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  1. Not to get too much into the business side of things, but here's a bit more info. The funding was for the Base Only. Based on the success of it we went ahead and did Gustav Line and then Rome to Victory. The latter was probably not our smartest move as we've talked about in the past. It was far more work than we expected because the differences in the various forces from standard organizations, compounded by different timeframes, and other factors carved more out of our development schedule than we anticipated. That said, we REALLY like what came from it. Just a hindsight thing where we
  2. Quick note about the issue of tracks being damaged. For sure Combat Mission deliberately simplifies this aspect of vehicle damage. Waaaaaay back when we created the engine we decided there were more technical hoops to jump through than it was worth pursuing. Everything that is put into a game means something else isn't. It's all about picking and choosing what to include and we (correctly, IMHO) focused our time and computing resources on things that were more meaningful to the overall portrayal of tactical warfare. Vehicles being only one element, perhaps not even the most important
  3. Everything is relative. Arma 3 had a budget that was likely in the $50,000,000 range. If it didn't have 50k people looking at it, me thinks Bohemia would be in big trouble They require MILLIONS of buyers just to break even. If we had a fraction of that buying Combat Mission I'd be typing this from my private island or the plane, yacht, or submarine that gets me to/from it. Since we have no illusions that this is the sort of attention we should get from Steam, comparing us to them doesn't have much purpose. For us, we're simply looking for a decent bump up from what we otherwise woul
  4. I was inspired to go back and read some of the earliest emails with Bill that I have archived. August 8, 1999. Wow, that was a long time ago! Some of those emails had to do with some difficult things that were happening at the time between various parties and re-reading them I was reminded how positive and gracious he was even when he found himself having to deal with someone else's personal baggage. As I said above, a role model for sure. Steve
  5. I am also sorry to hear of Bill's passing, though grateful to know of it. One of the hardest aspects of a virtual community is not knowing when someone who drops off the radar is having problems or died. At the very least it is good to be able to keep someone in your thoughts. Bill was a very active and enthusiastic supporter of the CM1 family of games. In those days it was stoning offense among the hardcore Steel Panthers crowd, yet Bill constantly demonstrated it was entirely possible to enjoy and support more than one game concurrently. His cool and calm personality was well respec
  6. Just chiming in to confirm that there is no code differences between the Battlefront, Matrix, and Steam versions of CMSF2 other than what is necessary for different installation and DRM considerations. This means people can play against each other no matter what version they are using. Save games, scenarios, etc. can also be moved freely between all versions. I'd like to give a big thumbs up to Slitherine for never, ever, even once questioning getting all you existing CMSF2 customers Steam keys at no charge. We probably would have pushed them pretty hard if they had even thought of say
  7. We found the place to edit the colors, but... a bug is preventing the change from sticking. The forum software folks have confirmed the bug and it will be fixed with the next release. Based on years and years of working with them, I do expect it to be fairly soon. Steve
  8. Hah! I thought 7800 didn't feel right to me either, but aside from not finding math "fun"... I can also be quite lazy when I put my mind to it. Well, I personally would be quite happy with 780,000 being interested enough in purchasing CM so I'm good with that number. Hmm... some of the changes to the UI please me, some annoy me. I'm curious to see how that shifts after some time getting used to it. Steve
  9. Doh! Well, that's what you get from a guy that doesn't find math fun I'm seeing double avatars for people, so my guess is the Forum Gods are using their powers at the moment. Steve
  10. Anybody with enough sense to be able to blow their own nose should understand that "fun" is a very personal concept which the individual might not even be able to classify consistently. For example, there was a period of a month or two where I played a bunch of different "castle defense" type games on my iPad. I had a lot of "fun" with them for a while. I probably haven't played such a game in 4 or 5 years because the "fun" factor wore off. So if someone had asked me while playing "do you find this game fun?" my answer would have been an emphatic "YES!!". But if you ask me about it today,
  11. I don't know of any who thought CMSF1 didn't require any improvements. The disagreement was between the "the game is an unmitigated disaster that nobody could possibly enjoy" and "hey, I really like this game and am loving it as is". That's a bit of a different thing than people thinking there was NOTHING wrong with the initial release. Obviously in hindsight CMSF1 was released too early as there were a number of technical problems that quickly came to light post release. Not uncommon for newly released games, even ones with huge budgets. Regrettable as it was, those problems were address
  12. Indeed I probably put in more than a thousand hours here during that time period. It was those discussions that helped shape CMBN from CMSF1. If all those discussions were superficial and unimaginative, then I guess we're way better game designers than even we give ourselves credit for. Personally, I remember those discussions being critical to getting CMBN to where it needed to be, not just a waste of my time. I'm not surprised about the "big personality" problem. This is the primary reason a forum should moderate behavior. No moderation allows the most negative personalities t
  13. Funny. I remember Gamesquad quite differently during that time. Maybe it was because of all the vitriol and abuse that was aimed at me personally, this Forum specifically, and Battlefront generally. At the time there wasn't much in the way of discussion of the game itself (a couple of the most prolific critics bragged about never having played CMSF1). Maybe things got better over there after the first few years, I don't know as I haven't checked in for probably 10 years or so. There simply wasn't anything interesting to read that I couldn't see here without the abusive tone. As for
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