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  1. Sorry, no plans for that. We don't own the rights to the content because it was made in partnership with a Russian developer. But it is an interesting idea if we could work something out with them. No promises, but I will ask. It comes from an old English statement about "throwing a dog a bone". It means, roughly, someone wanting something fairly simple and it being given to them. Game developers and gamers think of small pieces of information, screenshots, etc. for games in development as "bones". Hope that helps Steve
  2. Welcome and thanks for taking the time to post this. We've known for a long time that you were out there, we just didn't have a practical way of reaching you until now! We're happy to have connected with you. Steve
  3. Yup, and I suspect shape as well. Not to mention the helmet shape and where on the helmet the hit happens, the angle of the helmet, etc. So here's the thing about that thought... the effective damage radius for things like grenades and "infantry" mortars is well under 200 feet. So if you're going to get hit by a hand grenade fragment, it's more likely going to be a few feet or tens of feet from point of detonation. What's important there is the "initial velocity", not what it is after reaching "terminal velocity". A quick check of some documentation finds most initial velocities ar
  4. Nothing to add about Engine 5 at this time. We've not formally started in on it yet and probably won't for several months. Fire and Rubble's website should be up later this month, February at the latest. Generally speaking we do that only about 1-2 months before the game is released. There's one remaining time sucking variable we have to deal with and so much depends on that. I'm surprised that anybody questions the limited protective nature of a WW2 steel helmet. Even modern Kevlar helmets aren't a full cure for modern lower powered short rifle rounds. The standard higher power
  5. Yes, though for WW2 it doesn't matter too much since steel helmets (for the most part) don't stop bullets or shell fragments.. Steel helmets offer a slight reduction in the chance of injury. Simulates more or less secondary effects such as flying debris (rocks, wood, bits of masonry, etc.). In modern era there's a much bigger difference between soldiers wearing steel and Kevlar helmets as the latter offer ballistic protection and decent protection from shell fragments. Steve
  6. I should have stated up front that we do intend on rolling out Modules for Final Blitzkrieg & Black Sea, and perhaps some Battle Packs for others. But we're not quite ready to discuss the details so I skipped mentioning that for now. I didn't mean to imply that precludes 2021 release dates. We'll know better in a couple of months after a few more boxes are checked off. Ah, lots of debate about this. We've been reluctant to do this because, with certain exceptions, it seems that German soldiers engaged in combat followed the rules and wore their helmets. The common exceptions b
  7. Even more beautiful pretty soon. I'm going to tweak a few things so the headgear is varied between soft hats and helmets, as a mix seems to have been fairly common. And the scenario designer will get to choose between two piece padded, greatcoat, or a mix of the two. We'll post some more screenshots of uniforms, including Volkssturm, very soon. Steve
  8. Aside from it being released on Steam, nothing else to announce right now. Steve
  9. Thanks! We knew we could count on your pointless negativity to start the year off right. Steve
  10. Happy New Year! First, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Despite last year being Battlefront’s 20th anniversary of its first Combat Mission release, we’re happy to say goodbye and good riddance to 2020! The past year of pandemic, political strife, economic disruption, toilette paper shortages, record setting fires, 2 albums from Taylor Swift, and other near misses with the apocalypse are now behind us. We look forward to a better and brighter 2021 to start off our 3rd decade of Combat Mission fun. Despite all the bad stuff that happened in 2020, for us at Battlefront it was a
  11. Not to get too much into the business side of things, but here's a bit more info. The funding was for the Base Only. Based on the success of it we went ahead and did Gustav Line and then Rome to Victory. The latter was probably not our smartest move as we've talked about in the past. It was far more work than we expected because the differences in the various forces from standard organizations, compounded by different timeframes, and other factors carved more out of our development schedule than we anticipated. That said, we REALLY like what came from it. Just a hindsight thing where we
  12. Quick note about the issue of tracks being damaged. For sure Combat Mission deliberately simplifies this aspect of vehicle damage. Waaaaaay back when we created the engine we decided there were more technical hoops to jump through than it was worth pursuing. Everything that is put into a game means something else isn't. It's all about picking and choosing what to include and we (correctly, IMHO) focused our time and computing resources on things that were more meaningful to the overall portrayal of tactical warfare. Vehicles being only one element, perhaps not even the most important
  13. Everything is relative. Arma 3 had a budget that was likely in the $50,000,000 range. If it didn't have 50k people looking at it, me thinks Bohemia would be in big trouble They require MILLIONS of buyers just to break even. If we had a fraction of that buying Combat Mission I'd be typing this from my private island or the plane, yacht, or submarine that gets me to/from it. Since we have no illusions that this is the sort of attention we should get from Steam, comparing us to them doesn't have much purpose. For us, we're simply looking for a decent bump up from what we otherwise woul
  14. I was inspired to go back and read some of the earliest emails with Bill that I have archived. August 8, 1999. Wow, that was a long time ago! Some of those emails had to do with some difficult things that were happening at the time between various parties and re-reading them I was reminded how positive and gracious he was even when he found himself having to deal with someone else's personal baggage. As I said above, a role model for sure. Steve
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