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  1. Mega Millions is currently at 750 million and will go higher by Friday's drawing. We should be some lottery tickets and if any of us wins give Battlefront about 100 million so they can hire more programmers and really crank out some fantastic games...😀
  2. You can playback as attacker or defender if you are playing against the AI. Just make sure your not in Realtime. You need to be in 1 Player - Turn Based and then you get the regular playback.
  3. I'm 99% sure it had replay and yes it did have a free moving camera. It was so detailed that you could see the troops breathing heavy if they ran a bit and they would take over and use an abandoned ATG's. I still have the game on another hard drive, I might have to take a look at that again.
  4. Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943 had fantastic graphics and I wish CM would have went that way. Although I'm not sure how much computing power would be required to have those types of graphics and the same real world battlefield effects ( how CM takes into account the ballistics, environment...etc). Matrix Games had Panzer Command: Ostfront which really played well had everything you could want except the graphics were a step or two down from CM. It had an excellent campaign generator and you could fight the entire Eastern Front war from '41 - '45. You had to be careful with your tanks as th
  5. For what you spend compared to the amount of time you'll be playing it comes out to less than a few pennies (or Euro cents) per hour.
  6. Although I'm not with tech support you might want to post a screenshot so they can see what you are seeing or zip a file so you can send it to them. Also Tech Support doesn't do any troubleshooting from here. Go to the Main page, click on Support, then Help Desk and in the upper right hand side click on New Ticket and fill in the required information. That will create a ticket for them to work on and they will get back to you with that. By the way I see 5 PZ IV's.
  7. Yes, when making QB's you can adjust the the platoons down to squads just a squad by deleting what you don't want. CMBN is the game you want and get all the modules with it as that is the most complete and there are tons of scenarios.
  8. Currently the Soviet tank crews bail when the tank could still fight while immobilized. I've been reading in Stalin's Favorite and in Panzer Destroyer where the Soviet tankers are forbidden to abandon their tanks if they still have the ability to fight. I've read numerous occasions where when they get hit and their engine is on fire they put out the flames and keep fighting. Also if they are immobilized but can shoot they need to continue the fight. If they prematurely bail out and they survived the battle the tank crew was turned over to a Military Tribunal and the outcome usually wasn't
  9. Their status is "Tired" and that could be the reason.
  10. Great news! Thanks for the update and screenshots!
  11. I wonder if they are doing a Bones Post this year...it's getting kind of late in the day.
  12. Looking at last years Bones Post it doesn't look like anything they planned actually came out.
  13. A lot of people were asking for a release date of Fire and Rubble so Elvis gave them January 8. I think it may be just an arbitrary date or could be the date of when we can pre-order. We should find out more information on Friday in the Year Ahead Bones Post, which they have traditionally always made on January 1.
  14. I just finished the first mission and it was really good. Nothing too complicated some nice surprises. I think that the fact that the US forces that seem to magically appear could be due to the fact that it's still dark and snowing with near zero visibility. I like the fact that you have two options at the beginning of each mission.
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