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  1. New scenario! "AFRIKA British Probe into Arab Village" 15 minutes, you have a platoon of British infantry augmented by a Vickers and a few Engineers. Play only as British Allied vs Axis AI Please get all the mods to properly play this. Dated in folders as I have updated them. I am trying my best to have an organized "non-frustrating system" of new scenarios and new mods. All at this dropbox link. It is easier for me versus using CMMODS and TSD to be honest. No offense to them though! Just me being lazy. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/icm3a2cnnfebzv5/AABxI54rnRxig2gmgMQcCuc2a?dl=0
  2. It will get there, I know you are on it. Your standards are very high for your own work. Now me, I admit I often shove out stuff that I clearly see as improvable but just want to make the sandwich and put it on a plate for people to eat.
  3. No problem Fredrik! Best wishes to you and once the mod is released, you can download it and maybe make a scenario or map. Maybe your BFC pm mailbox is all full?
  4. IN THE PAST, I have had a group of like minded forumites WITH comparable complimentary or superior sets of skills to me and then we could gain momentum in the 1-2-3 punch combination of MODS-MAPS-SCENARIOS. Like a stool you need all 3. 1 person is grueling, 2 people gets better but 3 or 4 or 5 is where you can make stuff happen. But they need to be experienced and of a like mind for the Golden Rule of CM Creation: KEEP IT ACCOMPLISHABLE! CONFESSION: I admit that I break that rule and suffer the consequences. Never sniff your own glue!
  5. It started before me with LongLeftFlank and Broadsword56 and then I got interested and also did some stuff with a great vehicle modder Popeye. EDIT: Correction, he was Pappagoat...He vanished
  6. For anyone hankering for some 8th Army Action, here is a saved game file. Kohlenklau Saved Game Afrika 001 Put in your saved game folder. Start game and click saved game Download link is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/45un5t606j2dlay/Kohlenklau Saved Game Afrika 001.bts?dl=0 You have a Battalion of British infantry, a squadron of "Honeys", some scout cars and some off-map 25-pounders. Yes! You have 2 forward observers, 1 in a truck and 1 in a jeep. The map is 3000m x 2500m. 1 hour long battle. Italians are dug in along a main supply route. Saved at set up. You can see the objectives and decide your approach. Have fun you bloody bastards!
  7. Observation: On my QB map set as huge in the design process, the size of the battle set by the player as he dials in his QB also dials back the number of AI groups used by the AI. Huge: all 16 defensive AI groups used. Medium: 13 used.
  8. I don't know. Please PM me a screenshot of the folder titles in detail view?
  9. Good Question! These are new maps that are then MADE into QB maps through various steps such as making AI plans, to offer out for use as Freyberg did for CMFI. I am trying to make some as well for North Afrika Desert Warfare. This discussion of QB AI issues will be useful for the regular Joe Forumite if he has a map and wants to make it into a QB map -OR- he has a favorite QB map but maybe is disappointed with the AI's defense or attack...
  10. Hey Tony. I do appreciate it. Luckily, it sounds like stuff I already have in my dropbox. Some I made, some I scrounged together. :-)
  11. I am going to try and start to address one of the criticisms of my vehicle mods. Their "excessive showroom new "appearance! I will try and play around with various weathering techniques... -dust and dirt -wear areas which show shiny metal or rust -grime and drippings around engine area -scratches, dings and dents from the free car wash after the oil change. -?
  12. Another interesting observation... For another huge North Afrika QB map of about 3000m x 2500mOn with battle set as huge and 1 hour in my QB set up settings, the defense AI observed in scenario mode used ALL 16 AI groups. IMHO, that is great news! That allows some cool little pockets of defensive action. ************** @Freyberg I now return this thread to the regularly scheduled program... Thanks Frey!
