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  1. Here's all the small arms available to Volkssturm: Rifles Kar98k Mosin Nagant G256R Mannlicher G209I Enfield G281E SMGs (and Sturmgewher) MP507 MP3008 (variant 1) MP3008 (variant 2) MP3008 (variant 3) MP40 MP44 Machineguns MG15 MG34 (LMG and HMG) MG42 (LMG and HMG) Pistols Tokarev 615R Nagant 612R Beretta 671I Browning 640B P38
  2. Correct. We saw the exact opposite. Up until then our experience had been CMBO, CMBB, and CMAK. Simplistic artwork, simplistic maps, simplistic mission parameters, simplistic forces, no AI Player to mess with, etc. It took about 2 years to cover an entire front and so we didn't anticipate that it could take so long to do fairly small slices with the much more detailed, rich CM2 environment. Then we thought it would get easier as we went along, which it did... but not necessarily faster. Sorry to say, zero. VS are armed with a variety of automatics, rifles, and pistols. There's e
  3. Well done! Seems all the years of training were not wasted on you You are both correct. All wargames fall into a "niche" within the broader gaming industry (RTS games like Total War being undoubtably the largest of all "wargames"). Serious wargames are a "niche" within that broader category. Combat Mission is a niche within serious wargames, making Combat Mission a niche within a niche within a niche. That's a lot of niches before we even consider that any one specific Combat Mission game might fall into a niche within Battlefront's customer base. When we sit down and figur
  4. First, you guys have to remember that everything we do is "niche" by definition. The underlying game system ensures that. There's no content, advertising campaign, Kickstarter, etc. we can do to change that. Teaming up with Slitherine has increased our reach, sure enough, but it's still niche in the broader market sense. And we are fine with that because to be anything other than that would mean not making anything even remotely like Combat Mission. Because we are niche, and our products are expensive to make, we have to make all decisions based on the knowledge that we don't have muc
  5. To expand on the $$$ aspect. Our customers have the freedom to NOT buy something made by Battlefront. What they want is to be happy with their purchase. If they don't think something will make them happy, they don't purchase. Therefore, if Battlefront wants to stay in business it has to keep people happy. Which is why we make decisions based on how many people we can make happy. A nice side effect of making people happy is we make money It's a win-win for everybody. The tricky bit for us is balancing customer happiness with profitability. Sometimes we make games that we know won'
  6. In our defense, when we first released it I had a CIA analyst tell me the notion that the next armed conflict in Syria was ridiculous. As "silly" as our hypothetical scenario might be, it was more accurate than what the CIA was thinking We like to avoid politics as that's not what our games are about. But it's impossible to do that. Anybody that thinks there's no politics in WW2 gaming just needs to look back a few pages where this thread almost got locked. Steve
  7. As an FYI, we have a bus parked in front of Elvis' house on a permanent basis. This allows us to place him under it on short notice, should anything go wrong. We used to have Von Shard's Van, but it rusted out years ago. Apologies to any computer translators. Steve
  8. 2-4 weeks when we hit Final Candidate. Final Candidate = no more changes to the code, artwork, etc. unless it is *VERY* important. Attention is focused on the installer, ReadMe documentation, etc. We thought that might be last week, but a few more changes were needed. We think this week will be Final Candidate. Steve
  9. That is fair But I do not want you to miss out on the joke. "other means" is an action that is undefined, but usually it is "unpleasant" or at least "unusual". I think a punishment of bad poetry or bad performances = "other means". I hope that helps 😉 Steve
  10. By "other means" he is hinting at subjecting us to badly written poetry or videos of horrible performance art like this: Steve
  11. Correct! That said, we're not going out of our way to advise people where to purchase CM games. People should buy from whichever sales platform they feel is the best fit. Obviously we'd prefer us to be the best fit, but no hard feelings if that's not quite right for someone Steve
  12. Good eyes. Doesn't matter how many times we look at this stuff ourselves, just can't beat having lots more people take a look! We'll get the SVT-40 magazine and MP44 left pouch problems fixed. Steve
  13. As an FYI, Slitherine is setting up a special server just for CM due to the file sizes. After we get the system up and running internally, we'll need you Cold War players to hammer on it to see how it goes. Honestly, nobody knows! We've never worked with their system before and they've never had a game with such massive save files. In theory everything should work (that's been checked already), but we all know how that can go Steve
  14. Heh. Well, to be honest I think you'd be hard pressed to find an old school wargamer that didn't focus on German stuff first. Let's face it, Panthers are dead sexy! Growing out of that phase is the mark of maturity True fact... my first toy tank was a King Tiger at age 5. I also had a SdKfz 18, GI Joe sized. It was not too long after that when I learned not to leave plastic toys in the rear window space of a 1970 Ford Falcon Sedan during the summer on a sunny day. Looked liked the halftrack had been hit by a WP artillery shell and the KT got a sorta Krummlauf barrel (though the mu
  15. Wow! This thread quickly went off topic I'll try to get us back on track a bit: That is for sure part of it. But it's also about what is in wider popular culture. Western Europeans understandably also focus on things like Normandy and Arnhem rather than Brest-Litovsk or Zhytomyr. Until recently most of the books, TV shows, movies, etc. involved Westerners talking about Western Front because that is not only what they were most directly involved in but also because they had easy source materials to draw from. Especially 1st hand accounts from people who fought there. I can
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