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  1. Looks like the Syrians are in big trouble when trooper Jeffrey unleashes his special 4G weapon! 😁 Link
  2. I'll be away from the forum for the rest of the summer. Here's one last pic for the road: Some of the new WIP textures on map, with a shot of the same view from the real world. Have a good summer, everybody! 🙂
  3. Another few adaptions of independent building textures to modular for more variety:
  4. Two more show-and-tells from today's work: The first is a blend of stock modular and independent textures. The second, an import from Berlin with the German-style wall beams removed.
  5. Thanks! With FR out, you should really think about picking it up. The Berlin map is super. Ben has used the available tools to create a ruined city environment masterfully. And, when my map comes out, you can use the in-game assets to ruin your own city! 😁 Anyhoo, it's Sunday morning where I am, and so time for as much coffee and CM as I can fill the time with. Here are a few pics of first-pass adaptations of some of the independent building textures into modular textures. I'll be doing a number of these to add the needed visual variety. These will all be tweaked (like the drain positions, if I keep them).
  6. Thanks, Artkin! I'm working on it. These days, however, I'm pretty much limited to what I can do on Sunday mornings (including any play time). So, progress is slow. I decided to wait until FR hit before looking at finishing FO additions. Currently, I'm working on a texture pack. Aside from barns, the map is composed almost entirely of custom modular constructions. So, I need to have more than 8 textures to make things look good. Long story, but the only way I've found that I can make that work is to use non-tagged modular textures in groups of 8 beginning with 9. At the moment, I have 23 slots (9 to 32). I've been pulling in the best stock textures from the titles I own, along with some Kieme stuff as placeholders. After a once-through on that, I'll be improving and finalizing in multiple passes. It's gonna' take awhile. 🤪 In the meantime, here's a winter shot for everyone. Again, these are just placeholder textures. There will be much more variety and more period feel in the finals.
  7. I'm greatly enjoying your Cold War vids, too. Your presentation style works especially well there. I just watched the CMFI video last night where you went H2H against CW forces with ACs and a TD. Good viewing, if some head-scratching armor usage by your opponent. Yeah, I understand on the dicey nature of QBs vs. the AI. Sometimes, the system produces quite good battles. But, very often...not. A big culprit is AI force selection, I think.
  8. I found your YT channel fairly recently and have been enjoying your CM vids. I really like the vibe and presentation style you do. Love the retro cinematic thing! Brings back memories of going to the movies as a kid. Maybe some Fire and Rubble quick battle vids? I can't watch the scenario vids yet, as I haven't had time to play them and don't want any spoilers. Would love to see some non-spoiler F&R vids, though! Thanks very much for your work. Very cool, indeed.
  9. At the Luftwaffe Ministry, MG Platoon commander Hörter and the last rifleman from his HQ team hug the floor as enemy bullets slice through everything around them. They are frozen with fear and anticipate death any second. As the Soviets change magazines, the eyes of the two men open and find each other. In that moment, the gaze of each silently asks the other, "Do you want to die like a dog, or like a man?" Suddenly, they find strength, rise and engage the enemy squad. The Soviets, thinking they had won the firefight, are taken aback. Hörter cuts one down with his MP40. The remaining enemy soldiers lose their nerve and dive for cover. When Hörter and his comrade stop to reload, the Soviets exit the room and run down the stairs to the ground floor. At that moment, the concrete HQ Stug rounds the corner and scans for targets. In a reversal of fortune, the Soviets are now the ones facing annihilation! But, like with Hörter, fear is replaced with courage and two Russians ignore the new threat to turn and re-engage Hörter's team. The Stug fires. But the shot comes too late for Hörter. Like so many men, fate has decreed that he and his comrade are indeed to meet their end in the Fire and Rubble. (Last of series.)
