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  1. Excellent thread on Twitter exploring the impact of whole-body vibration (WBV) and why it's a problem in AFV design.
  2. Grand - that's always great to hear, and thank you for the thank you
  3. Ha! Ha! Tempting but its more one of capacity. Time poor really with other things on the go.
  4. I’d just play Redux v2. I tweaked the scoring due to anomaly in US victory conditions. So aye delete first version.
  5. I wouldn't bother with First Clash - appears it was broken at some point with a game engine/ToE change. I checked it a while back based on a comment a player made and found it was goosed. No additional versions of Carbide Carbide Redux_v1 - that's it.
  6. Hhmm of the above 'Pattons assault nemisis' is not mine. The Ost Front themed ones are: CW Schmiedestahl CW Schnell Truppen Angriffe Fire Brigade All the others are set where they should. No idea where the 'large' Wittman at Villers came from as I never made another version. In anycase the original used a lot of period references to get as accurate as possible. So someone just expanding the map 'cos', meh... Redoing em? I'm fully stacked with current projects some ost front related that I'll not have time or space to update these old ones. TBH once I've made something, and a period of making tweaks based on player feedback I tend to close em and move on. Thanks for digging them out and hopefully they pass the test of time - The Wittmann (Villers Bocage and Demise) series I'm happy with as they were pretty intense research and build projects. Cheery! ps re the Stg44 ammo - I think that was a game issue.
  7. Did you read the statement on the hone page. Explains it.
  8. He! I'll end up having to pay you a retainer as my publicity manager
  9. Thanks Erwin. Ha1 Ha! Aye my doppelganger Not first, not close, as I'd done loads of CMSF stuff prior - on large (for the game engine limitations at the time) maps. Just minded me I've been involved with CMX2 since its intial inception as was invited onto the beta team when CMSF was in early development stages. seems a loooong time ago now. I was itching for the Russian Front so built this one. It uses a map I used for one of the CMBB Panzer Count missions based on a real location near Kharkov. If someone can port it into CMRT I can take a look at it and update - as its a great map (and turn it into a winter action for CMFR) but not sure if the AI plans etc would survive it! Cheery!
  10. Brilliant thank you. @MikeyD One wee tiny issue is that the shadows of the missing items are still there if you hit alt-W (although I thought its not stand out and not an immersion breaker). Do you know how to eliminate the shadows please? Enquiring minds ( @kohlenklau ) are seeking the knowledge!
  11. Hi I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I'm looking to mod German WSS panzer grenadiers to have little kit on their Y harness to represent the fact they have just jumped out their SPW and going into action. So minimum kit on their Y harness - some pics I've seen show a belt and ammo pouches at most. I've found the equipment brz file (210d - thx @kohlenklau for the brz breakdown) but not sure how I'd get the kit from not showing on the guys harness. Any suggestions please? Many thanks.
  12. Going OT but you might be interested in this thread with link to LIDAR images of the battlefield. https://twitter.com/markwalters_/status/1015395939027177472?s=21
  13. Crap. Disappeared down a Sagger shaped rabbit hole… interesting overview off the Sagger 3 http://www.military-today.com/missiles/malyutka.htm quote from above link: A single missile could hit its target with a probability of only 50-60%.
  14. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sagger-Anti-Tank-Missile-Main-Battle/dp/1472825772 not read it but was recently browsing and was intrigued as would assume cross over to Europe Cold War.
  15. You can set reinforcements for the AI side (on either side - Blue or red) to not arrive in the scenario timeframe. That prevents one side prematurely surrendering. It does mean it becomes a fight to the death though... So you need to ensure the player is not left on some sort of human hunt seeking out every last cowering pixel trooper to secure a victory!
  16. Part II - following on from the above. Once the enemy security outpost was eliminated the platoons swapped out and a fresh platoon carried forward the attack, whilst the lead platoon, tended to their wounded, re-orged and rearmed and took up position as the reserve. By this stage some armour support in the shape of three Panthers had joined the attacking force. They all rolled forward. The enemy supporting positions that had revealed their location attempting to support their security outpost were taken under fire from the supporting 105mm 'Wespe' battery. Whilst the defenders were pinned down the assaulting SPW platoon drove onto the enemy position. Under covering MG fire from their SPW the grenadiers assaulted forward to clear the foxholes. it was not all straightforward. Some defenders rather than cowering in the bottom of their foxhole actively and effectively engaged the attacking grenadiers.
