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  1. Getting a headache (& possily a divorce), by the looks of it.
  2. Interestingly there's not so much as a hint of the weapons that actually won the recent war for them (Bayraktar TB-2 & MAM-L).
  3. Ahhh.....You've discovered what the 'Unusual Vehicles' from that Russian film were now. If you reacall 'The Beast Of Kandahar' took a bit of an unauthorised excursion.....Suddenly the Iranians, Chinese & Russians all started playing around with flying-wing drones.
  4. Interesting.....Strongly supports the position that 'Target Arcs' don't actually improve spotting, yet they always seem to. Perception is an interesting thing.
  5. It's all witchcraft if you ask me!
  6. Not for either of the tanks in this scenario (M60A1 & T-72 'Ural').....Both relied on optical rangefinding.
  7. I'm happy enough with the current format TBH.....There's nothing new about CM Pro that I wouldn't swap for a couple of Modules (CM:BS & CM:CW) and a patch or three (CM:SF2, CM:BS & CM:CW). @Battlefront.com You could use the units from Pro for a CM:BS Module.....There, I did half the work for you!
  8. Love your camoed antitank gun.....That's the best attempt I've seen yet (would look great on PAK-38 & PAK-40).
  9. Coincidentaly the Russians found some new ones at around the same time.
  10. Try area targetting them with a tank. Fratricide is strictly HE related as far as I can tell.....Once something explodes in CM the game engine no longer cares which side it was on.
  11. Sadly, despite providing some entertaining moments like the above, I can't get 'A Saur Taste' to work convincingly.....Eight AI groups just isn't enough for a reinforced battalion on this map. I could do what I've done before when encountering this issue and switch the AI to the defence, making this a Red scenario, but that's not at all what I'm after doing.....The Mujahideen Battalion (& Tribal Groups) are what make this game unique, plus the AI isn't very good at using them to their full capabilities (Blue AI can't use artillery in game and it's difficult to get AI units to Blast reliably). Meh!
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