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  1. P35 of the V4 manual: " A small dot to the right of the suppression indicator will light up if the unit is Brittle" and P64: "Troops who have suffered heavy casualties and have become shaken or panicked, but have not recently been under fire, may partly recover to a “broken” state where they return to player control, but are so “brittle” that any significant further incoming fire or further casualties will cause them to become shaken or panic again very quickly."
  2. Search for DDU. Very useful utility to cleanly remove video drivers before upgrading or reinstall drivers.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jvh9sx2zla2k0eq/AACdpSKlSptWkAPnJ81hkzF8a
  4. Steve dismissed Vulkan in a thread a year or two ago.
  5. one of my favourites too. A treat to play and revel in the historical accuracy. Bravo George!
  6. that's the Koblenz Panther. Beautiful!
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