of the Shermans to get across the line. The Shermans award the most VP on purpose for the German player. The Germans need to focus down the Irish Guard armour to cause problems for a possible further allied advance north of the bridge. We know Market Garden wouldn't be launched until a week later, but at this point but the Germans had no idea and had nothing ready to defend anything north of the pos
  6. The two big things I've wanted to be able to do as a designer with the AI is: - Triggers for reserve forces. Would allow the 'rescue/activation' of additional units once specific location is reached on the map by friendly or enemy forces. - The ability for designers to run both side's AI plans in parallel as part of the testing process. Essentially so they push play and watch a battle unfold. This allows them to see where forces start spotting each other and if the AI plans are broadly working as intended before they send it out to another person(s) to test blindly. Playing one side
  7. Oooh I like the idea of 'tricking' the games for to generate trees with no foliage. Always bugged me when you are trying to create a pre-destroyed landscape to fight over it was impossible to have defoliated trees among the destruction. The flavour objects introduced in some later titles helps a bit but that does take forever to 'plant' an entire forest.
  8. Five Lions was a CMSF2 narrative campaign that actually went through to completion and had a Syrian campaign victory. CMSF2 and to a lesser extent CMBS are lopsided in favour of blue force so the trick I used here was to have varying and secret campaign objectives for both sides. You'll have a more balanced approach if you go with the WW2 titles I'd imagine. As for a mass community event, all I'll say is good luck. Part of the reason this went through to completion was the small number of players (4 per side) including one overall commander. Plus there was a fixed end point to the campai
  9. Nah that's fine, that should be enough info. I'll take another look tonight to triple check.
  10. I double checked this and can't see this from the units that start the battle on map. I think you may have got lucky and ambushed some reinforcing Syrian Units before they got to their final positions. I wouldn't say unplayable but there's less information presented than promised in the briefing. I think there was a mix up between the briefing graphics and the text in the briefing. I've tweaked the words to give the player intel in the briefing without laying out exactly where each minefield is located. See my earlier post on the matter. As for changes: - Briefing tweaks such
  11. I think something got missed with the updated tac map as part of the revamp. I've tweaked the briefing alongside other fixes picked up over the the past few months. New version should be available soon. For your play through, avoid areas that provide cover and concealment on your approach.
  12. Yes that's one of the little tweaks to the early part of that campaign revamp we made. If you win the first mission, the next two (which occur simultaneously) are set at dusk, but if you lose the first mission they occur much later on in the dead of night and IIRC the troops start those battles in a tired state. Just simulating the advance being stalled somewhat once the Dutch force crossed the border from Turkey.
  13. Master maps weren't 'a thing' back with the Commonwealth Module was released. Also the Scottish Corridor campaign takes place over a very large area so perhaps not Master Map material. You can use one of the campaign extraction tools to draw out all the individual scenarios, delete all the units and AI plans and you'll have a blank map to play with.
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