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  1. Now that looked like our M48A3 getting hit by a RPG and once again I saw no ERA related text. This is good.
  2. Apologies.....Should have guessed you'd go the optimal roue. The sheer elegance of the overall mod has surprised even me.....You know I had my doubts, especially around AFVs, but by and large you've won me over.
  3. Yeah, the Russian border just keeps pushing closer to those NATO bases, eh?
  4. That's a screenshot from an in progress H&E scenario (Mission 5 - 'Year of The Rat - 1972', an excellent campaign by @puje). Yes he has an M-79 and also a M-16, yes they are both fully functional (the mighty @37mm discovered some witchery to make this possible). Both weapons are purely visual effects, the actual mechanic underneath is for an AK with an underslung 40mm grenade launcher, but in game you really wouldn't know (other than the ammo listings, which still show 7.62x39mm etc. because he just can't change those). H&E is actually two modules in one, by using the [
  5. They leapfrog with Advance too, but in Assault they will make much more of an effort to find cover & shoot back. The Next step up is Max Assault, where the units will stop moving and engage any targets they have LOS to, movement will not resume until those targets have been eliminated (and when they do resume, they'll often do it at a crawl, which is irritating).
  6. Best bet's probably to stick it on Dropbox or Google Drive and then post a link here.....I do my preview pictures using an image hosting site (Imgur). FWIW
  7. Well, we do have these guys: But you'll need a few more mods to get the best out of them:
  8. You know there are quite a lot of actual veterans hereabouts, I'm not one of them.....Just saying.
  9. IIRC M20s were most commonly found as utility vehicles in tank destroyer battalions and I believe they also found use transporting forward observers.....Neither job should involve getting shot at. The M8 Greyhound is a recon vehicle.....That should only get shot at once. If it survives it should hide and call up a Jumbo or some Hellcats.
  10. Now we're getting there.....If there's one 'right way' to play CM, I'm buggered if I know what it is!
  11. Given our changing climate, Russia's looking like an increasingly attractive spot: https://www.propublica.org/article/the-big-thaw-how-russia-could-dominate-a-warming-world?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB Of course that couldn't be a factor in NATO's persistent belligerence.....Could it?
  12. Betcha America invades somewhere new long before Russia does.
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