  10. Moving the half-track means an instant, fiery death by T-34. Staying in the half-track means the crew being picked off one-by-one by AT rifle fire. Therefore, the commander orders the remaining crew to bail out and fight as infantry. At that moment, a second platoon of T-34's attempts to push into Strongpoint West. One stops and puts a round into the AT HQ team, leaving only the commander alive. A second runs the infantry barricade, setting off a number of AP mines. The third makes an attempt to round the corner shielding the ATG and now crewless half-track. Having seen the AT half-track crew bail, a trooper from 1st Platoon, Heavy Sturm, decides not to rely on the remaining AT gun and takes aim with his panzerfaust. He shoots... He scores! Meanwhile, there is a worrying development in the battle at Strongpoint East. While 2nd Platoon has inflicted heavy losses on the Soviets and is standing firm, a handful of enemy soldiers have slipped through and made it into the bombed out corner of the building. It has no direct access to the rest of the facility, but might offer the Soviets a keyhole from which to put point-blank SMG fire on the defenders. It is a dangerous situation, indeed!
  11. I use lots of mods. I'm gradually adding them back in after returning to stock to install and get going with F&R. For the terrain, I believe most/all of what you currently see modded in my screenshots above comes from the Aris CMRT Terrain Texture Compilation. To my eye, his pack is a pretty huge enhancement -- especially when it comes to the pavement and water textures. Aris's pavement textures blend much better and are far more natural-looking than the stock ones, with nice color variation. I think he may have taken them from Red Orchestra/Darkest Hour. I did a quick search and found this link for the mod. I think it is the correct one: Aris CMRT Terrain Texture Compilation
  12. Gamebar features have hotkeys. I use it these days for screenshot and video capture, but seldom open the actual gamebar. Just learn the hotkeys and folder locations and there's no screen mess to deal with.
  13. As the cannon half-track readies itself to engage enemy tanks, a sudden jolt is felt and the vehicle emits a sharp, loud metallic sound. A few seconds later, it happens again. This time, the loader makes a gurgling sound and slumps over. An AT-rifle has them zeroed in! From his observation perch just behind the barbed wire, the anti-tank platoon HQ sees the lead T-34 move to rush the wire. With this many tanks incoming and the AT half-track in a panic, he orders his panzerfaust man to engage. It is a good shot and takes out the enemy tank. A few seconds later, another T-34 surges forward. This time, there is no panzerfaust available. However, the sharp eyes of Stug 2's gunner, under commander Kahl, sight the threat and send a round down range from Strongpoint East. It brews up the tank. The burning tank's crew bail and 2 men attempt to rush the AT platoon HQ's position. The German team has no choice but to defend with small arms. This alerts the remaining enemy tanks to their presence and a T-34 sends off a canister round, killing and wounding part of the HQ team. Meanwhile, at corner of the Luftwaffe Ministry, the Soviets gain the upper hand in the firefight against Hörter and his men. The panzerschreck team is wiped out and Hörter's team loses its radioman and a rifleman. The rest are pinned.
  14. With no enemy armor spotted on the East flank, one of the Stugs is called in to help stop the Soviets in the Luftwaffe ministry from flanking Strongpoint East. The engine groans under the extra weight of its concrete armor. If he can arrive in time, there may be a chance to save Hörter! Another Stug repositions to help the Anti-tank gun at Strongpoint East cover the East-West road to Potsdamer Platz and Strongpoint West. There, just South of Strongpoint West, a mass of enemy armor has assembled for what looks like a very strong push on the point. Gulp!
  15. To the German's surprise and relief, the center Soviet push pauses to do a security sweep of newly-acquired ground, regroup scattered units, and march off prisoners. However, both flanks remain very hot. At Strongpoint East (Reichspost Ministry), the infantry battle rages. The grizzled veterans of 2nd Platoon, the best in the company, use the good defensive terrain of the burned-out Ministry to great advantage. However, Platoon Commander Heubaum judges that a tipping point may have been reached and calls in the reserve AT-rifle grenade team to help out. They put a number of rounds into the Soviets. The effort looks to have paid off, as the Soviet pressure eases up enough for the rest of the platoon to get back into stride. Meanwhile, across the street to the AT-team's right, MG Platoon commander Hörter (observer from post 1) and his team work to exit the Luftwaffe Ministry and rejoin the remnants of his platoon. In the corridors, they bump into a fleeing panzerschreck team and decide to move together to link up with one of Hörter's HMG teams at the corner of the building. Alas, as they approach, they can hear the team surrendering to the Soviets, who are now everywhere in the building. The Soviets have all exits covered, the only thing to do is fight it out...