  13. I know what you mean. I think you did a great approach! For my "North Africa" flavored QB with all 16 AI groups in my attacking plan, I ran another test with the computer selecting an all armor British attacking force. I was defending and watched in scenario author mode. The computer code of the QB picked what was nominally listed as an armored car squadron. A1 was 7 troop HQ. 3 vehicles. A3 was the squadron HQ and 2 vehicles but also the 1 Troop HQ with 3 vehicles. A4 was 5 troop HQ with 3 vehicles A8 was 3 Troop HQ with 3 vehicles A9 was 6 Troop HQ with 3 vehicles A12 was 2 Troop HQ with 3 vehicles The Game Engine 4 manual pdf says this: Quick Battle Maps MUST have an AI plan for BOTH sides. You can use more than one plan and you can use as many groups in each plan as you like. The AI player will randomly assign units into groups. Note: Since nobody knows which units will be taking part in a given Quick Battle, it makes sense to create AI plans in a much more generic way than for regular scenarios.
  14. So many vehicles already modelled but are in other titles, the dogs and cats, like the R-35 or the Samoa, early Panzer III, (I can send you a list if you want me to bird dog it all) CAN THEY BE JUST SHOVED INTO THE EDITOR AS SINGLE VEHICLE PURCHASABLE? Please maybe also a water cooled HMG for the axis? And some infantry team WITHOUT panzerfausts? "EARLY WAR SCENARIO KIT" $50, no problem.
  15. @arpella72 Did you get a chance to try the Guastatori (Italian Sappers) scenario yet? I want to make more Italian scenarios. I have made a small Folgore (Italian parachute troops) mod. But it needs a little more attention...
  16. Good news. I have a skilled uniform modder that is interested in making what I call a German "early war" uniform set with helmets. Until then I will hodge podge together what I can.
  17. The "Alzheimerian" approach to gaining fog of war! I know it well, intended or non-intended.
  18. Thanks for the report sir! I am now using all 16 AI slots so the fickle computer can pick and choose what it wants to use. I have a huge desert QB map and am running some tests. Taking notes like: Attacking AI used A1, A4, A6, A7 and A12! A1 was regt HQ Sherman and A Sqdn HQ. A4 was... etc. Previously I HAD a false assumption for QB's that A2 was always the support stuff like mortars. But I see that is not the case for AI on the attack. If I see or don't see a selection pattern I will report back here for lack of a better place to discuss it. QB minimum time is 30 minutes so I THINK I see you design to that time scale and if player selects longer battle then everything after 30 is just the resolution of the struggle versus AI ordered/timed events?
  19. Yeah, it was a nail-biter to successfully get them into position and deploye!
  20. Yes, I have started one but it needs some love... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gkil210j6hjck5e/AABAiaUdo5PezabDeuPsNXdXa?dl=0
  21. Slowly making progress in conjunction with other modders like "Layer Master" @mjkerner He got me pockets on the Soviet M35 tunic. Thanks again Mark This is the nco tunic bmp with subdued collar badges.
  22. Thank you for doing this. What an accomplishment! I have some feel for the effort and time. You must have had a good approach to mass production. Any tips you could share? I want to do a small pack of North Afrika QB maps... Also, I took a peek in the editor on a few. It seemed for at least one of your QBs that the AI plan had many more groups utilized with orders versus what I thought was just A1 and A2 maybe sometimes A3. Am I wrong? I appreciate any lessons learned. Thanks again.
  23. I made a simple battle with the Semovente 90/53 SPG. **************************** HERE IS AN IDEA TO TRY IF ANYBODY WANTS... This is a saved game file. "North Afrika Quick Battle Save 001" Put in CMFI saved games folder. You play as defending Italians. British are attacking. Purchases already made. But it is in set up mode... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sc3bz9m13deq0xu/AABEzet-Sh3yFpBicO-cI8A1a?dl=0 ******************************* Ooops. I see that I screwed up the objectives but this is just to see the gun in action...
  24. In the dropbox I added the date to the CMAK2 mods folder folder name. Good idea. I can change the scenario names too. Add a prefix. No big deal. Good idea.
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