  17. He! Cheers ta! It’s a WIP 😀 Its part of a series of SPW training scenarios I’m working on.
  18. Series of screenshots showing a German SPW company attacking a Soviet rifle company (-) hasty strongpoint. No time to expand foxholes into trenches, lay wire or mines. Not as easy as you'd think! Despite the application of lots of HE... Rolling into the attack and about to make contact with a Soviet security post. The first 'speed bump'. Contact! Lead platoon debuss and start their attack whilst SPW MGs provide supressing fire whilst the companies mortars pummel the located outpost. 251/9 'Stummel' move up to provide close fire support. They are very handy for this task as less prone to losing crew given all have their heads down. Still ATRs can mess them up... The company commander co-ordinating the attack. The smoke is rising from one SPW nailed by an light AT gun. The smoke in the background was put down to provide cover in response as the gun could not be spotted. More smoke to cover a flanking action by two other SPW from the lead platoon. Supporting elements from the other platoons provide supporting fire and attempt to supress other Soviet rifle positions that are now engaging the attacking company with effective aimed rifle, MG, mortar and artillery fire.
  19. I've found this is where your 2IC/command teams come in handy. If battalion HQ is off-grid then using these HQ elements (as you mention) as radio links/liaison officers helps maintain the net and info share. Also works if you have a cross attached unit that is not part of the battalion radio net.
  20. I’d have to double check but if higher HQs are set as reinforcements it still maintains C2. But if dented it breaks the link. As you say this is not clear in the manual. I must admit I pay way more attention to maintaining C2 in scenarios now that I know this!
  21. Man that’s a tough one. On the plus side it never lasts as long as it feels, but still when you’re in it…
  22. As others have mentioned - still basically WWII comms+. Also units with radios who are moving will have to stop which gives time for the RTO to access their radio net and give/receive reports. Are the units involved moving at all? That will have an impact also. Ah sleep deprivation - yeah moved past that stage (sorta!) mind it rather hazily. Amazing how little sleep you can get by on though!
  23. IIRC there were some last minute tweaks to various units based on research. To avoid ‘breaking’ scenarios authors had the choice to retain the older TOE or update. Some did but others would take too long to repurchase and redeploy (not counting reassigning AI groups, unit objs etc). @akd who is a ToE whizz would be better able to comment for sure
  24. Yeah Panthers (if not most tanks) will take longer to spot if the TC is buttoned up. Though as you mention having the TC capped by infantry small arms equally recues spotting ability! The gun sight in the Panther gives a field of vision at 2.5x mag of just under 500m at 1000m (IIRC). Though the drill for Panthers was the TC spotted the targets and talked the gunner onto acquiring them. Though again I'm sure most tanks would sue that method especially given the sights used at the time and the primacy of the MK1 eyeball (with binos) in spotting. FYI Soviet doctrine was generally for attacking tanks to be closed up but from personal accounts I've read many Soviet TCs would still stick their head up to see what was going on. I think you are right that area firing would indicate your position and it was this the SU crew most likely spotted and engaged on. I'm not sure how good SUs are at spotting. In truth in playing the game they seem (personal impression NOT proven!) they seem on a par with tanks i.e. if TC unbuttoned then spot quicker, if TC buttoned then yup takes varying time depending on variety of factors e.g. experience, suppression, what potential target is doing, as in things moving and firing are always easier to pick up than something sitting quietly observing. IIRC in Mit Karacho there is light fog and its not long after dawn so poor light conditions. The LOS/LOF tool indicates the maximum distance you can area fire to but spotting to that range is very variable and more likely for practical purposes to be very much less (although does depend on what activity the target is engaging in, if been spotted by friendlies and that contact shared etc). In short spotting is a complex process and has some degree of variability. There is lots of advice on this forum about players take and approach to managing this. Mine? I use my tanks in pairs, if close terrain then keep them close in pairs and ideally team up with dismounts who can scout ahead and spot targets and then share that info. So in short all of the above is modelled - though how much and how accurately is the stuff of forum debate. Note the game uses a 'spotting cycle' which can sometimes cause some weirdness. But 'seeing' things is filled with weirdness. Just today a guy about ran out in front of my car (doing 20mph) even although he seemed to be looking right at me, and I spotted him from 50m and thought "hhm he's going to chance running" and covered the brakes. As I drew level with him he made to run but his missus grabbed him - he looked surprised and was obvious he'd not clocked the large white car meters from him. Spotting cycle must have been against him
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