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  1. I think that the closest we would get is if somebody designed several related scenarios on a Huge map or several maps of the same area. If X side wins go to scenario A and if Y side wins go to scenario B. You could put in the surviving forces to start the battle and have new units as reinforcements. It would be a lot of work and probably why there aren't any that I know of. I found that I like playing H2H better as people are unpredictable although reliable opponents can be hard to find.
  2. In the General Discussion section: Interview with the Founder of Battlefront.com & Combat Mission
  3. Listening to the Podcast with the founder at a little over the one hour mark he did say that Fire and Rubble was delayed due to the pandemic and their military contract but "will definitely be out this year". With only a little over 3 months left in the year it should be out soon.
  4. Earlier this year in BF's Year Ahead Bone post they said "The inevitable question is… when will it be ready? Winter 2020 is as specific as I think I can be at this point. " That was in January and was really in Winter 2019 and Winter 2020 hasn't arrived yet. In the meantime there are still lot's of scenario's and battles to play in their other games.
  5. Here in New Hampshire the daylight is a dull orange from the smoke from the fires in the Western states. Kind of an eerie twilight all day.
  6. You need to put two of them together then they align the way you want.
  7. I have a new Win 10 machine (bought less than a year ago) and run them ( CMBN, FB, FI and RT) with no trouble at all.
  8. My opinion on all this is that's it's ready when it's ready. It's better to have people complaining about when it's going to be released then complaining that it's buggy, uniforms aren't correct, why did they release it so soon, etc...
  9. They still haven't posted for pre-orders yet so it would be several months after they started taking the pre-orders. More than likely Fall/Winter before module comes out.
  10. It seems that if they spent as much time learning good tactics as they did trying to figure out all these cheats they wouldn't have needed to cheat in the first place.
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