  16. As the center of the German first line disintegrates, the Soviets shrug off casualties and press forward without delay. Some Germans surrender. Others fight to the death. Those that can, attempt to get away in the hopes of forming a second center line. The HQ team of 3rd Platoon manages to extricate itself from a bad spot and get across the main road before coming under small arms fire. One man is lightly wounded, but they make it to safety (the MG Platoon HQ from the first pic set also got away). Guess who notices and decides to lend a hand. Previous air attacks scratched the paint, but the cannon half-track is in the fight and itchin' to get some kills!
  17. A lot can change in 60 seconds... Overrun!
  18. Moments later, the Soviet wave crashes across the entire front line with Guards infantry and armor seemingly everywhere. German keyhole HMG teams open up on the Soviet infantry while a panzerschreck engages the lead T-34, hoping to knock it out before it can spot the machine guns. The schreck team lands a perfect shot and the tank erupts in a mighty explosion. The AT team then displaces as another T-34 is spotted further back. Hopefully, the team will be able to circle back and be ready before the new threat attempts to engage. Meanwhile, the next block over is chaos. Just as the German AT team there raises its tube to engage a T-34, the Soviet tank suddenly turns and darts down an alley, leaving its infantry behind. The bewildered German AT team barely has time for a next breath before previously unspotted Soviet scout and armored cars dart into the fray. The buddy German infantry teams adjacent and below desperately keep Soviet infantry at bay, while the AT team goes to work on the light vehicles. It's touch and go, but the schreck team holds its nerve and manages to brave the thick rocket exhaust and dispatch multiple vehicles only seconds before they can return fire. The zone is hot! At the far end of the company's defense zone, Soviet infantry rapidly closes and attempts to rush the sister strongpoint at the post office complex. However, since the attack is unsupported by tanks, the defenders are free to fire and most of the attackers are quickly cut down. Only one or two Soviets manage to get past and round the corner. Doing so, they find themselves out of the frying pan and in the fire, as they bump right into the German's flank anchor. Death comes faster than any time for regrets.
  19. First time defending in Berlin, with a company of regular infantry, backed up by a platoon of concrete & latest Stug III's, plus a cannon halftrack (SPW 251/22). Man, I love this map! Thank you so much for your great work Ben, BF and crew! Anyhoo, I'm quite excited to try out the HT. Could only buy one, 'cuz rarity. Didn't buy AA. Guess what I heard in the sky after pressing Go on turn one. 😵 Below is one of the cornerstones of my defense: a fortified strongpoint at one end of the road that cuts Potsdamer Platz. After getting the all-clear on opening enemy arty, I sent in the HT to join the ATG to cover the road and tucked it in a nice little ambush position. Then this happended: So far, it's been strafed twice, but has emerged unscathed (maybe the buildings help). Meanwhile, the HQ of a machine gun support platoon gets the first spot on incoming Soviets from his upper floor building location near the Haus der Flieger. View from the Soviet position: Not quite time to open up yet!
  20. Patch download took 7min 35 sec for me. Full installer a few days ago was 12 minutes exactly.
  21. A lone surviving defender emerges from a reduced strongpoint to ambush an advancing platoon HQ. Two riflemen go down. The T-34 in overwatch is quick to repay him in kind for his heroism.
  22. Advancing from shellhole to shellhole and tank to tank.
  23. Hey, Fritz... CANISTER: It's what's for dinner!
  24. Ma' boys opening up on my first enemy contacts in F&R.
  25. For me, it's Vein's flames first and Juju's UI 2nd. Those are my top two mods for CM. Everything else is gravy on top.
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