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  1. A nice big desert map. 2km wide, 2.68km tall Bathing beach in the northeast corner, Army Nurses, nudge nudge say no more wink wink, is she? is she a goer? The switchback road up from Derna to the Escarpment. And once up there on the escarpment you head to Tobruk for a cold Foster's Lager but first you gotta cross this old stone bridge across Wadi Derna.
  2. A dream of mine to make/remake/alter/appreciate this old ASL scenario "Escape from Derna" for my CMFI Afrika Mod and now it is in the final stages of testing! I never even played ASL but this story is pretty cool. This is the briefing for the axis side: ^ You have 20-25 minutes to block the enemy's escape from Derna and destroy all vehicles that try to flee towards Tobruk! ^ It is midday, 7 April 1941. You are just south of the edge of the escarpment high above the coastal town of Derna, Libya. There is a strong haze in the hot air with the wind barely perceptible over the dry and dusty ground. You are leading a small detachment of 2 reinforced motorized infantry platoons split off from Ponath's Machinegun Battalion 8 fighting to secure the Derna aerodrome off map to the west. Some Italian troops have also accompanied you with anti-tank guns and light mortars. The radio reports in code that panzerspahwagens from AA3 are headed your way to assist you. They will arrive at the southwest corner of your sector in 5 minutes. ^ The Englanders are falling back as we advance. A pocket of these defeated soldiers has formed at Derna. Their only escape route is a meandering road up from the town and then leading southeast towards Tobruk. The luftwaffe reports several dozen vehicles assembling for a breakout. This includes tanks, infantry carriers and trucks. ^ From Derna, the paved road to Tobruk leads down to the southeast corner of your sector. That is the goal of the British vehicles. Dig in with foxholes and sandbag sangars to set up overlapping kill zones. Spot and destroy the vehicles as they try to escape. Under the honor system, once a British vehicle reaches the southeast corner, they have "escaped" and cannot return to fight and should not be fired upon. ^ The destruction of enemy vehicles and their crews will give you points. It is the only objective in this battle FOR BOTH SIDES. The vehicles might use the road or cross open country. Some parts of the wadi are impassable but some are passable. Individual infantry troops do not have any points so round them up afterwards to liberate their cans of bully beef and glorious SPAM, trademark 1937 Hormel Food Corporation, USA. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ map is 2km x 2.68km Pix to come next week. Estimated it will be available by the end of October!
  3. James, a tip/suggestion/whatever...you can also put the link to your ENTIRE CM dropbox folder in your BFC forum signature. That might prevent what you feared in the other thread...your labors being lost downstream in the flowing river of forum posts... Thank you for making CM content. If you ever get a hankering for the gritty and sandy action of North Africa, please send me a PM.
  4. I suggest to get a dropbox or similar website account and upload your stuff THERE and then you get a download link to paste HERE at BFC forum and people can get your various maps/scenarios/etc.
  5. I understand. I think we are saying the same thing. I will try to clarify my point. As the mods in the mixed pool become more compatible, then the use of incremented filenames along with the random dealing of displayed textures, the end result is better to the eye. EDIT: For example, you or anybody could focus on the wonderful PzIIIG that is mottled both green and brown over the dark yellow. Take the turret and add turret vehicle numerals, maybe unit insignia and make 3 or 4 different files. The hull might match all those 3 or 4 and not need a second hull. All this could be modtagged [umlautpziiig] so it only comes up when summoned. Make a scenario or QB map with that modtag and then purchase the 3 or 4 or 5 PzIIIG's and enjoy the display.
  6. OK, I think I got all this correct. Anybody spots a goof, please say so and I can edit it or revise. Yes, Vehicle Mods: there is some mixing you can do but it has disadvantages and an unknown randomness to the end result displayed. The turret is like the shirt and the hull is like the pants, maybe the wheels are like the socks? Some vehicles only have the hull. For these PzIII M and G, they have turret, hull and wheels. But Dennis didn't camo the wheels so they are universal. EDIT: I forgot M have skirts. That must be like a jacket over the shirt! It all depends on what you want to see displayed. 3 different schemes for the PzIIIG, the filenames can be incremented. But the dang game can outsmart you and you end up with all 3 the same for a turn. It deals the cards each time you load the file. You can even end up with the game displaying the hatches from one turret on the turret of another camo pattern! Turret of 2 colors (brown and green) only on hull of 1 color (green OR brown). Various iterations. EDIT: skirts can annoyingly be part of one skirt image and then on the same tank, a "panel" of the skirt is another skirt color from a different image, ugggh! Maybe better to alpha layer the skirts filesout. At least that conveniently works for North Africa... For CMI North Africa I have enjoyed to put various turret numbers on the PzIIIG turrets and increment the filenames with modtag [afrika]. Then maybe use 1 or 2 generic hulls that match the turrets. The display is variety but the tank platoon HQ tank cannot always be "230"... EDIT: a big tank battle of ten PzIIIG's will have duplicates shown on screen. Even if you have a dozen incremented options.... Follow me? Advanced Course: Another fun way to get the tanks variety is to have some of the camo schemes be KO'd tanks renamed to be junk flavor objects.
