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  1. Everything appears back to normal, though I still don't have an explanation for the outage. As an FYI, we keep a local backup of all customer data. If our site should ever go down completely we can reconstitute everything, including license keys and what not. This outage reminds me why backing up is a good thing to do! Steve
  2. Yup. I've cased out a bunch of different scenarios and the only one that fits all the available info is they cut back on weekend tech support and didn't tell us customers. Which is really odd and on its own is a reason to look for somewhere else to call home. Yet the other scenarios don't fit the facts as we can see them. Really strange. Steve
  3. A small update. We're still getting no support for our problem. We've been with this e-commerce company for 5 or 6 years and we've always had great support. We've also been able to verify that other sites hosted by them are experiencing the same problem, but others (probably the vast majority) are not. At least one of the database error sites is also not getting any response from technical support. Anybody thinking we haven't spent most of Sunday plotting out moving our business elsewhere definitely doesn't now us that well. Unfortunately, the downside of hosted e-commerce solutions is either you go generic and stay portable or you go customized and make moving to another host difficult. We're in the latter group. Not only is our storefront itself highly customized, but we also had custom backend services coded to handle license codes and virtual products that have physical options. Transitioning is not going to be fun. Steve
  4. Whatever the problem is it's on the e-commerce server side of things. We can reach the server, so it's not a connection problem. Nothing new to add to that. Steve
  5. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari don't work for me. I don't think it is working for you either. Check Brave and I think you will see it is cached. If you can navigate the whole website, freely, then *that* is interesting indeed. Steve
  6. For sure we rather have you guys buy straight from us, and get Steam access with it, but remember we wouldn't be on Steam if we didn't see a financial benefit to be there. Which means appreciate every sale, no matter where you go to for a Combat Mission game. We're sensible people Quick update. Our e-commerce host's tech support is usually quick to respond and fix problems. Good individuals that we've been interacting with for 5+ years (I suspect most e-commerce companies have "revolving door" problems with their tech people). We have not heard back from them today. We hope to have a better update for you soon. Steve
  7. We are aware our site is down. We've got a call out to our host provider to find out what's going on. I do know we asked them to fix something database related, so it's possible this is related. Hopefully they'll get us up and running quickly. Steve
  8. Another reminder folks... before reporting a texture or model problem, remove *ALL* Mods before starting up the game, launch, and then check to see if the problem persists. We really can't afford to be chasing down problems that aren't ours to solve. Steve
  9. There should be NO problems with downloading. There never has been until now. Not only are you guys experiencing download problems we've experienced upload and server level problems. We're talking to the provider's tech support, but so far no answers. We are not amused. Steve
  10. There won't be a v2.12 any time soon. We're working on Cold War now and then onto other things. Steve
  11. Better late than never I've put it into our tracker. Steve
  12. I can confirm they are not automatically added into an existing scenario or save. The way CM works is it never adds or removes anything from scenarios or saves because that would cause all kinds of problems. Individual Soldiers, equipment, and stuff like usually update automatically for existing scenarios, but not saves. Steve
  13. It won't corrupt the file, or at least REALLY unlikely. Worst case is it won't load. So what I recommend doing is saving the v2.10 EXE somewhere (and a copy of your save game to be paranoid), patch to v2.11, then see if the Campaign save opens in v2.11. If it does you should be good to go. If it doesn't, move the v2.11 EXE and BRZ file to another directory and put the v2.10 EXE back into the CMRT folder. You should be able to get going again from there. Steve
  14. Really? Shoot, we had that working again at some point. It was an odd one to start with so I guess another fix unfixed it. Grr! We allow all vehicles a certain amount of "Ersatz" seating for emergencies. But the standard TO&E should not allow it to happen. I'll go through the TO&E again and see where there's a problem. Steve
  15. The interesting contrast to the Soviet and German experience is the US' M1 Garand. First of all, it might be the most reliable of all self loading rifles. That's obviously a good thing But secondly, unlike the other nations the Garand was *the* standard rifle. If you were in a US rifle squad and had a malfunction, the other members of your squad could make up for your inability to fire until the jam was cleared up. And if it couldn't, chances were pretty good a replacement was nearby because the rifle was bog standard. Obviously as German and Soviet units bulked up on automatic weapons the deficiencies of self loading rifles became less of an issue for them. Steve
  16. Don't forget handsome! I've never seen a picture of AKD to know for sure, but I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt. Steve
  17. Heh... that made the "CM Funnies Folder" I have been keeping since 2000. Thanks Steve
  18. Hey Thomm, The other thing to make sure of (not sure if anybody said it yet) is to disable your anti-virus software. That can do all kinds of crazy stuff and not tell you about it. If you're still having problems, email me and we'll help you from there. Your years in the trenches of CM Beta Testing has earned you a special privilege or two Steve
  19. Certainly. Although the numbers were small compared to the other PzIVs in service, we do like variety I don't know when it will get into the game, but for sure it will arrive in a patch available to everybody. Steve
  20. Yup, this one slipped through unnoticed until now. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. For the most part we focus our minor variants on ones that have an impact on performance (eg. ammo count). Usually there's physical changes that are obvious and so we do those too. In this case the PzIV J's final form was mostly physical changes that don't impact performance. That's not a reason for us to exclude it, just a good explanation as to why it hasn't been done. It's now on our ToDo List Steve
  21. Is anybody else really, really, REALLY happy to know that AKD is a Combat Mission beta tester? If not, you should be Steve
  22. Well, as interesting as it might be to argue about how may angles can fit on the point of a pin, the Sturmtiger is still not going into F&R. To correct (slightly) what someone said a few pages ago, I never said that if something fired a shot on a front then it would be included. What I probably said was that was the minimum to even get us to consider it. As far as we can tell the Sturmtiger saw absolutely no frontline combat on the Eastern Front. Therefore, it's not going to be included. Compare this to the US Pershing heavy tank. A couple were present on the Western Front before the war ended. Would that be enough to add them? No. However, we have documented cases of them being involved in direct tank on tank combat. Sure, only a handful of incidents, but one of them resulted in knocking out a King Tiger. That's worthy of note! Steve
  23. Let's remember that the Soviets were rolling up the front very quickly in the final weeks of the war. Just because they captured something doesn't mean it was in battle. The Sturmtiger was so heavy and logistically difficult to move, I think it's more likely that if one were captured before the war ended that it was abandoned and not actively fighting. My point is, someone advocating for inclusion of a rare vehicle (this one or any other one) has to prove two things: 1. That it was present on a particular front during a particular timeframe 2. That it engaged in combat Proving #1 without #2 is pointless. If #1 was all that was needed then we should include the Maus Steve
  24. Quick things: The Sturmtiger did not see action on the Eastern Front. Initially we thought a small number did, but exactly ONE was used for test firing into Warsaw during the uprising. IIRC it fired something like 7 rounds before being withdrawn. German forces wore helmets into combat for obvious and good reasons. When you look at pictures of Germans wearing M43s you will notice they are not in combat situations. GJ might be an exception some of the times. The point is, having M43s mixed in is historically wrong so the option doesn't exist for the military forces. Volkssturm, on the other hand, used whatever they could get a hold of. Steve
  25. Upgrade 5 will focus on performance improvements to take better advantage of newer hardware. Some other things are planned as well, but no details yet. Steve
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