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  1. I think 81mm mortars, which have a limited range, are assumed to start on the edge of the map. You'll occasionally find angle of fire will affect artillery, including off-map artillery.
  2. Assuming you have about eight gun firing, 'Heavy, Maximum' would look really cool. If the target is in strong buildings, you'll cause serious damage and a lot of casualties; if the target is in anything but strong buildings, you'll utterly obliterate it.
  3. I've played a little FB, but I love FI - mainly, it has to be said, because of the British, Commonwealth, Free French and other forces.
  4. That's a really good point. The mention of suicide attacks made me wonder... If the question is: is CM a realistic WWII simulation with respect to casualties? - we can look at some of the historical battles where the commanders did act like CM players, for example the Japanese on Guadalcanal, in which case, I reckon the casualty rates in CM are probably about right.
  5. That's interesting - I'm gonna try using 'target' and see if that makes them more accurate - I'd always accepted a bit of spread, but maybe the two commands are set up differently.
  6. I haven't tried using a whole MG battalion - it would be fun on the defence I imagine - but MG companies are very useful, en masse on a smaller scale. I never had much luck before with Vickers MGs spread around individually, following the infantry into Bren gun range, but used in platoons at longer ranges Vickers are very effective. Actually, one of the advantages of MGs is that you can spread them out, 'swarm' them at long range against targets like AT guns, MG nests, mortars (if you can spot them). It takes a while to degrade MGs that are well spread out, and their excel
  7. I'm sure that's how it works - I've used it many times. Have you checked the weather conditions? Wind makes mortars inaccurate.
  8. Well - on a medium-sized map, TRPs give rapid artillery fire without spotting round to obvious parts of the map, but their targeting range is a little limited. 5 TRPs will probably not cover every good siting point for AT guns, for example. If you're playing with around 2000 points, imagine you have 2 mortar units, worth around 150 points each. For 150 points, you can afford another mortar unit, or two crack Forward Observers, or even a cheap HE-thrower tank or similar, more or less... I think in the WWII setting, 30 points per TRP is about right - although on a very small map it spo
  9. Giving the AI some TRPs on the defence is a great way to beef it up. I don't use TRPs much on the attack against the AI - it makes it a bit too easy.
  10. Target Briefly with on-map mortars: If you have a red targeting line at the end of a turn, and you do not adjust it, but simply click 'target briefly' to extend the mission, then once on target, it will remain on target. If you interrupt the mission in any way (i.e. if you 'break' the red targeting line by moving it or allowing it to expire), then the mortars will need to do ranging shots again.
  11. Well, they don't really belong on small maps, but on a larger map, 30 points with a 50m targeting radius is about right
  12. The WWII titles haven't changed - 150 points for 5 TRPs.
  13. There are some very interesting and well informed people on this forum. I have been stalking it for years
  14. I remembered the thread from way back because it was so interesting
  15. It's correct - it's a particular type of HEAT round these guns could fire.
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