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  1. Hhmm can’t mind what module I made em with now TBH. been so long!! Nope Not touched em.
  2. Check out the missions in Forging Steel. They’re from a campaign I did but I also released em as unpacked missions. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2/cm-shock-force-campaigns/usmc-forging-steel-the-missions/ if something I can do to tweak anything to what you need let me know no promises but I can see what I can do cheery!
  3. Relevant podcast as two guys (serving Brit Army) discuss challenges of training and fighting at night. Some good insight into limitations of NV kit. https://wavellroom.com/podcast/night-fighting-tea-toast-and-tactics-with-ash/
  4. Overlooks the view that if you are fighting a balanced engagement you are not doing it right. in CM if you want balanced best play QBs H2H. Scenarios are not often balanced in the sense you are asking fir. A lot of CMSF2 is asymmetric- Syrian conventional forces taking on NATO conventional forces toe to toe will not end well for them. you can work around this by effectively recreating ‘sandbox’ engagements where REDFOR (Syrian) given top of the lone kit and maxed out experience levels (NTC type thingy) versus bottom of the line NATO stuff with lower experience levels.
  5. Last comp was excellent fun. I've never really been one for comps but this previous Warrior comp was such a blast. Played some top notch nice guys, won some, lost some, and made some new PBEM friends. The missions were short and sharp and packed a punch for their small size and short duration. Touch of the "Kobayashi maru" about some i.e. no way you were going to win and nae chance of fiddling with the programme. So suck it up and go out fighting! Being a Scot I loved that hopeless situation! Well worth joining in as @slysniperruns a tight ship so the comp goes like clockwork.
  6. From The Realm of a Dying Sun Volume 1 superb detailed insight into the workings of a corps staff plus solid operational account of combat in Poland follow on volumes (2 just published) chart the operational history of IV SS Pz.Kps https://books.google.co.uk/books/about/From_the_Realm_of_a_Dying_Sun_Volume_1.html?id=OF3JDwAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button&redir_esc=y
  7. As when playing H2H if you can ensure the player is channelled (often easier said than done but good terrain recce!) into kill sack, gets pinned and then AI will spot the 'live' targets and pound em! The AI appears to be a bit tight at using heavier stuff in this regard (maybe because no-one stands round for long enough?) but most mortars and arty up to 75/76 seem used quickly and effectively by the AI on live targets.
  8. The Ai is generally pretty good at using mortars - they have fast response times compared to heavier artillery. It also helps if AI has TRPs (though would depend on context of action if appropriate) and experienced FOs. Also helps if everyone is in good C2. The AI won't do speculative fire - for that you'd need to use the AI Plan i.e. planned fires. In an ideal world be useful to have AI arty fire also being triggered by player units moving into an area, but for now we have to use workarounds.
  9. It can be either poor design, or as often happens, players are way more aggressive than the designer, or playtesters (assuming it was tested) could foresee. Its more prone to happen on small maps. I use a reinforcements slot to warn the player of approaching enemy units, but players often miss this. As an anecdote. In the very, very early days of CMSF (where there were significant map size limitations) i did a scenario which involved a Stryker ATGM unit holding off an attacking Syrian armoured unit. Now everyone who play tested this, and myself, played cautiously and tended to stick to 'o
  10. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2/cm-shock-force/nato-tv-98-5-steelers/ Its one of mine @akd that is the link to the original version done under CMSF (orginal). But I think Erwin might have been playing the updated versions I was working on in CMSF2 (which have not been released) and you can find them at this DB link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1eab57wmyvu38zh/AABoJkWKgVZ8nvJjaSnIOfkRa?dl=0 I'm not sure the spotting issue would matter as both versions use the same base forces. The changes I made were mainly AI plan and map stuff to take advantage of new fe
  11. Interesting discussion. I've played around a fair bit with 'EXIT' options. However, I've found as soon as you allocate 'destroy' unit objectives where their side has an 'EXIT' objective it means any units that don't exit of the map will count as 'destroyed' at the end. Now you can allocate a bonus the affected to off-set this but it can make scoring problematic. Using 'spot' unit objectives avoids this and you can account for stuff going 'boom' using the parameters e.g. enemy casualties 30% etc (though they are binary i.e. its all or nothing to get the points). I've found using 'EXIT
  12. I’ll let you off Yup it’s abstracted. My recollection is it was discussed in the early days but most likely not implemented die to various issues.
  13. I have a vague memory (don't quote me!) that the crew of the AFV will always have the appropriate round loaded and ready to fire (except smoke) i..e if they turn a corner and its a tank they'll fire AP, if infantry HE. So you could argue 9assming my recall is accurate) that the crew always make the best choice what to have loaded! As I said smoke not being a default option though - least I've never noticed a AFV fire smoke rounds when making contact with enemy unless told to do so by the player.
  14. Not tried it in a QB, bus as said used it in a few scenarios (not saying which ones...). As an aside I've also started using (in some case) a victory objective around the area where the mines are (can be marked as 'known to player' or 'unknown') as either gives the player fair warning there are mines, and b/ as you can't count mines and other obstacles as victory conditions at least I can have the area they are in count.
  15. Not anti-tank. Wire. you can’t blow AT obstacles with engineers in CM but you can blow wire. Two ways of getting through wire. Blow by engineers or run over with vehicle. Whilst physical damage might be light it also introduces uncertainty about not the players mind. Might be wary next time in blowing wire.
  16. Thank you @MOS:96B2P appreciate the kind comment re @Vacilllator’s opening post. Assume you mean the AI plans i.e. strategic AI and how the AI controlled side coordinates it’s efforts? The tacAI i.e. how individual AI sub units react like vehicles and men is the same across the game engine. How the strat AI works in CMRT game engine wise is the same as in it’s the CMBN except older scenarios may not use additions to the AI plan process that became available to designers latterly - triggers, area fire etc. Then it’s how the designer uses the tools in the actual mission
  17. I've booby trapped obstacles (barbed wire) with AT mines in scenarios. Engineers come along - try to blow the wire and whole thing goes 'boom'! Sometimes it takes out a few engineers, not often though, nor will it reliably take out all the mines.
  18. Aye I enjoy the logitics side as well - one reason I enjoy large scenarios. You have to factor in way more 'higher' level stuff. I've not long finished up a PBEM and the greatest challenge - as well as my opponent throwing a spanner in at what felt like every turn, was co-ordinating a large force to force a crossing over several defended crossing sites. With the key the one I could cross (that was not under as much fire as the others) was a muddy ford... I'd Tigers also but did not dare risk em crossing the mud, so they had to wait till i managed to seize a heavy bridge so they could cross. M
  19. Yes you can plot points from kilometers away to check if you can cross. Think of it as route reconnaissance. You can also do the same with water features, all terrain really, to check if it is navigable by your herd of Elefants or packs of Panthers (hhmm...do Panthers hunt in packs, I don't think so...?).
  20. IIRC you'll receive feedback in-game when you try to plot a move over it. Anything wide and stony should be OK for your large stuff. Wooden less so. IIRC lighter tanks like T-34s/PzIVs and panthers are Ok on wood. Tigers upwards in weight less so.
  21. The numbers are the number of meters in length the bridge is. R = rail (but just to confuse when you come to wooden ones the R does not mean that). F = footbridge W = wide FYI Panzer IVs will cross any bridge but once you get into larger tanks you'll have issues. From memory the wee narrow stone bridges (Stone 16 etc) are problematic for wide heavy tanks are as the light bridges. I often mark the bridges in missions as to what they can take.
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