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  1. Sorry, no plans for that. We don't own the rights to the content because it was made in partnership with a Russian developer. But it is an interesting idea if we could work something out with them. No promises, but I will ask. @Sgt.Squarehead👀
  2. Congrats on surviving 2020! Looking forward to all the new great stuff headed our way! I’m personally excited to see all the behind the scenes developmental stuff from 2020 come through to the commercial side to the benefit of all in 2021. Regardless of how 2021 ends up playing out, I think it will be a great year for Combat Mission, and that gives us all something good to look forward to. Happy New Year! P.S Steve, hope all is well.
  3. An additional point on thermals. I think there is some confusion as to what an independent thermal sight for the tank commander means. Many think it is just the commander looking through a periscope and seeing exactly what the gunner sees. In many models of tanks, this is the case, including the M1/M1A1. However, it is not the case in the M1A2. This means that if the gunner is looking North, the tank commander can look South, or East, or West, or North as well, or anywhere in between. The sight is on a 360 degree revolving mount. I whipped up this fun little diagram to help illustrate it, beca
  4. The following is for CMBS and CMSF2. SyriansRussians: Open up until contact is made. If in urban fighting, stay buttoned. The Syrians are using Soviet equipment and tactical doctrine. The vehicles optics are not very good, especially against opponents equipped with thermals, so you are going to want to have your tank commanders unbuttoned to give them a better chance at seeing things. Syrian tanks essentially have the spotting ability of WWII tanks. Even for the thermal equipped Syrian tanks I would still recommend having the tank commanders unbuttoned until contact, because the thermal i
  5. Balancing in CM is always going to be subjective. People/communities tend to come up with house rules or tournament restrictions organically. For example, I know there was a CMBS tournament where everyone was restricted to taking wheeled vehicles only, no tracked vehicles. In my opinion you are always best off fighting as proper formations while trying to implement a given nations tactical doctrine. Cherry picking forces almost always backfires, and at the least usually robs the player of C2 advantages. re: Thermals This topic comes up every now and then, along with all the usual
  6. Glad I could help! I definitely recommend thinking in terms of a whole fire plan as opposed to a single SBF is thinking in the right direction. There are a series of videos on CM that I go back to every now and again. They are extremely good, and teach the application of real world tactics in CM by a retired US Army infantry officer. All his examples are in CMBN but like I said, the tactical principles are the same and apply to the modern games as well. Here is a a link to the first of six episodes:
  7. Tactics scale. Think of it like math. First you learn to count, then add/subtract, then multiply, then divide, etc. Eventually you go from 2+2=4 to [insert long equation with numbers/letters/symbols here]. The military (well, competent ones at least) teach everything following a crawl, walk, run style. That is, you start small and simple and build up from there. The point of those manuals is not to show you how to overcome every possible tactical situation you are going to find, but to give you the basic template that can be applied to any situation and built upon. So you are correct tha
  8. Depends on the specific weapon, but something like a LAW or AT-4 is just as simple to aim and fire as an RPG. Same with the SMAW and Gustav as well. They use the same simple iron sight and trigger/button to fire concept as the RPG.
  9. Part of it is conception. The RPG, like the Ak series, is just a very prolific weapon system. The US has operated a number of equivalent handheld AT weapons since the introduction of the RPG, such as the M72 LAW, the AT-4, the SMAW, and the Carl Gustav. The Gustav being the closest in concept to the RPG. Disposable launchers tend to be pretty cheap, especially the LAW and are very similar in effect to the RPG. IIRC the Army is actually expanding its use of the Carl Gustav, which can fire different warheads (like the RPG) and can fire many warheads out of a single launcher without wearing
  10. Shooting at a house for a whole day is literally historically accurate. Why do you think the US had to roll in 155mm self propelled guns to blast buildings at point blank range occupied by the enemy? Or the Soviets who had to create giant armored beheamoths to assist them with leveling buildings in urban warfare, fighting against Germans with no fall back orders who would refuse to give up the city block? Because you cannot shoot an enemy off of a position, especially in urban warfare. This is as true today as it was in 1944. I have no idea where the idea came from that all you have to do is f
  11. I definitely see that argument. I would slightly modify it to say that it’s not necessarily the large maps and objectives that are the problem, it’s that the player isn’t given the proper assets to tackle the scenario. I think some scenario designers do this to increase the challenge of scenarios, especially in SF2 where the two sides are so inherently unequal. It still bothers me though, when I’m given a battalion objective and told to take it with a company team and some paltry fire support.
  12. For the record, as far as I know, there were no changes made to the "cover save" of buildings or general cover in the latest patches. What is being seen could be the result of other changes made, such as infantry being much less likely to be shot out of their positions, but I do not think it is due to cover being "buffed" for infantry in any way.
  13. In short, it is working as intended now. The TacAI used to be very prone to fleeing, even out of good cover. The player could essentially shoot the enemy off their position, which is not realistic at all. Your two bullet points are correct. The only way to dislodge a determined enemy from a building is to either manually clear the building (costly, time consuming, dangerous, hard, etc...) or to level the building and kill the survivors. Urban warfare is extremely tough, extremely deadly, and there is no easy way of doing it. Its also realistic for the enemy to be so survivable in u
  14. If the AI suffers a certain percentage of casualties to its overall force, it will surrender. Not sure what the specific percentage is (I think it’s 60% casualties but I’m not sure on that) but you likely hit it before you had a chance to take out the enemy armor.
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