  7. https://www.worldwarphotos.info/ Just leaving this here for myself/others for future use...
  8. OK, I tried to make a reasonable request and present it here in the forum. Now it is in somebody else's hands. Thank you folks!
  9. Revised from inputs received. Put Germans with Germans, etc. Organized it a tad... THE CMFI FINAL PACK Using the CMBN Vehicle Pack ($20 for 19 vehicles, 5 bunkers and 3 backpack flamethrowers) as a template. What BFC already has done might seem doable again to them. Some of this 3D modelling is already out there in whole or partially in the other titles but some would be new stuff. New work by Casio Lima studios and the BFC art staff. A sincere salute to those guys! If you need an intern, I will volunteer. This vehicle pack supports North Africa, Greece, Crete, maybe a quasi-France if modded, maybe Italians vs French before Torch, Free French tackling the Germans after Torch... VEHICLES 1. Panzer II Ausf F We already have the running gear of the PzII from the Marder, and we have the 2cm KwK 30 autocannon from some of the armored cars SdKfz 232. So give us a PzIIF. I guess the F. Right? 2. Panzer III Ausf F early and late This would give us a PzIII with the 37mm and then with the short 50mm. If we get a similar CMRT Dasvidaniya Comrades final vehicle pack for earlier Ost Front, then this work (and other stuff on this wish list) gets utilized again for their sales/profits/bottomline/businessmen smoking cigars stuff. 3. PzIV Ausf D/E/F1 with short barrel 75 4. Stug III Ausf C with short barrel 75 5. the Panzer I (why not) 6. That funky German vehicle, captured Soviet AT guns on a half-track chassis, "Diana" (only ~9 built so maybe too rare for BFC's taste?) 7. Some cool desert vehicle for personnel transport or towing Pak38's/etc...Sdkfz 10? 8. Italian M13/40 9. earlier version of British armoured cars with AT rifle AND THE BREN with an AT rifle also. 10. British Vickers MkVIB Light Tank 11. Valentine for western desert, MkII and MkIII 12. MATILDA! Queen of the Desert 13. GRANT TANK!!!! and LEE TANK (US/USSR) 14.25 pounder as a deployable gun on the map! the QF 2 pounder also! and the 37mm Pak for German army not just FJ. 15 Sherman II with sandskirts 16 earlier Honeys, Stuart I and II with the cool commander's box thingy, with sandskirts 17 British Crusader Tank or other Cruiser tanks 18 some French vehicles from CMBN, oooh lala 19 and a smoke and a pancake, and a bong and a blintz? BUNKERS: Some kind of cool desert bunker thingy, metadata to not quite be concrete, I don't know. Tobruk bunker I think it was called? A few cool flavor objects for North Africa? Go Ben!!! INSTEAD OF FLAMETHROWERS: 1. bring over from CMRT the tiny 50mm mortar for the Germans 2. German and British and Italian anti-tank rifles 3. French MAS36 rifle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. Back in 2016 I was gonna use T-34's for a mod. https://community.battlefront.com/topic/118887-operation-hercules-the-invasion-of-malta-wip/?do=findComment&comment=1597988
  11. My original list <now digitally desecrated?> was more bread and butter scenario stuff I think. Glad to see the rare vehicles if somebody important also wanted to do them.
  12. They don't even give that to CMRT, the pigs will fly before CMFI gets it. California dreaming (California dreaming)On such a winter's day (California dreaming)On such a winter's day (California dreaming)On such a winter's day
  13. It is cool. THREAD DERAILED! In the immortal lyrics of a Jethro Tull... He sees his children jumping offAt the stations one by oneHis woman and his best friendIn bed and having funOh, he's crawling down the corridorOn his hands and kneesOld Charlie stole the handleAnd the train it won't stop goingNo way to slow downHey
  14. The guy in the back. He looks like he is checking the dipstick. "Down another quart of transmission fluid!"
  15. Yes, of course. Bring it all on. It would be an awesome module in its own right. Don't want to put them through a bunch of trouble with TOE's and campaigns and scenarios. We'se just beggin' for some humble crumbs gov'ner!
  16. Hey JM. This thread is a wish list to BFC to make and sell us a new vehicle pack for CMFI. Official 3D vehicles in the game code. It is not modding or Blender work.
  17. Well, I guess I can wait for your "jiggling cleavage mod" and then decide! It could be connected to the trees branches swaying in the wind somehow...
  18. Thanks for the comments Mark! I think we should be reassured to continue modding CMX2 stuff because even if CMX3 arrives, it will be a progressive arrival like we have seen with CMX2. I am mostly fine with the detail of CMX2. I do not need cleavage jiggling or chests heaving as people breath! It would be cool to have flares and such. BUT to stay on topic, yes, Brens with AT rifles. etc. I would really pay 40, 50, 60. I guess that sounds dumb but I get tons of replay value especially as I enjoy modding too. The game within a game.
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