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  1. There is an element of the dice roll about it, but a few things to note: You haven't got very good cover, poking up over a low hedge (through the hedge in the case of the left TD); None of your TDs are keyholed, so they're spottable from all angles; The goodies have a lot of infantry that can see you (more than you have deployed forward), who will be passing on spotting intel (the forward-deployed infantry you do have are panicked); The Sherman is a tall tank, so may be getting a slight spotting advantage in tall terrain with a lot of low cover (fences, hedges, low flora); The spots you are getting are probably just a view of the Sherman's TC, which is why you can't shoot at it.
  2. "It is like a dog's walking on his hind legs. It is not that it is done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.”
  3. I would buy early War, I would buy mid-War, I would buy WWI back to the last Ice Age - I will buy anything you release, because I love the way the game works. I sometimes wonder if the frequent critics, who focus on what isn't there, have ever played the game, and noticed how much it does include - I've been so engaged with the units and maps added in the recent updates to CMFI and CMRT that I've barely looked at CMCW, despite it being such an interesting period.
  4. Thanks for the update -- you guys sound like you've been amazingly busy! I love Battlepacks, especially when they have Master Maps in them! Looking forward to them
  5. In fairness, 125 metres is extremely close. In real life, it's like, 'just over there'...
  6. Master Maps are my favourite thing, and I'm loving the ones in the BP
  7. I kind of disagree with this axiom (or at least the over-application of it - there is some truth in it). One of the problems with great caution is that you make yourself a target for artillery, which can be devastating for infantry. Just as there is 'recon by stealth' and 'recon by fire', there is also 'recon by haste' - in certain situations, it can work to throw your men forward, as long as they are dispersed and using cover. You'll take some initial losses, but you'll learn a lot and the sooner you close with the enemy, the sooner you can 'grab him by the belt'.
  8. I love Soviet infantry. I use them like Commonwealth infantry, but less tenatively; and I use both like WWI stormtroopers, moving forward fast, dispersed but plentiful, using cover, finding weakpoints and isolating strongpoints. Bring the radio-equipped HQs (Company for cavalry, Regiment for infantry and platoon for recon) not too far behind - thrown it all in (carefully) in a big dispersed swarm. Keep their snipers and their HMGs close behind the infantry. Don't let the mortars lag behind. Of course they love tanks, but Soviet tanks can have spotting problems, so keep these back a little. The Soviet infantry's best friend is Soviet artillery and their own battalion mortars.
  9. Hi Jussi, Welcome back - I'm pretty sure I remember you My favourites are CMFR (the extended Eastern Thunder game) and CFRV (the extended Italy game, that covers nearly half the war and multiple nationalities). CMFI/CMRV comes closest to the completeness of the old CMBB, but the game itself is vastly better than it was in those days.
  10. I deleted the plist files, both the ones for CMRT, and the system ones that Google said were safe to delete. I found some log files and looked at them, but I couldn't really understand them...
  11. I had a big problem with CMFR and I thought I'd share the fix. After a forced restart in OSX, CMFR, which had been open in the background when I rebooted, would no longer run. When I doubleclicked on it, there was no error message, it just bounced a few times in the Dock and then nothing happened; no amount of reinstalling, in safe mode or otherwise, forcing a rebuild of permissions; resetting P-Ram etc. worked. So I created a new user account and reinstalled it from there. It ran perfectly and in fact my old Mac is running better than it has in years.
  12. Rome to Victory and Fire and Rubble are my favourite titles by far - the wonderful Master Maps (mostly by Bootie) available on FGM, which are readily adapted to a plethora of good QB maps, have given me months of fun in CMFR...
  13. A fun way to kill Nazi super-heavies is with area fire fron any Soviet 152mm. You don't need clear visibility - a direct hit with HE stands a good chance of killing any German tank.
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