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  1. Thank you - I must admit how it plays now was not how I had originally envisaged it playing out when I first created it. But it seems to have travelled well!
  2. This scenario (which has gone through various evolutions) was originally based on a tactical vignette ‘Passage at Wilcox’ http://companyleader.themilitaryleader.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Armor-Magazine-Compiled-TDEs.pdf
  3. How far apart? Are the dead guns ammo guys (not crew) dead? Do you have ammo guys for your surviving gun?
  4. Short answer - no. Once they abandon the gun they cannot redrew it or another. You can share tho if there is an ammo store close by e.g. they’re towing vehicle or ammo stash.
  5. Thank you! It’s one of my personal favourites
  6. Years back when still USSR ended up in Kazakhstan with some Russian climbers. We refilled camping stove cylinders (the wee light weight ones) from a huge propane tank. The wee cylinders tended to bulge a bit. Not sure they shared the wests’ concern with safe operating procedures at the time
  7. Great wee vid showing T-34/85s being driven hard - they’re a lot smokier than I’d have thought! Makes a change from the more common sedate 10km/h round in circles you normally see.
  8. Sadly no. I should have done when it was on offer!
  9. Thank you - my pleasure Aye the CMBS map section was heavily reworked and modernised so in truth it’s unique. You should still manage to work out which bit of the Der Ring map it’s from. But whilst they’ll be similar they’re very different! So your efforts have not been in vain to convert it back. Cheery!
  10. Thank you Aye current ventures ticking away. Work has become tad manic so things slowed down personally a bit. Cheery!
  11. Thank you glad you like it. As @MOS:96B2Pstates in his post it’s a heavily modified modernised version of a section from the CMRT Der Ring map. You can get the scenario on The Scenario Depot. Cheery!
  12. Thanks for this - saved me a lot of hunting down. Much appreciated ta!
  13. Average walking pace is around 4km/h which is 1.5 minutes for 100m which is 1.1m/s so in one turn (60s) you're guys would walk 66m (or 8 action squares), to run (quick) assume pace of 8km/h is 133m a minute or 16 action squares. There are variables such as terrain type, ground condition etc but will help guesstimate how far your guys might move. Mind running |quick/fast) will tire them out. Fast is more like a sprint (but with full battle rattle) so they move fast but they become tired really quickly.
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