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  1. Good skillz! I did do a double take when i first read it! Aye its classic stuff. Reckon the quote that works for this phase of your grand plan is "I am a bawhair away fae perfection..." Looking forward to the next installment!
  2. Excellent updates. And a Still Game reference as weel! Ya beezer!
  3. Nice one. Aye it’s a pain having to do that. It’s rare that ToE changes break stuff, but sometimes **** happens! Good you back up and running.
  4. He's still kicking. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_Saeed_al-Sahhaf
  5. Hhmm… KT7 then along the road and support by fire fir an attack on the objective?
  6. Ah cool. This new core units file - you'll have to update ALL the missions in the campaign with it. So it sounds like as you trying to update each of these missions individually with the revised core units files the game is crashing? Correct? If so I'd suggest with the three causing issue is make a copy of each of these missions. Then delete any units related to the core unit file that are there, then update each scenario (with the deleted units) with the new core units file. Top tip!! take some screenshot/photos of the units (re AI plan, unit victory allocations and their deployment on the map etc BEFORE deleting em!)
  7. Just to clarify - you are trying to update the 3 scenarios with your revised core units file and NOT compile the whole campaign? Before compiling the whole campaign you would have to ensure all your scenarios have units allocated based on the revised core units file. But it does sound like this is what you are doing or at least trying to do? Yeah it scuks - I feel yer pain! I have done the whole update/redeploy for a campaign four times now due to various ToE changes...
  8. That sounds like there is an incorrect unit ToE - what is unique about the scenarios that crash it re ToE that does not apply to the other scenarios that do? Oh is this CMRT perchance?
  9. Aye there’s a Scottishvoice already in the sound files Also did a sweary voice mod for @Mordwhich used a lot of err… vernacular words…
  10. He! Thank you! Excellent job re the graphics - just catching up on this thread!
  11. He! Aw...shucks Thank you!
  12. Snipers and always going for the high value targets... Excellent update thanks.
  13. I really enjoy the suspense and anticipation of the initial scouting/advance to contact phase of a mission. This one I think provides this. Really enjoying the sitreps. Oh I often pretend I’m in the point scout unit and play the unit that way as if my life depended on it!
  14. I think hazy mornings in CM give the best lighting effects.
  15. Excellent! Top class. I’d a great fun play testing this one. Our approaches are very similar. Looking forward to the next instalment.
  16. You trying to load the file to this forum? If so there is a limit on size of files than can be uploaded. Dropbox easy to use and minimum fuss sign up. Other cloud providers are available Or email it to me and I'll host it on my own dropbox and sedn you the link for you to share? Just PM me your email.
  17. https://www.ukfightclub.co.uk/post/what-is-fight-club
  18. Really enjoyed the video. Huge thx fir compiling this pack
  19. Test firing of a Swedish RBS-56 BILL anti-tank missile against an old Centurion tank filled with fuel and ammunition, seen from two different angles.
  20. Thank you I’m away from PC just now. This is a shot I took a ways back and had uploaded to imgur - but shows it in action.
  21. Back in Poland, summer 1944. Elements from KG Mühlenkamp counterattack in an effort to eliminate elements from 9th Tank Corps and IV Guards Cavalry Corps. Whilst lead elements attack from 8./II./SS-Pz.Rgt. 5 (commander SS-Obersturmführer Karl Nicolussi-Leck) attack, one zug takes up overwatch in a patch of woods. The attack breaks into the small village of Rani held by infantry and AT guns from units in IV Guards Cavalry Corps. A zug from 10./III/SS-PzG. Rgt "Germania" (commander SS-Hauptsturmführer Werner Westphal) moves into Rani to provide close support to the tanks. @kohlenklau's excellent no gear mod doing grand service here. Ta muchly
  22. Errrm, not really I think. Just different challenge. Still enough time on the clock to approach this cautiously but in doing so one player or the other will lose the advantage especially if the other plays aggressively (and the AI plans for both sides use this info and the AI does prosecute its attack aggressively). The clue is in the name with this one
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