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  1. For what it's worth this is already in the game. If you use the 'Quick' movement order, troops will stop and fire their rifles/MGs/AT at targets that appear, especially if the target is close and a direct threat. Plus, you can always add in some pause waypoints to have a squad stop for a handful of seconds and return fire as well.
  2. No, its more of a screen sharing tool than a way to play hotseat virtually. Though there may be some functionality to the app that allows for hotseat that preserves fog of war. I don't know how to do that though. To me this is more of a program that allows me to play a singleplayer campaign with a friend, dividing up the forces between the two (or more I think) of us, plotting our orders and then watching things play out. Saves the hassle of having to send save files of orders back and forth. Streamlines the Co-Op process quite a bit, and it can make communication easier because you can
  3. Yup! The host can toggle the controls on and off, and can specifically toggle the mouse and keyboard controls individually. There is apparently an overlay and hotkeys, but I haven't used the program long enough to learn the peripheral functions.
  4. Last night, I discovered a new piece of software called Parsec. For those of you familiar with Steam's 'Remote Play' feature, Parsec will be familiar to you. For those of you who do not know, Parsec allows a host to stream their computer to a friend (or friends) in real time, full resolution, and the person being shared with also has full access to controls. As in, you can stream your computer to a friend, and they can use their keyboard and mouse on your computer. All in real time. The best part is, not only is this software free, but it works with Combat Mission. I've tested it out tod
  5. More great work! Just an FYI, if you use imgur to upload images and then copy the image address from imgur and paste it into the reply box, it will automatically embed the image into your post, without taking up any of the attachment space.
  6. Whoops! Yes I did mean unbuttoned. Edited my post to correct that.
  7. Could have swore I saw someone post the link to this, but I just checked and didn't see it. So, here it is, the link to Josey's excellent breakdown. https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/threads/the-relationship-between-soft-factors-morale-fatigue.26498/ My understanding, which in part comes from Josey's findings, indicate that a well led unit generally reacts better to things like suppression. They will still suffer permanent morale damage (say, most of the squad is wiped out and their platoon is shredded) but they retain more combat effectiveness after being suppressed o
  8. I completely agree with this. Very well put, and informs some of my trepidation with Steam in general. I'm also excited to see what new things Microprose brings. There are a few titles they are publishing that I am already excited for. I'm hoping that more comes from them in the near future.
  9. Its important to remember that while on newer vehicles like an M1A2, even though the commander has an independent thermal imaging sight which gives him great spotting ability, he still has better overall situational awareness while unbuttoned. Things such as seeing/hearing threats to the sides and rear of the tank, and seeing/hearing where other friendly units are. Plus, while unbuttoned the commander can share C2 information with infantry (such as spotting information) whereas while buttoned he cannot. Also, it is still SOP in the real world for tank commanders to remain unbuttoned unti
  10. Some have pointed out that while the Steam install comes with a folder labeled "Mods" if you actually put mods into that folder they will not load. Apparently only the z folder method works on Steam. Just a heads up. Welcome aboard.
  11. Good stuff! I always like seeing more vids about CM on YouTube. Bonus points if the person playing actually knows what they're doing! I haven't had a chance to watch much of the video yet so no comment on the tactics and such. I do tend to prefer cinematic videos when it comes to CM. Seeing 12 minutes of plotting orders followed by 2 minutes of the action never really did it for me, but I'm sure there are a lot of new players out there who will appreciate seeing the UI in action and some of the nuance it is capable of. Josey Wales and Hapless are both examples of CM videos I enjoy a lot.
  12. nice rank buddy

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