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  1. Not sure if it's a bug or only a slight oversight, but the Tiger I Mid still continues with the wheels of steel meanwhile that model in FB and FI received long time ago (and properly) the rubber covert on the wheels. Another one bug: Tiger II lost (again) the glass in the turret periscopes, after received them in the upgrade to 4.0 engine.
  2. Thanks for the correction and my apologies for the wrong. There are some germanic words which for me are impossible to write correctly, one of them is this and another one the name of the mortar carried on the WW2 german tanks turret. Thanks you for considering the suggestions Steve. You and your team did a great work with F&R, congratulations.
  3. Thanks for considering this. IMHO the main reason for including it in game is based on that the Pz IV continued being the backbone of the armoured forces including in those latest stages of the war. Ending 1944,Nibelungenwerfer was the only factory which worked on Pz IV since Vomag and Krupp focused theirs work on JgPz and Stugs. So the last Pz IV J viewed on the battlefield was that mentioned version. Only for that it deserves a place here. P.D. When will it be included? In a future F&R patch? Next module for FB?
  4. I know that we have Pz IV J late, in fact, it is in the game since Red Thunder. I'm talking about the latest production serie (Jan'45-May'45) only build in the Nibelungenwerfer factory which showed clear visual differences regardind the rest of Pz IV's. Given that we have Tiger Late and Tiger Last with the only nuance of the amunition ammount, we shoud have that Pz IV version (IMO) which offered several distintive characteristics.
  5. We're talking about the lack of Sturmtiger, but what happen with the Pz IVJ latest production? The backbone of the last Panzer Divisions and it isn't in game!!!??!!! The module is great but that gap is a big disapointment for me, especially when it already should has been in FB.
  6. Thank you so much for the news and the huge efforts that the team is doing for release the game. Now that the end is near the results looks like awesome. I assume that since the TOE was uploaded on the website (January) several changes have happened. Can you bring us here a little upgrade of the TOE's? Again thanks and keep the great work!
  7. First of all I'm sorry for the off-topic, but since the CMBN is in the pipeline for Steam, I suggest to dev team the possibility to include the Stug IV in the TOE.
  8. It's possible, Steve spoke about soviets in winter dress wearing on the heads a mix of helmets and fur caps. So germans with M43 caps and helmets shouldn't be strange. Also I hope to have heer troops with a mixture of M43 and M44 uniforms.
  9. I'm agree with Aragorn2002. Why CW has a release date and FR hasn't? Apparently CW is more ambitious project since it's a full new family and FR is only a new module based in a base game with seven years old and with the mostly of the incoming stuff tested extensivily in others Battlefront WW2 tittles.
  10. I feel about the increasing possibility to capture Berlin riding a T-72 sooner than on T-34.
  11. Nice screenshots!. The one thing not convincing would be those soviet helmets. As stated previously in this very thread, I wish an helmet update before release.
  12. Since we're talking about 'Now or Never', what about F&R release? Now ? Never?
  13. I hope that BFCElvis bring us some update of the development, not a release date but some info about how is the work status.
  14. If the work was in an advanced development status around one week ago, how is it now? 97%? 98? Finished? Is the delay meaning that was included a bit more TOE? Thanks.
  15. Steve has said that RT (and its module) will be available on Steam ending this year. If BF releases a game by quarter, and knowing that next one ill be Cold War and next ,if there are not surprises, will be Normandy (in the third quarter), I'd wait RT in November or next Xmas.
  16. Technically germans should have a mix of M-43 and M-44 uniforms. Long time ago I asked if germans will receive M-44 in F&R, and the answer was affirmative (I remember that MikeyD was who answered me). So the texture should be available for FB module.
  17. That sound really sweet. Truly I want to play the long awaited module but maybe is better wait a few more if we receive new toys. Only a doubt MikeyD (if you can answer): Will F&R be released before Cold War game?
  18. Any new about the F&R release? I know that the time elapsed between preorder announcement and the official release is usually 6-8 weeks, but BFCElvis said in other post that the they planned to short that timeframe. Taking into account that probably the team is now busy working on Cold War beta, can we wait a release really soon? Is there still much to do?
  19. NVA: Nationale Volksarmee (German Democratic Republic Army).
  20. I'm not sure if Cold War will have future DLCs, it depends of the numbers of copies sale. I'd bet that numbers will be good, so probably we will see new addons at game. My two cents that a future DLC would be Bunderwehr vs. NVA. Another posibilities would be some NATO countries (UK, France, Canada, Holland, etc. ) vs Warsaw Pact countries (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary ...). Even, and thinking that the full game is moving in an hypothetical stage, participation of 'far countries' (for a Central Europe conflict background) such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Yugoslavia, or a conflict expansion until Scandinavia. In any case all this sound interesting.
  21. You're right, my mistake. I was referring to last versions of Shermans with the glacis sloped 47ยบ.
  22. Days ago Steve told about the possibility to include Jagdtigers in the new module. Any new about that? By the way, and talking around TO&E, will we see M4A2 (75)W (in the screenshoots showed we didn't see that version) as Lend-lease vehicle?. Any chance for Jagdtiger G2 and Tiger II Porsche?
  23. Wooow! That was a really unexpected surprise. I feel now that the last year empty of releases worthed (... and we are still on February).
  24. +1. I feel that there isn't some stuff in the TO&E which should be in the module. I want to believe that it may be caused by a oblivion or mistake, this happened in some previous modules. I believe that a release of module manual would resolve certain doubts.
  25. Thanks for the answer Steve. A final question: Do you have plans for release a demo with the base game + new module?
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