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  1. In Assault scenarios, you get to see quite a few of the enemy fortifications and positions before Turn 1, which makes sense. Otherwise, fortifications don't seem unreasonably easy to spot. It's amazing what you can see with the naked eye from 3-400m away, with binoculars even more so. I'm not sure how invisible you'd expect fortifications and emplacements to be...
  2. I'm not going to get in a fight with either of you. I'm actually trying to be conciliatory to you both ❤️ I think forum etiquette is important, especially on the topic of war, which combines the twin topics of politics and death in their most tragic form. You both appear to be new to the forum, so you may not have seen how unpleasant these political arguments can get. It's just best if we stick to the game - like heated arguments about whether the Bren Gun is better than the BAR 😛
  3. This tit-for-tat squabbling is how threads get shut down, which is annoying for the rest of us.
  4. Sorry, I didn't see that comment, or I might have said something. For the record, I'm anti-Communist myself, but I deeply respect the great sacrifice the Soviet people made to defeat a much more dangerous enemy; and I also feel grieved and conflicted by the terrible civilian casualties we, the Western Allies, inflicted on the civilian populations of Germany and Japan (my ex-father-in-law was a child at the fire-bombing of Tokyo). I generally don't play as the 'bad guys' either - I'd much rather play CMRT as Soviets than as Germans. Anyway - it's normal to get emotional about his
  5. Actually, most of us have thought about these issues and have various sad, complex and humanitarian opinions, often coloured by the experiences of the many people we know, have known love or have talked to or read about - but we prefer not to be drawn into politicised arguments in the BF Community. Sometimes it spills over because we're only human, but we try and leave the angry debates in the world outside, as it spoils the fun of discussing a game we love
  6. Yeah, I haven't observed gun accuracy to be over-modelled either. Some guns are just very accurate at under 1000m. I wouldn't expect a German PAK 75mm at 500m to miss an easy target like a squad of infantry.
  7. No, sorry - if they're out of contact, the contact maker will be lost with the team. (assuming you meant the team were all casualties)
  8. Indeed, unless there is a reason to move at a lesser speed. I dunno - I have no tests to prove otherwise, but this theory doesn't gel with my experience of the game. Perhaps it's just my imagination...
  9. Combat Mission is a game, with its tricks and quirks (which are part of playing and learning any game); but it is also a realistic game. If you are playing WWII, and you can advance a mainly infantry force 500m in one hour, against a fairly well-equipped enemy in good cover, without huge casualties, that's a pretty impressive achievement for that period.
  10. It's the rage, frustration and infuriation that keep you coming back for more 😛
  11. Lol... or accept cheating. If you screw up - go back to a saved turn and try again Plus - in QBs, give yourself plenty of time. Only in the very smallest of games will you finish in 45min with mostly infantry. I love infantry-heavy battles. They require patience, studying the terrain, making use of all arms, a lot of slow and careful manoeuvre with occasional short dashes, always conscious of enemy artillery - fantastic...
  12. I hate doing that - it's one thing to attack aggressively, but recon by suicide is so fake... Another thing ACs are great for is pursuit - once you break the MLR and you want to hasten the enemy's surrender, light armour are fabulous at shooting down fleeing enemy :D
  13. I don't agree with some of your other ideas, because I don't want to have to micromanage units, but this suggestion I like. Actually, the Team have said they won't be implementing map damage across battles, nor the ability to import troops or maps (with damage) from a previous battle to a new one, as it would represent a kind of Campaign feature, and the game has a Campaign feature. ...but the Team also said they'd never do CM Fulda Gap, so who knows.... 😛
  14. With occasional aberrations, the AI places guns extremely well. It seems to have an algo that checks LOS and LOF across the whole map very carefully. At its best, it uses depressions for cover, terrain features for concealment and clever keyholing. If you have time, it's worth setting up a couple of QBs in play-test mode, just to see how it does it.
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