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  1. I pity the guy who has to take over after my guys have just rushed the objective way too early...
  2. You mean like take the money and do BARBAROSSA! When he asks about it you just show him scenarios with Italians fighting Russians with lend-lease armor.
  3. That explains a lot. I always wondered why they went all in on that campaign and left the East Front to just lay there. How much do you think they got? If they had just had an auction I think we could have outbid that guy and got something we really wanted...
  4. If you like the ACW then check out the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series from MMP. https://www.multimanpublishing.com/Products/tabid/58/CategoryID/21/Default.aspx
  5. Hmmm. I am going to assume that you are trying for humor...but failed.
  6. Indeed. I have rescheduled my entire summer around a 21 Sept release.
  7. Pre-orders to release for Rome to Victory was 5 months. For Shock Force 2 it was 4 months. I'm thinking Christmas. Hopefully, I will be pleasantly surprised...at Thanksgiving.
  8. It would appear that after the first couple of ranging shots the gun is super accurate. Seems a little problematic but fixable. We need to remember that trading shots with an opposing tank is not SOP. The internal model is trying to get the first 3 shots about "right" and after that I'm guessing the extension of the accuracy model is not great but acceptable as it shouldn't happen except rarely. But I would like to see some data on weapon kills, they seem too easy. But maybe not...
  9. Maybe it's a feature? Check with Charles...
  10. Can't see any difference. What about crew experience?
  11. Have you tried the same test but with an MG-34 peppering the firing tank? I wonder if that will effect how soon he gets the range and subsequent shots.
  12. First, don't trade shots. Keep moving. Second, once you have the range it is relatively easy to hit the same spot over and over. Assuming the commander can see the hit and provide confirmation to the gunner that he has the range it is just the matter of aligning the site and setting the target at the correct range mark. Of course, this is hard to do when in combat and the other guy is shooting back, the muzzle blast is kicking up dust, the tank commander is screaming at you, you're tired, thirsty and hungry, etc. Maybe the game doesn't include enough off that...
  13. How heavy were these armored vests? Was there a German small arm that wouldn't penetrate this easily? Or was it more like a helmet, protecting against flying debris? In close-in fighting I think they wouldn't do much more than slow you down...
  14. Anybody follow @Tank_Archives on twitter? He has some good info on Soviet stuff on his website http://www.tankarchives.ca/. But his twitter feed reads like he just stepped out of the 1970's. Everything that isn't Soviet made is crap. Very amusing if he wasn't so serious...
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