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  1. Using whole extra units can make balancing things behind the scenes a lot easier.
  2. Blimey.....That's a new thing! How did you find that out (& what else does it work with we wonder)?
  3. Yup.....I'd love to see an infantry team advancing behind a Javelin or a Spike, using it for cover against small arms fire. From the western MIC.....No chance. Leopard 1 was probably as close as we've ever got. It amused me to see @Wicky post the Ontos in response to an earlier comment.....Look how well loved that (& The Scorpion) was by its crews.
  4. Really showing my age.....I'd forgotten about them completely.
  5. Showing my age.....Still seems like recent news to me!
  6. Maybe make a test scenario with the 'cavalry' tag?
  7. In some of my fiddlier stuff the player has almost that number of surplus units turn up post battle, just to give him access to the vehicles he was using (in Ashsh-al-Dababir there are 21)! See why I love balancing VPs so much!
  8. Likewise, no sign of it for me with Firefox, but I'll surely get a screenie if there is (now that I know about it).
  9. You could equally well argue that the naming is an outlier western/christian religious issue.
  10. "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." Albert Einstein
  11. You can get some groovy stuff in 1/6 now.....IIRC there's a Stuart Tank!
  12. Sorry dude, mistook you for someone else, I guess.
  13. Oddly it was while doing exactly this that the USMC decided they needed tanks in the first place.
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