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  1. To be as clear as possible: Cold War will release through Battlefront (BFC) in April as a completed game. All features, assets, and normal playability and functions will be present. This includes the PBEM/multiplayer functionality as it is with every other CM game. In June, Slitherine will release Cold War on Steam. That release will come with a new mulitplayer feature, the Slitherine PBEM system. Between April and June, the Slitherine PBEM feature will be developed by Slitherine and added to Cold War. Players who own the game from BFC will have the opportunity to try out the n
  2. Give "Red Army" by Ralph Peters a go for the Soviet perspective, and "The War That Never Was" by Michael Palmer for a really good analytical alternate history. There is still a little time!
  3. Yeah, the editor really screwed up the re-release on kindle. The original book is not like that. It’s too bad really. You can still get copies of the original online if you want an untainted version. Im amazed they haven’t fixed it.
  4. I already have a music mod ready to go. I also added some numbering to the T-64 turrets, although as of right now it is only 1 number so it will need a few more for variety sake. I'm excited to see what others come up with. Different camo patterns for both sides, reskins, maps... There is a ton of potential here.
  5. Or DPICM! BTR-70 in this shot by the way. It’s far away though 🙂
  6. This seems to be the go to for screenshot teasers. Here are a few more: Soviet infantry conducting a dismounted attack: GP-25 in action:
  7. Ha, you know what? I might just go for it! Better than putting it into the evaporating stock market 😂 I think, but don’t fully recall, that the latter version was updated with new information? Someone else (who actually owns the damn thing) can probably give you a better answer.
  8. Huh, well look at that. Last time I checked (a few months ago) all the options were in the hundreds of dollars. Who knows, maybe I’m just going crazy.
  9. Lucky! I still haven’t managed to get my hands on a copy. It’s not easy to get, unless one is willing to spend hundreds for a copy. Mission making is a bit less daunting than modding. Everything you need is included in the scenario editor. All the scenarios for every CM game were and are made in that editor. For me, making the map is the hardest and most time consuming part. Though some here have developed it into a literal art.
  10. You could certainly do a Team Yankee campaign/mission set with the assets at hand. Most of the battles would be easy to do as they take place on scales that are possible in CM. For the polish troops, they could be simulated/replaced by second echelon Soviet forces in T-55s. I had a preliminary plan to do up some of the maps from Team Yankee in CW and release it alongside/just after release, but I had to shelve the idea due to everything else that needed attention. Yup, pretty sure Flibby is talking about Red Army. Fantastic book, but it is focused on the strate
  11. Hapless is right. That was a typo. Nice! Although it is important to point out that the Soviets likely would have gone out of their way to ensure Sweden remained neutral. Always remember that when looking at old war plans for the Cold War, one must remember that many of them had contingency planning built in. For example, if Sweden decided to join the war with NATO, then the Soviets needed a plan for that. Just because a plan exists does not mean it was destined to be used. Finland would have been an interesting case, but I personally think that the Soviets would have deployed s
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