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  1. While you guys are at it could you put some Soviet markings on the Sherman's...please...😀
  2. is the link supposed to be active? If not where can we download this system?
  3. I'd be interested in it and I'm sure some others would be too. Please make it available.
  4. I didn't like the sound mod I had and I couldn't find where it was so I uninstalled CMRT/FR and reinstalled it. I put back everything I had that I wanted except I can't find the file that has the loading backgrounds. It was a mod but can't find the name. Here's a picture of one of the backgrounds. Does anybody know what the name of that file is?
  5. In the Mod Warehouse you have the links reversed. When I click on the link to the WW2 Era it takes me to the Modern Era tracker. When I click on the link to the Modern Era it takes me to the WW2 tracker. Just thought you should know...😊
  6. I only have 12 campaigns for CMRT, including the training one. Where did you guys get them from?
  7. Starting at the 2:00 mark it shows how Soviets unloaded their tanks (T-34's) from train cars. I wonder how many were fully functional after that. Probably a propaganda piece but than likely they did do this in some places.
  8. The pictures and the scenario looks great. I just downloaded it and will give it a try soon.
  9. The group Sabaton was made honorary citizens of Poland for the songs they did of the Polish battles particularly "40:1" which tells the story of the Battle of Wizna between September 7th and 10th 1939 during the German Invasion of Poland at the beginning of the Second World War. The 720 Poles had 42,200 Wehrmacht-soldiers of the XIX Army Corps under General der Panzertruppe Heinz Guderian against them (so the song should actually be called 59:1) but nevertheless delayed the approach of the Wehrmacht seriously.
  10. At that stage of the war neither side was interested in taking many prisoners.
  11. I'm playing " Against the Odds" as the Soviets. I see that the Germans are using a captured T-34, only saw one so far, but there are no German markings on it. They normally at least painted a cross on it so they wouldn't be mistaken as a Soviet tank. Is that a programming issue or can a modder add some markings to it?
  12. Like that only they don't even leave a wake...😀 I checked in the Scenario Editor and you are correct. It's a road hex and not a ford hex.
  13. When playing "Against the Odds" as Soviets when crossing the ford on the way to Soritz the tanks just fly across the ford as water isn't even there. No wake or water movement at all. If you cross just to the left or right of the road the tanks slow down and you get the water movement that you normally do.
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