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  1. After all, this isn't War Thunder. Otherwise we would have the Dicker Max...
  2. It has "swim" right in the tile.
  3. Downloading has begun. Going slow...but going.
  4. Would a pre-order scheme give them an idea? I am willing to tie up money for that. Or some kind of funding scheme.
  5. So, just another game company. Oh well...
  6. [whispers] ...there will always be some(one) who will think it is unfinished.
  7. [whispers] ...if you released the module this would all end now.
  8. Indeed. I have been here for 22 years and seen this same argument a million times. Always ends the same way...with the release of a new module!
  9. Is co-operative multiplayer something that BF are contemplating? t would be cool though...
  10. This is probably why we will never see Barbarossa. The release of the new engine will happen right before they get started on it and they will restart the modules with the "best sellers."
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