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  1. After all, this isn't War Thunder. Otherwise we would have the Dicker Max...
  2. It has "swim" right in the tile.
  3. Downloading has begun. Going slow...but going.
  4. Would a pre-order scheme give them an idea? I am willing to tie up money for that. Or some kind of funding scheme.
  5. So, just another game company. Oh well...
  6. [whispers] ...there will always be some(one) who will think it is unfinished.
  7. [whispers] ...if you released the module this would all end now.
  8. Indeed. I have been here for 22 years and seen this same argument a million times. Always ends the same way...with the release of a new module!
  9. Is co-operative multiplayer something that BF are contemplating? t would be cool though...
  10. This is probably why we will never see Barbarossa. The release of the new engine will happen right before they get started on it and they will restart the modules with the "best sellers."
  11. PanzerBlitz was very, very popular. Insanely popular at the time. I much preferred it to Panzer Leader too - as did most people I think.
  12. The Russians are fascinated with the Italian theater. "What were the Western Allies doing over there...?
  13. This is why we can't have nice things.
  14. What's the name of the server? I searched Combat Mission and nothing came up...
  15. Would you pick Italy over Russia?
  16. To be fair Steve, we buy everything you guys put out. I bought all of the FI stuff, even though I'm not that interested in that theater. But I thought it would help keeping you going and you would some day be able to do Barbarossa. I can see now that that ain't going to happen...
  17. I agree with everything you said. But you aren't addressing the points I raised. Namely, absent FI we would have all of RT right now. BFC "prioritized" FI over RT based on the input of one person. Was there anyone on this board clamoring for FI over RT? Was there anyone within BFC who wanted FI over RT? Steve has said on several occasions that he is an east front guy and even he couldn't get what he wanted. I just wish they would have let us know there was bidding war for modules to let us put together a package...
  18. Yes. Now, if he had paid for the development of RT and all of it's modules we wouldn't be having these arguments. I would be playing Barbarossa right now! Instead of on my deathbed...
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